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List of tallest towers in the world

This is lists of towers that fulfill the engineering definition of a tower 'a tall man-made structure, always taller than it is wide, meant for regular access by humans, but not for living in or office work, and are self-supporting or free-standing, which means no guy-wires for support.' The definition means the exclusion from this list of continuously habitable buildings and skyscrapers as well as radio and TV masts. Bridge towers or pylons, chimneys, transmission towers, and most large statues allow human access for maintenance, but not as part of their normal operation, and are therefore not considered to be towers.

Towers are most often built to use their height for various purposes and can stand alone or as part of a larger structure. Some common purposes are for telecommunications, and as a viewing platform.

The Tokyo Skytree, completed in February 2012, reaches a height of Script error: No such module "convert"., making it the tallest tower, and second tallest free standing structure in the world.[1][2][3]

Entirely self-supported towers

Towers taller than 250 metres

Rank Name Pinnacle height
(meters, feet)
Year Structure Country City Remarks
1 Tokyo Skytree Script error: No such module "convert". 2012 Steel Template:Country data Japan Tokyo Topped out on 18 March 2011, construction completed on 29 February 2012, tallest tower since 2011
2 Canton Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2010 Steel and Concrete 23x15px China Guangzhou Tallest tower in the world 2009-2011
3 CN Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1976 Concrete 23x15px Canada Toronto Tallest freestanding structure in the world 1975-2007, tallest structure in the western hemisphere
4 Ostankino Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1967 Concrete 23x15px Russia Moscow Tallest freestanding structure in the world, 1967-1975, tallest structure in Europe; 2000 fire led to renovation
5 Oriental Pearl Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1994 Concrete 23x15px China Shanghai Tallest structure in China 1994-2007
6 Milad Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2007 Concrete Template:Country data Iran Tehran Tallest structure in Iran since 2007
7 KL Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1994 Concrete 23x15px Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Tallest in South East Asia
8 Tianjin Radio and Television Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1991 Concrete 23x15px China Tianjin
9 Central Radio and TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1992 Concrete 23x15px China Beijing
10 Zhongyuan Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2011 Steel 23x15px China Zhengzhou
11 Kiev TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1973 Lattice 23x15px Ukraine Kiev Tallest freestanding lattice tower in the world
12 Tashkent Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1985 Steel 23x15px Uzbekistan Tashkent Tallest structure in Central Asia
13 Liberation Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1996 Concrete Template:Country data Kuwait Kuwait City Clad in ceramics
14 Almaty Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1983 Steel Template:Country data Kazakhstan Almaty
15 Riga Radio and TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1986 Steel 23x15px Latvia Riga Tallest structure in the Baltic countries and in the European Union.
16 Berliner Fernsehturm Script error: No such module "convert". 1969 Concrete 23x15px Germany Berlin Tallest structure in Germany
17 Stratosphere Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1996 Concrete 23x15px United States Las Vegas Tallest observation tower in the United States
18 West Pearl Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2004 Concrete 23x15px China Chengdu Tallest structure in Western China
19 Macau Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2001 Concrete 23x15px Macau Macau
20 Europaturm Script error: No such module "convert". 1979 Concrete 23x15px Germany Frankfurt
21 Dragon Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2000 Lattice 23x15px China Harbin Second tallest freestanding lattice tower in the world, 1st in Asia
22 Tokyo Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1958 Lattice Template:Country data Japan Tokyo Second tallest structure in Japan
23 Emley Moor TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1970 Concrete 23x15px United Kingdom Huddersfield Tallest freestanding structure in the United Kingdom
24 WITI TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1962 Lattice 23x15px United States Shorewood
25 Sky Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1997 Concrete 23x15px New Zealand Auckland Tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere
26 Vilnius TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1980 Concrete 23x15px Lithuania Vilnius
27 Eiffel Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1889 Lattice 23x15px France Paris First structure to surpass 300 metres in height, tallest structure in the world 1889-1930, oldest structure in this list
28 WHDH-TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1994 Lattice 23x15px United States Newton
29 Rameswaram TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1995 Concrete Template:Country data India Rameswaram
30 Jiangsu Nanjing TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1996 Concrete 23x15px China Nanjing
31 KCTV-Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1956 Lattice 23x15px United States Kansas City
32 Atlanta Turner Broadcasting Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1980 Lattice 23x15px United States Atlanta
33 Tallinn TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1980 Concrete 23x15px Estonia Tallinn
34 TV Tower Yerevan Script error: No such module "convert". 1977 Lattice 23x15px Armenia Yerevan The tallest towers of the Caucasus.
