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List of renewable energy topics by country

File:Schneebergerhof 01.jpg
Solar panels and wind turbines in Germany

This is a list of renewable energy topics by country. The list refers to renewable energy in general, as well as solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, biofuel, and hydro-electricity. As of 2013, China, Germany, and Japan, three of the world's four largest economies, as well as India, generate more electricity from renewables than from nuclear power.

China is the world's largest producer of hydroelectricity, followed by Canada. Wind power is growing at the rate of 26% annually, and is widely used in Europe, Asia, and the United States.[1] Wind power accounts for approximately 30% of electricity use in Denmark, 20% in Portugal, and 18% in Spain.[2]

PV power stations are popular in Japan, China and the United States. The world's largest geothermal power installation is The Geysers in California, with a rated capacity of 750 MW.[3] Brazil has one of the largest renewable energy programs in the world, involving production of ethanol fuel from sugar cane, and ethanol now provides 18 percent of the country's automotive fuel.[4] Ethanol fuel is also widely available in the USA.

While many renewable energy projects are large-scale, renewable technologies are also suited to developing countries, where energy is often crucial in human development. Small solar PV systems provide electricity to a few million households, and micro-hydro configured into mini-grids serves many more.


Region Renewable
energy (RE)
Solar power (SP) Wind power (WP) Geothermal
energy (GE)
Biofuel (BF) Hydro power
Africa RE in Africa SP in Africa WP in Africa GE in Africa BF in Africa Hydro in Africa
Asia RE in Asia SP in Asia WP in Asia GE in Asia BF in Asia Hydro in Asia
European Union RE in the EU SP in the EU WP in the EU GE in the EU BF in the EU Hydro in the EU


