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List of largest producing countries of agricultural commodities

Production (and consumption) of agricultural plant commodities has a diverse geographical distribution. Along with climate and corresponding types of vegetation, the economy of a nation also influences the level of agricultural production. Production of some products is highly concentrated in a few countries while other are widely produced. For instance, China, the leading producer of wheat and ramie in 2013, produces 96% of the world's ramie fiber but only 17% of the world's wheat. Products with more evenly distributed production see more frequent changes in ranking of the top producers.

The major agricultural products can be broadly grouped into foods, fibers, fuels, and raw materials.

Produce Types


as of 2013, FAOSTAT, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations [1]

Cereal First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Barley 23x15px Russia 23x15px Germany 23x15px France 23x15px Canada 23x15px Turkey
Maize (corn) 23x15px United States 23x15px China 23x15px Brazil 23x15px Argentina 23x15px Ukraine
Millet Template:Country data India 23x15px Nigeria 23x15px Niger 23x15px China 23x15px Mali
Rice, paddy 23x15px China Template:Country data India Template:Country data Indonesia 23x15px Bangladesh 23x15px Vietnam
Rye 23x15px Germany 23x15px Russia 23x15px Poland 23x15px China 23x15px Belarus
Sorghum 23x15px United States 23x15px Nigeria Template:Country data India 23x15px Sudan (former) 23x15px Ethiopia
Wheat 23x15px China Template:Country data India 23x15px United States 23x15px Russia 23x15px France


Vegetable Largest Producer Second Largest Producer
Dry Bean Template:Country data India 23x15px Brazil
Onion and Garlic 23x15px China Template:Country data India
Cabbage 23x15px China Template:Country data India
Green bean 23x15px China Template:Country data Indonesia
Chickpea Template:Country data India 23x15px Pakistan
Pulses Template:Country data India 23x15px Mozambique
Cauliflowers and Broccoli 23x15px China Template:Country data India
Eggplant 23x15px China Template:Country data India
Potato 23x15px China Template:Country data India
Spinach 23x15px China 23x15px United States
Cassava 23x15px Nigeria 23x15px Thailand
Soybean 23x15px United States 23x15px Brazil
Carrot 23x15px China 23x15px Russia
Cucumber 23x15px China Template:Country data Iran
Tomato 23x15px China Template:Country data India
Ginger Template:Country data India 23x15px China
Pumpkin 23x15px China Template:Country data India


Fruit Largest Producer Second Largest Producer
Apricot 23x15px Turkey Template:Country data Iran
Banana Template:Country data India 23x15px China
Mango Template:Country data India 23x15px China
Coconut Template:Country data Indonesia 23x15px Philippines
Sugar cane 23x15px Brazil Template:Country data India
Fig 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Egypt
Grapes 23x15px China 23x15px Italy
Oranges 23x15px Brazil 23x15px United States
Papaya Template:Country data India 23x15px Brazil
Peach 23x15px China 23x15px Italy
Apple 23x15px China 23x15px United States
Pineapple 23x15px Philippines 23x15px Thailand
Gooseberry 23x15px Germany 23x15px Russia
Sweet potato 23x15px China 23x15px Nigeria
Lemon Template:Country data India 23x15px Mexico
Raspberry 23x15px Russia 23x15px Poland
Stone fruits Template:Country data Iran 23x15px China
Strawberry 23x15px United States 23x15px Turkey
Blueberry 23x15px United States 23x15px Canada
Kiwifruit 23x15px Italy 23x15px New Zealand
Currant 23x15px Russia 23x15px Poland
Date 23x15px Egypt Template:Country data Iran
Cherry 23x15px Turkey 23x15px United States
Avocado 23x15px Mexico 23x15px Chile
Quince 23x15px Turkey 23x15px China
Watermelon 23x15px China 23x15px Turkey
Guava Template:Country data India 23x15px China


Nut Largest Producer Second Largest Producer
Almond 23x15px United States 23x15px Spain
Cashew nut 23x15px Nigeria Template:Country data India
Chestnut 23x15px China 23x15px Turkey
Hazelnut 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Italy
Pistachio Template:Country data Iran 23x15px United States
Sheanut 23x15px Nigeria 23x15px Mali
Walnut 23x15px China Template:Country data India
Peanut 23x15px China Template:Country data India


Spice Largest Producer Second Largest Producer
Cinnamon Template:Country data Indonesia 23x15px China
Cumin Template:Country data India 23x15px Turkey
Ginger Template:Country data India 23x15px China
Pepper 23x15px Vietnam Template:Country data India
Chili pepper Template:Country data India 23x15px China
Cloves Template:Country data Indonesia 23x15px Madagascar
Nutmeg Template:Country data Indonesia 23x15px Grenada
Saffron Template:Country data Iran 23x15px Spain
Vanilla Template:Country data Indonesia 23x15px Madagascar
Turmeric Template:Country data India 23x15px Pakistan
Cardamom 23x15px Guatemala Template:Country data India

Non-food products


as of 2013, FAOSTAT, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations [2]

Fiber First Second Third Fourth Fifth

Abaca (manila) 23x15px Philippines 23x15px Ecuador 23x15px Costa Rica Template:Country data Indonesia 23x15px Equatorial Guinea
Agave fibre 23x15px Colombia 23x15px Mexico 23x15px Nicaragua 23x15px Ecuador 23x15px Philippines
Cotton 23x15px China Template:Country data India 23x15px United States 23x15px Pakistan 23x15px Brazil
Flax 23x15px France 23x15px Belgium 23x15px Belarus 23x15px Russia 23x15px China
Jute Template:Country data India 23x15px Bangladesh 23x15px China 23x15px Uzbekistan File:Flag of Nepal.svg   Nepal
Kapok (2012 data) Template:Country data Indonesia 23x15px Thailand none reported none reported none reported
Ramie 23x15px China 23x15px Laos 23x15px Philippines 23x15px Brazil none reported
Silk 23x15px China Template:Country data India 23x15px Uzbekistan 23x15px Thailand Template:Country data Iran
Sisal 23x15px Brazil 23x15px Tanzania Template:Country data Kenya 23x15px Madagascar 23x15px China
Wool 23x15px Australia 23x15px China 23x15px New Zealand Template:Country data Iran 23x15px United Kingdom

Forest products

as of 2013, FAOSTAT, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations [3]

Wood and forest products First Second Third Fourth Fifth

Wood fuel* Template:Country data India 23x15px China 23x15px Brazil 23x15px Ethiopia 23x15px Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sawnwood** 23x15px United States 23x15px China 23x15px Canada 23x15px Russia 23x15px Germany
Wood-based panels*** 23x15px China 23x15px Russia 23x15px United States 23x15px Germany 23x15px Brazil
Paper and Paperboard**** 23x15px China 23x15px United States Template:Country data Japan 23x15px Germany 23x15px Sweden
Dissolving wood pulp***** 23x15px United States 23x15px South Africa 23x15px Canada 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Austria

*Wood fuel include all wood for fuel as firewood, wood pellets, and charcoal
**Sawnwood includes all sawn wood, dimensional lumber
***Wood-based panel includes all plywood, particleboard, fiberboard and veneer sheets
****Paper and Paperboard includes all paper, sanitary paper, and packaging materials
*****Dissolving wood pulp includes cellulose extracted from wood for making synthetic fibres, cellulose plastic materials, lacquers and explosives[1]


  1. ^ Forest Products Definitions, FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS, Statistics Division