35 St. Petersburg TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1962 Lattice 23x15px Russia St. Petersburg
36 Azeri TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1996 Concrete 23x15px Azerbaijan Baku
37 Sydney Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1981 Concrete 23x15px Australia Sydney
38 Liaoning Broadcast and TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1989 Concrete 23x15px China Shenyang
39 Fazilka TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2007 Lattice Template:Country data India Fazilka
40 Mumbai Television Tower Script error: No such module "convert". Lattice Template:Country data India Mumbai
41 Jaisalmer TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1993 Concrete Template:Country data India Jaisalmer
42 Samatra TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1999 Concrete Template:Country data India Bhuj
43 Amritsar TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2003 Concrete Template:Country data India Amritsar
44 BRTN Toren Script error: No such module "convert". 1996 Concrete 23x15px Belgium Sint-Pieters-Leeuw
45 Sutro Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1973 Steel 23x15px United States San Francisco
46 Torre 238 do Linhão de Tucuruí Script error: No such module "convert". 2012 Steel 23x15px Brazil Porto de Moz High voltage tower.
47 Torre 241 do Linhão de Tucuruí Script error: No such module "convert". 2012 Steel 23x15px Brazil Almeirim High voltage tower.
48 Zhuzhou Television Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1999 Concrete 23x15px China Zhuzhou
49 Fernmeldeturm Nürnberg Script error: No such module "convert". 1977 Concrete 23x15px Germany Nuremberg
50 Star Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1991 Lattice 23x15px United States Cincinnati
51 Olympiaturm Script error: No such module "convert". 1968 Concrete 23x15px Germany Munich
52 Torre de Collserola Script error: No such module "convert". 1992 Steel 23x15px Spain Barcelona
53 Dudelange Radio Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1957 Lattice 23x15px Luxembourg Dudelange
54 Telemax Script error: No such module "convert". 1992 Concrete 23x15px Germany Hannover
55 Shijiazhuang TV-tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1998 Lattice 23x15px China Shijiazhuang
56 Heinrich-Hertz-Turm Script error: No such module "convert". 1968 Concrete 23x15px Germany Hamburg
57 Central Plains Pearl TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1998 Steel 23x15px China Luoyang
58 DZEC-TV (Net 25 Tower) Script error: No such module "convert". 1990 Lattice 23x15px Philippines Quezon City
59 Georgia Tbilisi TV Broadcasting Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1972 Steel 23x15px Georgia Tbilisi
60 Hillbrow Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1971 Concrete 23x15px South Africa Johannesburg
61 Kaifeng TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1995 Concrete 23x15px China Kaifeng
62 Colonius Script error: No such module "convert". 1981 Concrete 23x15px Germany Cologne
63 Novorossiysk TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1996 Concrete 23x15px Russia Novorossiysk
64 Daqing Radio and Television Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1989 Concrete 23x15px China Daqing
65 Moscow Octod Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2006 Lattice 23x15px Russia Moscow
66 Olympic Park Observation Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2014 Steel 23x15px China Beijing
67 WTVR-TV-Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1953 Lattice 23x15px United States Richmond
68 Fernmeldeturm Kühkopf Script error: No such module "convert". 1976 Concrete 23x15px Germany Koblenz
69 Grodno TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 1984 Lattice 23x15px Belarus Grodno
70 Donauturm Script error: No such module "convert". 1964 Concrete 23x15px Austria Vienna
71 Fernsehturm Dresden-Wachwitz Script error: No such module "convert". 1969 Concrete 23x15px Germany Dresden
72 Swisscom-Sendeturm St. Chrischona Script error: No such module "convert". 1984 Concrete 23x16px  Switzerland St. Chrischona
73 Jeddah TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2007 Concrete 23x15px Saudi Arabia Jeddah
74 Hanoi TV Tower Script error: No such module "convert". 2013 Lattice Tower 23x15px Vietnam Hanoi

Towers between 200 and 250 metres tall

Tower Year Country Town Pinnacle height Remarks
Shaanxi Provincial TV Tower 1987 23x15px China Xi'an 245 m
Seto Digital Tower 2003 Template:Country data Japan Seto, Aichi 244.7 m
Astara TV Tower 1981 23x15px Azerbaijan Astara 244 m maybe +10 m
Vitebsk TV Tower 1983 23x15px Belarus Vitebsk 244 m maybe +10 m
NSS Annapolis 1936 23x15px United States Annapolis 243.8 m destroyed
Central tower (Königs Wusterhausen) 1925 23x15px Germany Königs Wusterhausen 243 m collapsed on November 15, 1972
Kharkiv TV Tower 1981 23x15px Ukraine Kharkiv 242.5 m
Yakutsk TV Tower 1982 23x15px Russia Yakutsk 241 m
Birobidzhan TV Tower 1972 23x15px Russia Birobidzhan 241 m
Rheinturm Düsseldorf 1981 23x15px Germany Düsseldorf 240.5 m was 234.2 m before another antenna was mounted in 2004
N Seoul Tower 1975 Template:Country data South Korea Seoul 239.7 m tower tops out at 479.7 m (1,574 ft) above sea level (it sits atop Namsan mountain).