Country Renewable
energy (RE)
Solar power (SP) Wind power (WP) Geothermal
energy (GE)
Biofuel (BF) Hydro power
Afghanistan RE in Afghanistan SP in Afghanistan WP in Afghanistan GE in Afghanistan BF in Afghanistan Hydro in Afghanistan
Albania RE in Albania SP in Albania WP in Albania GE in Albania BF in Albania Hydro in Albania
Algeria RE in Algeria SP in Algeria WP in Algeria GE in Algeria BF in Algeria Hydro in Algeria
Andorra RE in Andorra SP in Andorra WP in Andorra GE in Andorra BF in Andorra Hydro in Andorra
Angola RE in Angola SP in Angola WP in Angola GE in Angola BF in Angola Hydro in Angola
Antigua and Barbuda RE in Antigua and Barbuda SP in Antigua and Barbuda WP in Antigua and Barbuda GE in Antigua and Barbuda BF in Antigua and Barbuda Hydro in Antigua and Barbuda
Argentina RE in Argentina SP in Argentina WP in Argentina GE in Argentina BF in Argentina Hydro in Argentina
Armenia RE in Armenia SP in Armenia WP in Armenia GE in Armenia BF in Armenia Hydro in Armenia
Australia RE in Australia SP in Australia WP in Australia GE in Australia BF in Australia Hydro in Australia
Austria RE in Austria SP in Austria WP in Austria GE in Austria BF in Austria Hydro in Austria
Azerbaijan RE in Azerbaijan SP in Azerbaijan WP in Azerbaijan GE in Azerbaijan BF in Azerbaijan Hydro in Azerbaijan
The Bahamas RE in the Bahamas SP in the Bahamas WP in the Bahamas GE in the Bahamas BF in the Bahamas Hydro in the Bahamas
Bahrain RE in Bahrain SP in Bahrain WP in Bahrain GE in Bahrain BF in Bahrain Hydro in Bahrain
Bangladesh RE in Bangladesh SP in Bangladesh WP in Bangladesh GE in Bangladesh BF in Bangladesh Hydro in Bangladesh
Barbados RE in Barbados SP in Barbados WP in Barbados GE in Barbados BF in Barbados Hydro in Barbados
Belarus RE in Belarus SP in Belarus WP in Belarus GE in Belarus BF in Belarus Hydro in Belarus
Belgium RE in Belgium SP in Belgium WP in Belgium GE in Belgium BF in Belgium Hydro in Belgium
Belize RE in Belize SP in Belize WP in Belize GE in Belize BF in Belize Hydro in Belize
Benin RE in Benin SP in Benin WP in Benin GE in Benin BF in Benin Hydro in Benin
Bhutan RE in Bhutan SP in Bhutan WP in Bhutan GE in Bhutan BF in Bhutan Hydro in Bhutan
Bolivia RE in Bolivia SP in Bolivia WP in Bolivia GE in Bolivia BF in Bolivia Hydro in Bolivia
Bosnia RE in Bosnia SP in Bosnia WP in Bosnia GE in Bosnia BF in Bosnia Hydro in Bosnia
Botswana RE in Botswana SP in Botswana WP in Botswana GE in Botswana BF in Botswana Hydro in Botswana
Brazil RE in Brazil SP in Brazil WP in Brazil GE in Brazil BF in Brazil Hydro in Brazil
Brunei RE in Brunei SP in Brunei WP in Brunei GE in Brunei BF in Brunei Hydro in Brunei
Bulgaria RE in Bulgaria SP in Bulgaria WP in Bulgaria GE in Bulgaria BF in Bulgaria Hydro in Bulgaria
Burkina Faso RE in Burkina Faso SP in Burkina Faso WP in Burkina Faso GE in Burkina Faso BF in Burkina Faso Hydro in Burkina Faso
Burundi RE in Burundi SP in Burundi WP in Burundi GE in Burundi BF in Burundi Hydro in Burundi
Cambodia RE in Cambodia SP in Cambodia WP in Cambodia GE in Cambodia BF in Cambodia Hydro in Cambodia
Cameroon RE in Cameroon SP in Cameroon WP in Cameroon GE in Cameroon BF in Cameroon Hydro in Cameroon
Canada RE in Canada SP in Canada WP in Canada GE in Canada BF in Canada Hydro in Canada
Cape Verde RE in Cape Verde SP in Cape Verde WP in Cape Verde GE in Cape Verde BF in Cape Verde Hydro in Cape Verde
Centrafrique RE in Centrafrique SP in Centrafrique WP in Centrafrique GE in Centrafrique BF in Centrafrique Hydro in Centrafrique
Chad RE in Chad SP in Chad WP in Chad GE in Chad BF in Chad Hydro in Chad
Chile RE in Chile SP in Chile WP in Chile GE in Chile BF in Chile Hydro in Chile
China RE in China SP in China WP in China GE in China BF in China Hydro in China
Hong Kong RE in Hong Kong SP in Hong Kong WP in Hong Kong GE in Hong Kong BF in Hong Kong Hydro in Hong Kong
Macau RE in Macau SP in Macau WP in Macau GE in Macau BF in Macau Hydro in Macau
Colombia RE in Colombia SP in Colombia WP in Colombia GE in Colombia BF in Colombia Hydro in Colombia
Comoros RE in Comoros SP in Comoros WP in Comoros GE in Comoros BF in Comoros Hydro in Comoros
