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List of rowing blades – National team oars

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Blade Nation Description
Argentina Argentina Flag of Argentina, but with white stripe vertical.
Australia Australia White blade with green, yellow, and green strips running vertically across the blade, near the tip.
Austria Austria Red blade with white horizontal stripe across the middle of the blade.
Belgium Belgium Flag of Belgium.
Bulgaria Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria, but stripes are vertical.
Canada Canada Flag of Canada.
Croatia Croatia White blade with red checkers in top right corner.
Denmark Denmark White blade with red horizontal stripe.
Estonia Estonia Flag of Estonia.
France France Flag of France.
Germany Germany Flag of Germany.
Great Britain Great Britain and Northern Ireland White blade with red tip with Union Flag.
Greece Greece Blue blade with white cross.
Ireland Ireland Green blade.
Italy Italy Flag of Italy.
Lithuania Lithuania Flag of Lithuania.
Netherlands Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.
New Zealand New Zealand Black blade with silver fern and letters N and Z on either side of the silver fern.
Norway Norway Flag of Norway without the vertical stripes.
Poland Poland Flag of Poland.
Romania Romania Flag of Romania.
South Africa South Africa Flag of South Africa.
Spain Spain Flag of Spain, but with yellow stripe vertical and without coat of arms.
Switzerland Switzerland Flag of Switzerland.
United States United States