Menara TVRI 1994 Template:Country data Indonesia Jakarta 239 m
Foshan TV Tower 1995 23x15px China Foshan 238 m
Sentech Tower 1962 23x15px South Africa Johannesburg 237 m
Tower of Power 1988 23x15px Philippines Quezon City 236.8 m Serves as the main transmission center of the stations: GMA Channel 7, GMA News TV Channel 11, and Barangay LS 97.1 that serving the area of Metro Manila. This transmitter can be used to transmit channel 27 on digital TV for its test broadcast.
Endem TV Tower 2002 23x15px Turkey Istanbul 236 m
Bremen-Walle Telecommunication Tower 1986 23x15px Germany Bremen-Walle 235.7 m
Pitampura TV Tower 1988 Template:Country data India Delhi 235 m
Hughes Memorial Tower 1989 23x15px United States Washington, DC 232 m
Transmitter Wavre ? 23x15px Belgium Wavre 232 m
Qingdao TV Tower 1994 23x15px China Qingdao 232 m
WOR TV Tower 1949 23x15px United States North Bergen, New Jersey 231.65 m dismantled
Torrespaña 1982 23x15px Spain Madrid 231 m
Fernmeldeturm Kiel 1972 23x15px Germany Kiel 230 m
Friedrich-Clemens-Gerke Tower 1991 23x15px Germany Cuxhaven 230 m
Ryan Tower 1968 23x15px Canada Chelsea, Quebec 228.9 m
Tower of the Americas 1968 23x15px United States San Antonio, Texas 228.6 m
Torre Espacial 1980 23x15px Argentina Buenos Aires 228 m
WLW Tower 1932 23x15px United States Mason, OH 227.7 m Originally 253 meters
Katanga TV Tower 1992 Template:Country data India Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 225 m
Brasilia TV Tower 1965 23x15px Brazil Brasilia 224 m
Buková hora TV Tower 1975 23x15px Czech Republic Bukova hora, Verneřice 223 m
Fernmeldeturm Münster 42 1986 23x15px Germany Münster 222.5 m
Crystal Palace Transmitter 1950 23x15px United Kingdom London 222 m
Military transmission tower 1988 23x15px Latvia Kuldiga 220 m
Tower A of the defense ministry 1974 Template:Country data Japan Tokyo, Shinjuku 220 m
Yekaterinburg TV Tower 1989 23x15px Russia Yekaterinburg 220 m incomplete, projects 360~420 m
Florianturm 1959 23x15px Germany Dortmund 219.6 m
ABS-CBN Tower 1969 23x15px Philippines Quezon City 219.5 m formerly 198.1 meters, until it was rehabilitated in 2009, in preparation for its digital TV broadcast in the Philippines.
Jilin Radio and TV Tower 1996 23x15px China Jilin 218 m
Guangzhou TV Tower 1991 23x15px China Guangzhou 217 m
Fernsehturm Stuttgart 1956 23x15px Germany Stuttgart-Degerloch 216.8 m World's first concrete TV tower
Blosenbergturm 1937 23x16px  Switzerland Beromünster 216 m Insulated against ground
Prague - Žižkov Television Tower 1992 23x15px Czech Republic Prague 216 m
Longwave transmitter Junglinster 1952 23x15px Luxembourg Junglinster 215 m 3 towers, insulated against ground, were 250 m before 1980
Kyshtym TV Tower ? 23x15px Russia Kyshtym 213 m
Yuryuzan TV Tower ? 23x15px Russia Yuryuzan 213 m
Fernmeldeturm Mannheim 1975 23x15px Germany Mannheim 212.8 m
Torre TV Bandeirantes 1997 23x15px Brazil São Paulo 212 m
Fernmeldeturm Berlin 1964 23x15px Germany Berlin 212 m
Cherepovets TV Tower 1969? 23x15px Russia Cherepovets 212 m
Zlatoust TV Tower 1983 23x15px Russia Zlatoust 211 m
Turkmenistan Broadcasting Centre 2011 23x15px Turkmenistan Ashgabat 211 m
TV Tower Bol d'Air-Ougrée ? 23x15px Belgium Bol d'Air-Ougrée 210 m
Minaret of Hassan II Mosque 1993 23x15px Morocco Casablanca 210 m
Arkhangelsk TV Tower 2003 23x15px Russia Arkhangelsk 208 m
Cimişlia TV Tower ? 23x15px Moldova Cimişlia 208 m