Congo RE in Congo SP in Congo WP in Congo GE in Congo BF in Congo Hydro in Congo
DR Congo RE in DR Congo SP in DR Congo WP in DR Congo GE in DR Congo BF in DR Congo Hydro in DR Congo
Costa Rica RE in Costa Rica SP in Costa Rica WP in Costa Rica GE in Costa Rica BF in Costa Rica Hydro in Costa Rica
Côte d'Ivoire RE in Côte d'Ivoire SP in Côte d'Ivoire WP in Côte d'Ivoire GE in Côte d'Ivoire BF in Côte d'Ivoire Hydro in Côte d'Ivoire
Croatia RE in Croatia SP in Croatia WP in Croatia GE in Croatia BF in Croatia Hydro in Croatia
Cuba RE in Cuba SP in Cuba WP in Cuba GE in Cuba BF in Cuba Hydro in Cuba
Cyprus RE in Cyprus SP in Cyprus WP in Cyprus GE in Cyprus BF in Cyprus Hydro in Cyprus
Czech RE in Czech SP in Czech WP in Czech GE in Czech BF in Czech Hydro in Czech
Denmark RE in Denmark SP in Denmark WP in Denmark GE in Denmark BF in Denmark Hydro in Denmark
Djibouti RE in Djibouti SP in Djibouti WP in Djibouti GE in Djibouti BF in Djibouti Hydro in Djibouti
Dominica RE in Dominica SP in Dominica WP in Dominica GE in Dominica BF in Dominica Hydro in Dominica
Dominican Republic RE in Dominican Republic SP in Dominican Republic WP in Dominican Republic GE in Dominican Republic BF in Dominican Republic Hydro in Dominican Republic
Ecuador RE in Ecuador SP in Ecuador WP in Ecuador GE in Ecuador BF in Ecuador Hydro in Ecuador
Egypt RE in Egypt SP in Egypt WP in Egypt GE in Egypt BF in Egypt Hydro in Egypt
El Salvador RE in El Salvador SP in El Salvador WP in El Salvador GE in El Salvador BF in El Salvador Hydro in El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea RE in Equatorial Guinea SP in Equatorial Guinea WP in Equatorial Guinea GE in Equatorial Guinea BF in Equatorial Guinea Hydro in Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea RE in Eritrea SP in Eritrea WP in Eritrea GE in Eritrea BF in Eritrea Hydro in Eritrea
Estonia RE in Estonia SP in Estonia WP in Estonia GE in Estonia BF in Estonia Hydro in Estonia
Ethiopia RE in Ethiopia SP in Ethiopia WP in Ethiopia GE in Ethiopia BF in Ethiopia Hydro in Ethiopia
Finland RE in Finland SP in Finland WP in Finland GE in Finland BF in Finland Hydro in Finland
France RE in France SP in France WP in France GE in France BF in France Hydro in France
Germany RE in Germany SP in Germany WP in Germany GE in Germany BF in Germany Hydro in Germany
Greece RE in Greece SP in Greece WP in Greece GE in Greece BF in Greece Hydro in Greece
Haiti RE in Haiti SP in Haiti WP in Haiti GE in Haiti BF in Haiti Hydro in Haiti
Hungary RE in Hungary SP in Hungary WP in Hungary GE in Hungary BF in Hungary Hydro in Hungary
Iceland RE in Iceland SP in Iceland WP in Iceland GE in Iceland BF in Iceland Hydro in Iceland
India RE in India SP in India WP in India GE in India BF in India Hydro in India
Indonesia RE in Indonesia SP in Indonesia WP in Indonesia GE in Indonesia BF in Indonesia Hydro in Indonesia
Iran RE in Iran SP in Iran WP in Iran GE in Iran BF in Iran Hydro in Iran
Iraq RE in Iraq SP in Iraq WP in Iraq GE in Iraq BF in Ireland Hydro in Iraq
Ireland RE in Ireland SP in Ireland WP in Ireland GE in Ireland BF in Ireland Hydro in Ireland
Israel RE in Israel SP in Israel WP in Israel GE in Israel BF in Israel Hydro in Israel
Italy RE in Italy SP in Italy WP in Italy GE in Italy BF in Italy Hydro in Italy
Japan RE in Japan SP in Japan WP in Japan GE in Japan BF in Japan Hydro in Japan
Kenya RE in Kenya SP in Kenya WP in Kenya GE in Kenya BF in Kenya Hydro in Kenya
Laos RE in Laos SP in Laos WP in Laos GE in Laos BF in Laos Hydro in Laos
Latvia RE in Latvia SP in Latvia WP in Latvia GE in Latvia BF in Latvia Hydro in Latvia
Lebanon RE in Lebanon SP in Lebanon WP in Lebanon GE in Lebanon BF in Lebanon Hydro in Lebanon
Lithuania RE in Lithuania SP in Lithuania WP in Lithuania GE in Lithuania BF in Lithuania Hydro in Lithuania
Luxembourg RE in Luxembourg SP in Luxembourg WP in Luxembourg GE in Luxembourg BF in Luxembourg Hydro in Luxembourg
Macedonia RE in Macedonia SP in Macedonia WP in Macedonia GE in Macedonia BF in Macedonia Hydro in Macedonia
Malaysia RE in Malaysia SP in Malaysia WP in Malaysia GE in Malaysia BF in Malaysia Hydro in Malaysia
