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List of physically disabled politicians

The following is a list of politicians who hold or held office while having a significant physical disability.







Czech Republic

  • Jan Žižka, Czech general and Hussite leader, follower of Jan Hus. He took part in the civil wars in Bohemia in the reign of Wenceslaus IV. Legal records from 1378 mention Jan Žižka z Trocnova, hinting that if the nickname žižka meant one-eye, early chronologer Aeneus Sylvius Piccolomini, Pius II was correct in stating the loss of the eye was the result of a childhood fight.

Dominican Republic



  • Iliesa Delana, member of Parliament and Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports (since 2014); leg amputee (due to an accident as a child) and Paralympic gold medallist.





  • Abdurrahman Wahid, famous clerics and the head of largest Islamic organization Nahdlatul Ulama, former parliament member, founder of National Awakening Party - Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa (PKB), President of The Republic of Indonesia (1999-2001), was blinded due to a car accident on March 14, 1993 - suspected sabotage by military regime at that time.



Kingdom of Jerusalem


  • Karpal Singh, member of parliament for Bukit Gelugor (a car accident has since left him a full-time wheelchair user with neurological problems in his right arm).


New Zealand

  • John A. Lee, MP 1922-1943, left arm amputee (war wound during the First World War).[4]



Republic of Venice


  • Vasily II, the Grand Prince of Moscow, was blinded by his captors in 1446, yet regained power and reigned until his death in 1462.
  • Said Amirov, former mayor of Makhachkala. Paralysed as a result of one of many assassination attempts.

San Marino

Solomon Islands

  • Martin Magga. Became seriously ill and wheelchair-bound in 2009 while serving as Minister for Health. Resigned from the Cabinet but retained his seat in Parliament in the 2010 general election. Served as MP, in a wheelchair, until his death in 2014.

Soviet Union

Sri Lanka

  • Senarath Attanayake, Member of Uva Provincial Council. The first elected representative with a disability in Sri Lanka. The first person with a disability to hold ministerial portfolios (Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation, Land and Forestry) and to become an Acting Chief Minister of a Province. Also the first person with a disability to become a lawyer in Sri Lanka. Full-time wheelchair user due to polio infection at the age of 2 years.

United Kingdom

United States


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