Transmitter Hornisgrinde 1972 23x15px Germany Hornisgrinde 206 m
Novosemeykino transmitter 1942 23x15px Russia Novosemeykino, Samara 205 m 4 towers, insulated against ground
Baghdad Tower 1994 Template:Country data Iraq Baghdad 205 m Now renamed
Donnersberg TV Tower 1962 23x15px Germany Donnersberg 204.82 m
Vyborg TV Tower 1966 23x15px Russia Vyborg 204.6 m
Avala TV Tower 1965 23x15px Serbia Avala, near Belgrade 204.5 m destroyed in NATO bombing of Belgrade on April 29, 1999; reconstruction completed October 2009; tallest tower in Balkans
Edineţ TV Tower ? 23x15px Moldova Edineţ 204 m
Rousse TV Tower 1987 23x15px Bulgaria Rousse 204 m
Daugavpils Radio and TV Tower ? 23x15px Latvia Daugavpils 204 m
Valmiera Radio and TV Tower 1954 23x15px Latvia Valmiera 204 m
Cesvaine Radio and TV Tower ? 23x15px Latvia Cesvaine 204 m
Rēzekne Radio and TV Tower ? 23x15px Latvia Rēzekne 204 m
TV tower Helpterberge 1981 23x15px Germany Helpterberge 203.2 m
Dundaga Radio and TV Tower ? 23x15px Latvia Dundaga 203 m
Woobang Tower 1992 Template:Country data South Korea Daegu 202 m
TRK Orion Tower 2001 23x15px Russia Samara 201 m
Kamzik TV Tower 1975 23x15px Slovakia Bratislava 200 m
Guangdong TV Tower[citation needed] 1965 23x15px China Guangzhou 200 m
VRT Zendmast Genk ? 23x15px Belgium Genk 200 m
Gomel TV Tower 1957 23x15px Belarus Gomel 200 m
Kherson TV Tower ? 23x15px Ukraine Kherson 200 m

Towers between 100 and 200 metres tall

Tower Year Country Town Pinnacle height Remarks
Xuzhou TV Tower 1990 23x15px China Xuzhou 199 m
KPN-Zendmast Waalhaven 1962 23x15px Netherlands Rotterdam-Waalhaven 199 m
Zendmast Roermond 1957 23x15px Netherlands Roermond 197.7 m
KPN Tower Hilversum 1973 23x15px Netherlands Hilversum 196 m
Bantiger TV Tower 1996 23x16px  Switzerland Bolligen 196 m
Sky Tower Nishitōkyō 1988 Template:Country data Japan Nishitōkyō, Tokyo 195 m
Transmission Tower Blessberg ? 23x15px Germany Blessberg 195 m
Telstra Tower 1980 23x15px Australia Canberra 195 m
Transmission Tower Mulhouse-Belvédère 1997 23x15px France Mulhouse-Belvédère 194 m
Cukrák transmitter 1961 23x15px Czech Republic Jíloviště 193.5 m
Fernmeldeturm Frauenkopf 1972 23x15px Germany Stuttgart-Frauenkopf 192.4 m
Gateway Arch 1965 23x15px United States St. Louis 192 m
Dalian Radio and TV Tower ? 23x15px China Dalian 190.5 m
LORAN-C transmitter Carolina Beach ? 23x15px United States Carolina Beach 190.5 m Insulated against ground, collapsed in 1963
400 kV Thames Crossing 1965 23x15px United Kingdom West Thurrock 190 m
DVB-T Communications Tower 1986 23x15px Germany Leipzig 190 m
Transmission Tower Mühlacker 1934 23x15px Germany Mühlacker 190 m Tallest timber-constructed transmission tower in the world, destroyed on 6 April 1945
Transmitter Sottens, old transmission tower 1948 23x16px  Switzerland Sottens 190 m demolished in 1989, insulated against ground
Calgary Tower 1967 23x15px Canada Calgary 190 m
Cambridge Bay LORAN Tower 1948 23x15px Canada Cambridge Bay 189 m
BT Tower 1964 23x15px United Kingdom London 188 m
Cairo Tower 1961 23x15px Egypt Cairo 188 m
Telecom Italia Tower Rozzano 1990 23x15px Italy Rozzano - Milan 187 m Tallest tower in Italy until 2014 when Il Dritto (Citylife project) will be the tallest building in Italy by roof height
Kuwait Towers 1979 Template:Country data Kuwait Kuwait City 187 m
Uetliberg TV Tower 1990 23x16px  Switzerland Zurich-Uetliberg 186.7 m
Euromast 1962 23x15px Netherlands Rotterdam 186 m
