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List of lieutenant governors of Alaska

This is a list of people who have served as lieutenant governor of the U.S. state of Alaska since statehood in 1959. Prior to statehood, the territorial-era Secretary of Alaska, who was appointed by the president of the United States like the governor, functioned as an acting governor or successor-in-waiting like the present-day lieutenant governor does. Waino Edward Hendrickson, the territory's last appointed Secretary, twice served as acting governor. In statehood, the position was referred to as Secretary of State until a constitutional amendment changing the name was approved by voters on August 25, 1970.[1] In Alaska, the lieutenant governor runs separately from the governor in the primaries, but after the primaries, the nominee for governor and nominee for lieutenant governor run together as a slate.

List of lieutenant governors


      Alaskan Independence       Democratic       Republican

Lieutenant Governor Party Term Governor(s) served under
Hugh Wade Democratic 1959–1966 William A. Egan
Keith Miller[2] Republican 1966–1969 Walter J. Hickel
Robert W. Ward[3] Republican 1969–1970 Keith Miller
H. A. "Red" Boucher Democratic 1970–1974 William A. Egan
Lowell Thomas, Jr. Republican 1974–1978 Jay Hammond
Terry Miller Republican 1978–1982 Jay Hammond
Stephen McAlpine Democratic 1982–1990 Bill Sheffield
Steve Cowper
Jack Coghill Alaskan Independence 1990–1994 Walter J. Hickel
Fran Ulmer Democratic 1994–2002 Tony Knowles
Loren Leman Republican 2002–2006 Frank Murkowski
Sean Parnell[4] Republican 2006–2009 Sarah Palin
Craig Campbell[5] Republican 2009–2010 Sean Parnell
Mead Treadwell Republican 2010–2014 Sean Parnell
Byron Mallott Democratic 2014–present Bill Walker

Living former U.S. Lieutenant Governors of Alaska

As of December 2014, there are nine former U.S. lieutenant governors of Alaska who are currently living at this time. The oldest U.S. lieutenant governor being Lowell Thomas, Jr. (1974–1978, born 1923). The most recent death of a former U.S. lieutenant governor of Alaska was that of H. A. Boucher (1970–1974), on June 19, 2009. The most recently serving U.S. lieutenant governor of Alaska to die was Terry Miller (1978–1982), on April 13, 1989.

Lt. Governor Lt. Gubernatorial term Date of birth (and age)
Keith H. Miller 1966–1969 (1925-03-01) March 1, 1925 (age 90)
Lowell Thomas, Jr. 1974–1978 (1923-10-06) October 6, 1923 (age 92)
Stephen McAlpine 1982–1990 (1949-05-23) May 23, 1949 (age 66)
Jack Coghill 1990–1994 (1925-09-24) September 24, 1925 (age 90)
Fran Ulmer 1994–2002 (1947-02-01) February 1, 1947 (age 69)
Loren Leman 2002–2006 (1950-12-02) December 2, 1950 (age 65)
Sean Parnell 2006–2009 (1962-11-19) November 19, 1962 (age 53)
Craig Campbell 2009–2010 (1952-03-24) March 24, 1952 (age 63)
Mead Treadwell 2010–2014 (1956-03-21) March 21, 1956 (age 59)


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