Malta RE in Malta SP in Malta WP in Malta GE in Malta BF in Malta Hydro in Malta
Mexico RE in Mexico SP in Mexico WP in Mexico GE in Mexico BF in Mexico Hydro in Mexico
Moldova RE in Moldova SP in Moldova WP in Moldova GE in Moldova BF in Moldova Hydro in Moldova
Mongolia RE in Mongolia SP in Mongolia WP in Mongolia GE in Mongolia BF in Mongolia Hydro in Mongolia
Montenegro RE in Montenegro SP in Montenegro WP in Montenegro GE in Montenegro BF in Montenegro Hydro in Montenegro
Morocco RE in Morocco SP in Morocco WP in Morocco GE in Morocco BF in Morocco Hydro in Morocco
Myanmar RE in Myanmar SP in Myanmar WP in Myanmar GE in Myanmar BF in Myanmar Hydro in Myanmar
Nepal RE in Nepal SP in Nepal WP in Nepal GE in Nepal BF in Nepal Hydro in Nepal
The Netherlands RE in the Netherlands SP in the Netherlands WP in the Netherlands GE in the Netherlands BF in the Netherlands Hydro in the Netherlands
New Zealand RE in NZ SP in NZ WP in NZ GE in NZ BF in NZ Hydro in NZ
Nigeria RE in Nigeria SP in Nigeria WP in Nigeria GE in Nigeria BF in Nigeria Hydro in Nigeria
Norway RE in Norway SP in Norway WP in Norway GE in Norway BF in Norway Hydro in Norway
Pakistan RE in Pakistan SP in Pakistan WP in Pakistan GE in Pakistan BF in Pakistan Hydro in Pakistan
Philippines RE in the Philippines SP in the Philippines WP in the Philippines GE in the Philippines BF in the Philippines Hydro in the Philippines
Poland RE in Poland SP in Poland WP in Poland GE in Poland BF in Poland Hydro in Poland
Portugal RE in Portugal SP in Portugal WP in Portugal GE in Portugal BF in Portugal Hydro in Portugal
Romania RE in Romania SP in Romania WP in Romania GE in Romania BF in Romania Hydro in Romania
Russia RE in Russia SP in Russia WP in Russia GE in Russia BF in Russia Hydro in Russia
Saudi Arabia RE in Saudi Arabia SP in Saudi Arabia WP in Saudi Arabia GE in Saudi Arabia BF in Saudi Arabia Hydro in Saudi Arabia
Serbia RE in Serbia SP in Serbia WP in Serbia GE in Serbia BF in Serbia Hydro in Serbia
Seychelles RE in Seychelles SP in Seychelles WP in Seychelles GE in Seychelles BF in Seychelles Hydro in Seychelles
Singapore RE in Singapore SP in Singapore WP in Singapore GE in Singapore BF in Singapore Hydro in Singapore
Slovakia RE in Slovakia SP in Slovakia WP in Slovakia GE in Slovakia BF in Slovakia Hydro in Slovakia
Slovenia RE in Slovenia SP in Slovenia WP in Slovenia GE in Slovenia BF in Slovenia Hydro in Slovenia
Somalia RE in Somalia SP in Somalia WP in Somalia GE in Somalia BF in Somalia Hydro in Somalia
South Africa RE in South Africa SP in South Africa WP in South Africa GE in South Africa BF in South Africa Hydro in South Africa
South Korea RE in South Korea SP in South Korea WP in South Korea GE in South Korea BF in South Korea Hydro in South Korea
Spain RE in Spain SP in Spain WP in Spain GE in Spain BF in Spain Hydro in Spain
Sri Lanka RE in Sri Lanka SP in Sri Lanka WP in Sri Lanka GE in Sri Lanka BF in Sri Lanka Hydro in Sri Lanka
Sweden RE in Sweden SP in Sweden WP in Sweden GE in Sweden BF in Sweden Hydro in Sweden
Switzerland RE in Switzerland SP in Switzerland WP in Switzerland GE in Switzerland BF in Switzerland Hydro in Switzerland
Taiwan RE in Taiwan SP in Taiwan WP in Taiwan GE in Taiwan BF in Taiwan Hydro in Taiwan
Thailand RE in Thailand SP in Thailand WP in Thailand GE in Thailand BF in Thailand Hydro in Thailand
Turkey RE in Turkey SP in Turkey WP in Turkey GE in Turkey BF in Turkey Hydro in Turkey
Tuvalu RE in Tuvalu SP in Tuvalu WP in Tuvalu GE in Tuvalu BF in Tuvalu Hydro in Tuvalu
Ukraine RE in Ukraine SP in Ukraine WP in Ukraine GE in Ukraine BF in Ukraine Hydro in Ukraine
United Kingdom RE in the UK SP in the UK WP in the UK GE in the UK BF in the UK Hydro in the UK
United States RE in the US SP in the US WP in the US GE in the US BF in the US Hydro in the US
Venezuela RE in Venezuela SP in Venezuela WP in Venezuela GE in Venezuela BF in Venezuela Hydro in Venezuela
Vietnam RE in Vietnam SP in Vietnam WP in Vietnam GE in Vietnam BF in Vietnam Hydro in Vietnam
Yemen RE in Yemen SP in Yemen WP in Yemen GE in Yemen BF in Yemen Hydro in Yemen


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