Santa Palomba transmitter, Main tower 1929 23x15px Italy Santa Palomba 186 m Free-standing lattice tower equipped with cage antenna for mediumwave broadcasting
Kuwait Towers 1976 Template:Country data Kuwait Kuwait City 185 + 145.8 m Three tower
Ovce Pole medium wave transmitter 1970 23x15px Macedonia Sveti Nikole 186 m
TV tower Decquede 1959 23x15px Germany Decquede 184.5 m
Space Needle 1962 23x15px United States Seattle 184 m
Criggion VLF transmitter 1941 23x15px United Kingdom Criggion, Powys 182.9 m 3 towers, demolished
Launch Pad 39B 2009 23x15px United States John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL 182.88 m 3 lightning masts for Ares I rocket
Brasilia Digital TV Tower 2012 23x15px Brazil Brasília, DF 182 m
Nagoya TV Tower 1954 Template:Country data Japan Nagoya 180 m
PL Peace Tower 1970 Template:Country data Japan Tondabayashi 180 m
Kuldīga Radio and TV Transmitter ? 23x15px Latvia Kuldīga 180 m
Gori TV Broadcasting Tower 1972 23x15px Georgia Gori 180 m
Hošťálkovice transmitter 1979 23x15px Czech Republic Ostrava 180 m
Telecommunication Tower Bungsberg 1977 23x15px Germany Bungsberg 179 m
Löffelstelz Transmitter 2000 23x15px Germany Bad Mergentheim 179 m
Kékestető TV Tower ? 23x15px Hungary Kékestető 178 m Partially guyed
Pécs TV Tower 1973 23x15px Hungary Pécs 176 m
Balashikha Radio Tower ? 23x15px Russia Balashikha 176 m
Olympic Stadium tower
1987 23x15px Canada Montreal 175.3 m The highest inclined tower in the world, with its 175-metre elevation and 45-degree angle.
Odinstårnet 1935 23x15px Denmark Odense 175 m destroyed on 14 December 1944
Zendstation Markelo ? 23x15px Netherlands Markelo 174.4 m
Kokavil transmission tower 1982 23x15px Sri Lanka Kokavil 174 m Destroyed by the LTTE and restored again in 2011
CBC Jarvis Street Tower 1952 23x15px Canada Toronto 174 m demolished in 2002
San Jacinto Monument 1939 23x15px United States La Porte, Texas 172.92 m / 567.31 ft World's tallest monumental column
New Brighton Tower 1900 23x15px United Kingdom New Brighton 172.8 m destroyed
Reisenbach Telecommunication Tower 1972 23x15px Germany Mudau 173 m
RKS Dobrochov ? 23x15px Czech Republic Dobrochov 171 m
Reunion Tower 1978 23x15px United States Dallas 170.7 m
Iriški Venac TV Tower 1975 23x15px Serbia near Novi Sad 170 m
Juche Tower 1982 Template:Country data North Korea Pyongyang 170 m
Riyadh TV Tower 1981 23x15px Saudi Arabia Riyad 170 m
Spinnaker Tower 2005 23x15px United Kingdom Portsmouth 170 m
Washington Monument 1884 23x15px United States Washington, DC 169.3 m / 555 ft 5 in Observation level at 152 m
Zagreb TV Tower 1973 23x15px Croatia Zagreb 169 m
Fernmeldeturm Bödefeld ? 23x15px Germany Schmallenberg-Bödefeld 168.7 m
Näsinneula Observation Tower 1971 23x15px Finland Tampere 168 m Located at Särkänniemi amusement park
Alūksne Radio and TV Transmitter ? 23x15px Latvia Alūksne 168 m
Transmitter Eifel-Bärbelkreuz 1985 23x15px Germany Hellenthal-Bärbelkreuz 167 m
Çamlıca TV Tower 1972 23x15px Turkey Istanbul 166 m
Menara Alor Star 1998 23x15px Malaysia Alor Star 165.5 m
Transmitter Berlin-Tegel 1933 23x15px Germany Berlin 165 m Timber construction, demolished on 16 December 1948
Hünenburg Telecommunication Tower ? 23x15px Germany Bielefeld-Hühnenburg 165 m also known as Fernmeldeturm Teutoburger Wald
Heubach Telecommunication Tower ? 23x15px Germany Heubach 164.8 m
Las Vegas Eiffel Tower 1999 23x15px United States Las Vegas 164.6 m Replica of Eiffel Tower
