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List of nightclub fires

This is a list of notable nightclub fires.

Name Location Year Deaths Injuries Notes
Study Club fire Detroit, Michigan, US 1929 22 50 Study Club was a speakeasy nightclub.
Rhythm Club fire Natchez, Mississippi, US 1940 209 The second-worst club fire in American history.
Cocoanut Grove fire Boston, Massachusetts, US 1942 492 The deadliest club fire in history, and the second-worst single-building fire in American history (second only to the Iroquois Theatre fire).
Karlslust dance hall fire Berlin, Germany 1947 80–88 150 Worst fire disaster in Berlin since World War II
Top Storey Club Bolton, UK 1961 19 14 died in the fire and 5 died of injuries received from jumping out of windows
Club Cinq-Sept fire Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, France 1970 146
Blue Bird Café fire Montreal, Canada 1972 37
Whiskey Au Go Go fire Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia 1973 15
UpStairs Lounge arson attack New Orleans, Louisiana, US 1973 15 32 Deadliest arson attack in New Orleans at that time, and one of the deadliest attacks on LGBT people in United States history.
Summerland disaster Douglas, Isle of Man 1973 50 80
Gulliver's nightclub fire Port Chester, New York, US 1974 24 32
Beverly Hills Supper Club fire Southgate, Kentucky, US 1977 165 200 Third-worst club fire in American history.
Stardust fire Artane, Dublin, Ireland 1981 48 214
Alcalá 20 nightclub fire Madrid, Spain 1983 82 27
Happy Land fire The Bronx, New York, US 1990 87 Fifth-worst club fire in American history.
Kheyvis fire Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1993 17 Second-worst club fire in Argentine history.
Ozone Disco Club fire Quezon City, Philippines 1996 162 95 Worst fire in Philippine history.
Gothenburg discothèque fire Gothenburg, Sweden 1998 63 213
Luoyang Christmas fire Luoyang, Henan, China 2000 309 Second-deadliest club fire in history.
Volendam New Years fire Volendam, Netherlands 2001 14 241
Canecão Mineiro nightclub fire Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2001 7 197
Utopía nightclub fire Lima, Perú 2002 25 100
The Station nightclub fire West Warwick, Rhode Island, US 2003 100 230 Fourth-deadliest club fire in American history. Started by fireworks.
República Cromañón nightclub fire Buenos Aires, Argentina 2004 194 Worst club fire in Argentine history. Started by fireworks.
Wuwang Club fire Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 2008 43 88 Started by fireworks.
Santika Club fire Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand 2009 66 222 Possibly started by fireworks (disputed, see article).
Lame Horse fire Perm, Russia 2009 156 ≤160 Worst fire in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. Started by fireworks.
Kiss nightclub fire Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 2013 242 168 Worst club fire and second worst fire disaster in Brazil. Third deadliest club fire in history. Started by fireworks.
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