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List of rowing blades – School and university

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Blade Club Description
Adelaide University Boat Club Adelaide University Boat Club Black blade
Loreto Normanhusrt Loreto Normanhurst Gold, white and blue
Prince Alfred College Rowing Club Prince Alfred College Maroon blade
Peterhouse Boat Club St Peter's College Boat Club Royal blue blades with two white stripes


Blade School Description
McGill University McGill University McGill Red and White - Red with two white triangles on the edge forming a sideways 'M'
Queen's University Queen's University The Queen's Tricolour - Blue, gold, and red
University of Montreal University of Montreal University of Montreal Blue - Blue and white


Blade School Description
Dublin University Boat Club Dublin University Boat Club White with three black chevrons

The Netherlands

Blade Club Description
GSR Aegir G.S.R. Aegir, Groningen White with a red star
HSRV Amphrite HSRV Amphitrite, Haarlem
WSR Argo W.S.R. Argo, Wageningen White with 2 green bands
Aspos de Vliet Asopos de Vliet, Leiden Red and purple divided by a diagonal white stripe
Aspos de Vliet D.R.V. Euros, Enschede White with red chevron
A.G.S.R. Gyas A.G.S.R. Gyas, Groningen
D.S.R.V Laga D.S.R.V Laga, Delft Red
ASR Nereus A.S.R. Nereus, Amsterdam Maroon with 2 white bands
KSRV Njord K.S.R.V. Njord, Leiden White with aqua band
R.S.V.U. Okeanos R.S.V.U. Okeanos, Amsterdam White with green and red stripes
AUSR Orca Orca Rowing Club (A.U.S.R. ORCA), Utrecht White with red band
Pelargos H.S.R.V. Pelargos, The Hague Darkblue with orange
Phocas N.S.R.V. Phocas, Nijmegen Yellow
DSR Proteus-Eretus DSR Proteus-Eretes, Delft White with orange band
MSRV Saurus M.S.R.V. Saurus, Maastricht Red with white star
ARSR Skadi Skadi Rowing Club (ARSR Skadi), Rotterdam
AASR Skøll A.A.S.R. Skøll, Amsterdam Red and white
E.S.R Theta E.S.R. Thêta, Eindhoven White with orange and brown stripes at the tip
USR Triton U.S.R. Triton, Utrecht Darkblue with a white stripe
TSR Vidar T.S.R. Vidar, Tilburg

New Zealand

Blade School Description
Otago University Rowing Club Otago University Rowing Club Eton blue

South Africa

Blade School Description
University of Kwazulu-Natal Boat Club University of Kwazulu-Natal Boat Club Segmented white, blue and green.

United Kingdom

For university and university colleges, see university rowing.

Blade School Description
Abingdon School Boat Club Abingdon School Boat Club Cerise with a white tip
Peterhouse Boat Club Bedford School Boat Club Royal blue with two vertical white stripes
Bedford Modern School Boat Club Bedford Modern School Boat Club Black with two vertical red stripes
Bradford Grammar School Boat Club Bradford Grammar School Boat Club
Dulwich Eton College Boat Club Dulwich College Boat Club Sky blue and black separated by a white chevron
Durham School Boat Club Durham School Boat Club White with the Cross of St Cuthbert and green edging
Emanuel School Boat Club Emanuel School Boat Club Dark blue with a yellow chevron
Eton College Boat Club Eton College Boat Club Eton blue
Hampton School Boat Club Hampton School Boat Club Yellow with black on the reverse
King's College School Boat Club King's College School Boat Club Blue with Red tips
Kingston Grammar School Boat Club Kingston Grammar School Boat Club Red with a thick white stripe
King's School Chester Rowing Club King's School Chester Rowing Club White blades with thin green and blue chevrons. The stripes on the reverse of the blade are vertical.
Norwich School Boat Club Norwich School Boat Club Blue with yellow and red stripes
Pangbourne College Boat Club Pangbourne College Boat Club White with college colours
Radley College Boat Club Radley College Boat Club Red and white
Royal Shrewsbury School Boat Club Royal Shrewsbury School Boat Club Dark blue with the Maltese Cross
St Edward's School Oxford 1st VIII rowing blade St Edward's School Boat Club 1st VIII Cornflower blue with gold school crest
Rowing blade of St Edward's School Boat Club, Oxford St Edward's School Boat Club Cornflower blue with a gold chevron
St Leonard's School Boat Club St Leonard's School Boat Club


White with two green chevrons
St Paul's School Boat Club St Paul's School Boat Club White with black tip and loom continuation - all black on reverse
St Peter's School Boat Club St Peter's School Boat Club White with a brown stripe
Tiffin School Boat Club Tiffin School Boat Club Blue with two red vertical stripes
Westminster School Westminster School Boat Club Pink Blades

United States

Blade School Description
Brown University Brown University Men's Rowing White with diagonally-cut brown top
Catholic University of America Rowing Association Red with white cross
Clemson University Crew Orange and Navy Blue
Colgate University Colgate University Rowing Club Maroon with two diagonal white bands
Cornell University Cornell University Boat Club White blade with red tip
Dartmouth College Dartmouth College Boat Club Green with diagonal white tip
Drexel University Men's Crew Blue with Drexel dragon
Georgetown University Georgetown University Boat Club Cadet gray with Prussian blue chevron
Harvard University Harvard University Men's Crew Crimson and white
Harvard University Harvard University (formerly Radcliffe College) Women's Crew Black and white
Harvard University KSG Harvard Kennedy School Alternating red and white stripes like the school's shield and the American flag
Lewis & Clark College Lewis & Clark College Black blade with orange chevron.
Marist College Crew Rowing Blade Marist College, Red Foxes Crew White blade with red chevron.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Red "Tech" letter T. The T is vertical for heavyweights, and horizontal for lightweights (as seen).
University of Michigan University of Michigan Michigan rowing team Blue blade with yellow chevron.
Michigan State University crew club Green blade with white chevron.
Pacific Lutheran University Pacific Lutheran University Bisected yellow and white blade with black chevron
College Boat Club, University of Pennsylvania Red and blue
Sacramento State Men's Rowing Team
Syracuse University Syracuse University Boat Club Syracuse orange with navy chevron
University of Texas Men's Crew Texas flag
University of California, Berkeley University of California, Berkeley lightweights Blue with yellow chevron
University of California, Davis White with UCD text
University of California, Irvine University of California, Irvine White
University of Colorado Buffalo Black with two diagonal yellow stripes
University of Kansas
University of Nebraska-Lincoln University of Nebraska-Lincoln Red
University of Southern California University of Southern California Golden yellow with two cardinal chevrons
University of Washington University of Washington White
Washington College Crew Maroon
Washington and Lee University Washington and Lee University White blade with a navy blue corner
Willamette University Willamette University Cardinal blade with gold at the tip
Wisconsin Badgers Crew Wisconsin Badgers Crew, University of Wisconsin–Madison Red
Yale University Yale University Split blade of Yale Blue and white

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