Sendeturm Ismaning 1932 23x15px Germany Ismaning 163 m Timber construction, demolished on 16 March 1983
Ochsenkopf TV Tower 1958 23x15px Germany Ochsenkopf mountain 163 m
TV Tower Namur-Profondville ? 23x15px Belgium Namur-Profondville 163 m
Fernmeldeturm Bremerhaven-Schiffdorf ? 23x15px Germany Bremerhaven-Schiffdorf 163 m
Fernmeldeturm Ulm-Ermingen 1964 23x15px Germany Ulm-Ermingen 162 m
Praděd TV Tower 1983 23x15px Czech Republic Praděd Mountain 162 m
Ulm Münster 1377 – 1890 23x15px Germany Ulm 161,5 m Tallest church tower in the world
Fernmeldeturm Langenrehm ? 23x15px Germany Rosengarten-Langenrehm 161 m
Nozema TV Tower Lelystad 1975 23x15px Netherlands Lelystad 161 m
Indus Radio FM 100.20 2009 23x15px Pakistan Tando Muhammad Khan 160 m FM Tower
Fernmeldeturm Leer-Nüttermoor ? 23x15px Germany Leer-Nüttermoor 160 m
Osaka Tower 1966 Template:Country data Japan Osaka 160 m
Shukhov Tower 1922 23x15px Russia Moscow 160 m Hyperboloid structure. Currently under threat of demolition.
Skylon Tower 1965 23x15px Canada Niagara Falls 160 m
Pylons of Cádiz 1960 23x15px Spain Cádiz 158 m Hyperboloid structure. Two towers
Blackpool Tower 1894 23x15px United Kingdom Blackpool 158 m
Gold Tower 1988 Template:Country data Japan Utazu, Kagawa 158 m
Telecommunication Tower Plettenberg ? 23x15px Germany Plettenberg 158 m
Fernmeldeturm Essen ? 23x15px Germany Essen 157.5 m
Cologne Cathedral 1248-1880 23x15px Germany Cologne 157.4 m Two towers
TV Tower Tournai-Froidmont ? 23x15px Belgium Tournai-Froidmont 157 m
Święty Krzyż TV Tower 1966 23x15px Poland Łysa Góra 157 m
Snejanka tower 1978 23x15px Bulgaria Pamporovo - Mount Snejanka 156 m also known as Pamporovo TV Tower
Zendstation Roosendaal 1986 23x15px Netherlands Roosendaal 156 m
Viesīte Radio and TV Transmitter ? 23x15px Latvia Viesīte 156 m
Mesquite Tower 1990 23x15px United States Mesquite, Texas 155.3 m
Kaknästornet TV Tower 1964 23x15px Sweden Stockholm 155 m
Funkturm Arsenal ? 23x15px Austria Vienna 155 m
Nozema TV Tower Goes 1957 23x15px Netherlands Goes 153.5 m also known as Nozema TV Tower
Kaikyo Yume Tower 1996 Template:Country data Japan Shimonoseki 153 m
Telecommunication Tower Willebadessen 1993 23x15px Germany Willebadessen 152.5 m also known as Fernsehsender Eggegebirge
Croydon Transmitter 1962 23x15px United Kingdom London, Surrey 152 m
BT Tower 1967 23x15px United Kingdom Birmingham 152 m
RKS Mělník-Chloumek ? 23x15px Czech Republic Mělník 152 m
Rouen Cathedral 1145-1876 23x15px France Rouen 151 m
Funkturm Berlin 1926 23x15px Germany Berlin 150 m Only observation tower standing on insulators
Fernsehsender Ebbegebirge 1983 23x15px Germany Herscheid 150 m Also known as Fernmeldeturm Waldberg
Longwave transmitter Lahti 1927 23x15px Finland Lahti 150 m
RKS Liblice 1 1929-1931 23x15px Czech Republic Liblice 150 m demolished in 2004
Sendeturm Wiederau 1935 23x15px Germany Wiederau 150 m Timber construction, dismantled on 27 October 1953
Mannesmann Tower Vienna 1954 23x15px Austria Vienna 150 m
TV Tower Leglise-Anlier ? 23x15px Belgium Leglise-Anlier 150 m
Galaţi TV Tower 1978 23x15px Romania Galaţi 150 m
Friedrichsberg Television Tower 2008 23x15px Germany Waldenburg 150 m
Halle Radio Tower 2005 23x15px Germany Halle 150 m
Zendstation Maastricht ? 23x15px Netherlands Maastricht 149.5 m
KPN Tower Haarlem 1968 23x15px Netherlands Haarlem 149 m
KEMA Toren 1969 23x15px Netherlands Arnhem 149 m also known as Tennet Tower or Tennet Toren
132 kV Thames Crossing 1932 23x15px United Kingdom West Thurrock 148.4 m demolished in 1987
Nordschwarzwaldturm 1974 23x15px Germany Schömberg-Langenbrand 148 m
St. Nikolai, Hamburg 1846-1877 23x15px Germany Hamburg 147.3 m church ruin
Sapporo TV Tower 1957 Template:Country data Japan Sapporo 147.2 m
Pasilan linkkitorni 1983 23x15px Finland Helsinki 146 m
Dobrich TV Tower 1979 23x15px Bulgaria Dobrich 146 m
Fallturm Bremen 1990 23x15px Germany Bremen 146 m
Kennedy Boulevar (Hotel Marriott) 1999 23x15px Chile Santiago 145 m
Sendeturm Langenberg 1934 23x15px Germany Velbert-Langenberg 145 m Timber construction, destroyed on 10 October 1935
Sendeturm Hamburg-Billstedt 1934 23x15px Germany Hamburg 145 m Timber construction, dismantled in September 1949
Funkübertragungsstelle Bergen 1 ? 23x15px Germany Soltau-Bergen 145 m
Vasco da Gama Tower 1998 23x15px Portugal Lisboa 145 m
Strasbourg Cathedral 1176–1439 23x15px France Strasbourg 144 m
Nozema Tower Wormer 1968 23x15px Netherlands Wormer 144 m
Zigong TV Tower 1988 23x15px China Zigong 143.6 m
Mechelen Telecommunicatietoren en watertoren 1980 23x15px Belgium Mechelen 143 m
Selion 1994 Template:Country data Japan Akita 143 m
Zendstation Ugchelen 1959 23x15px Netherlands Ugchelen 142 m
TV Tower Aalen ? 23x15px Germany Aalen 142 m
Jakobsberg Telecommunication Tower 1978 23x15px Germany Porta Westfalica-Jakobsberg 142 m
VW-Tower 1958 23x15px Germany Hannover 141 m
Hoherodskopf telecommunication tower ? 23x15px Germany Schotten-Hoherodskopf 141 m
Transmitter Żórawina 1932 23x15px Poland Żórawina, Poland 140 m Timber construction, dismantled in 1990
Monte Mario Tower ? 23x15px Italy Rome 140 m
Nozema Zendstation Mierlo 1957 23x15px Netherlands Mierlo 139.5 m
Frémont Point Transmitter ? 23x15px Jersey Fremont Point, Jersey 139 m
Bredstedt Telecommunication Transmitter ? 23x15px Germany Bredstedt 139 m
Twin Arch 138 1995 Template:Country data Japan Ishinomiya 138 m
Fernmeldeturm Ansbach ? 23x15px Germany Ansbach 137.5 m
Fernmeldeturm Hamburg-Bergedorf ? 23x15px Germany Hamburg-Bergedorf 137.5 m
Hohenstadt Transmission Tower ? 23x15px Germany Hohenstadt 137 m
Monas 1975 Template:Country data Indonesia Jakarta 137 m
Fernsehturm Schwerin-Zippendorf 1964 23x15px Germany Schwerin-Zippendorf 136.5 m
St. Chrischona, old tower 1962 23x16px  Switzerland St. Chrischona 136 m
Montjuic Communications Tower 1992 23x15px Spain Barcelona 136 m
Telecommunication Tower Leichlingen ? 23x15px Germany Leichlingen 136 m
Mount Ślęża transmitter 1972 23x15px Poland Mount Ślęża 136 m Additionally guyed
Transmission Tower Hardberg 1951 23x15px Germany Hardberg 135 m
Bremen-Farge Weser Powerline Crossing  ? 23x15px Germany Bremen 135 m
Trollhättan TV Tower ? 23x15px Sweden Trollhättan 135 m
Soelvesborg transmitter 1985 23x15px Sweden Sölvesborg 135 m 2 grounded towers carrying a cage antenna for mediumwave broadcasting
Transmission Tower Emley Moor 1956 23x15px United Kingdom Emley Moor, Yorkshire 135 m
Fernmeldeturm Wahnbek 1974 23x15px Germany Wahnbek 134 m
Higashiyama Sky Tower 1989 Template:Country data Japan Nagoya 134 m
Telecommunication Tower Lohmar-Birk ? 23x15px Germany Lohmar 134 m
Radio City Tower 1969 23x15px United Kingdom Liverpool 134 m
KLIA2 Control Tower 2013 23x15px Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 133.8m Tallest Air-traffic control tower in the world[4]
Mulleklenkes 1984 23x15px Germany Aachen 133 m Radio-DVB-T Transmission Tower de:Mulleklenkes
Nozema Zendstation The Hague 1965 23x15px Netherlands The Hague 133 m
BKK Control Tower 2006 23x15px Thailand Bangkok 132.2m Second tallest air-traffic control tower in the world
Telefónica Chile Tower 1996 23x15px Chile Santiago 132 m
Aufi Tower 1963 23x15px Germany Geislingen-Aufhausen 132 m
TV-toren Ittervoort ? 23x15px Netherlands Ittervoort 132 m
Telecommunication Tower Leipzig ? 23x15px Germany Leipzig 132 m
Kyoto Tower 1964 Template:Country data Japan Kyoto 131 m
Portofino TV Tower ? 23x15px Italy Portofino 130 m Additionally guyed
1000 Islands SkyDeck ? 23x15px Canada Hill Island, Ontario 130 m
TV Tower Nordhelle 1984 23x15px Germany Nordhelle 130 m
Telecommunication tower Großerlach 1985 23x15px Germany Großerlach 130 m
Zendstation Loon op Zand 1986 23x15px Netherlands Loon op Zand 130 m
Shiraz Tower 2011 Template:Country data Iran Shiraz 130 m
Leżajsk TV Tower ? 23x15px Poland Leżajsk 130 m Additionally guyed
KUL Control Tower 1998 23x15px Malaysia Kuala-Lumpur 130 m
Armstrong Tower 1938 23x15px United States Alpine, New Jersey 129.6 m site of the first FM broadcasts
Telecommunication Tower Hüfingen 1976 23x15px Germany Hüfingen 129 m
Telecommunication Tower Wuppertal-Westfalenweg ? 23x15px Germany Wuppertal 128 m
Piątkowo transmitter, Tower 2 1993 23x15px Poland Poznań 128 m
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń 2004 23x15px Poland Licheń 128 m
Express Lift Tower 1980-1982 23x15px United Kingdom Northampton, Northamptonshire 127.45 m
Torre Entel 1974 23x15px Chile Santiago 127.4 m
VLF transmitter Grimeton 1923 23x15px Sweden Grimeton 127 m
Glasgow Tower 2001 23x15px United Kingdom Glasgow 127 m
Aliant Tower 1971 23x15px Canada Moncton 127 m
Sender Inselsberg 1974 23x15px Germany Inselsberg Mountain + 126 m Was 43.31 when constructed in 1939
Dreamworld Tower 1997 23x15px Australia Dreamworld, Coomera 126.5m
Transmitter Beromünster, backup transmission tower 1937 23x16px  Switzerland Beromünster 126 m Insulated against ground
Transmitter Sottens, backup transmission tower 1931 23x16px  Switzerland Sottens 125 m Insulated against ground
HBG Prangins 1931 23x16px  Switzerland Prangins 125 m two towers
Grobal Tower 1995 Template:Country data Japan Beppu 125 m
FMT 6 - Brackenheim ? 23x15px Germany Brackenheim 125 m
Craigkelly TV Tower ? 23x15px United Kingdom Craigkelly, Burntisland, Fife 125 m
Chiba Port Tower 1986 Template:Country data Japan Chiba 125 m
Atakule Tower 1989 23x15px Turkey Ankara 125 m
Riga Radio Station ? 23x15px Latvia Riga 125 m
Gatlinburg Space Needle 1970 23x15px United States Gatlinburg 124 m
Transmitter Nuremberg-Kleinreuth 1935 23x15px Germany Nuremberg 124 m Timber construction, dismantled in 1935
Transmitter Geiersberg ? 23x15px Germany Geiersberg 124 m
Tyholttårnet 1985 23x15px Norway Trondheim 124 m
Salisbury Cathedral 1220-1320 23x15px United Kingdom Salisbury 123 m
Sender Brocken 1937 and 1974 23x15px Germany Brocken Mountain 123 m 95 m on original tower
Mont Pèlerin TV Tower 1974 23x16px  Switzerland Mont Pèlerin 122.6 m
Pääskyvuoren linkkitorni 1964 23x15px Finland Turku 122 m
Ginosa Water Tower ? 23x15px Italy Ginosa 122 m
Transmission Tower Lindenfels ? 23x15px Germany Lindenfels 122 m
Zendstation Megen 1980 23x15px Netherlands Megen 121 m
Fernmeldeturm Duisburg 23x15px Germany Duisburg 121 m
Spire of Dublin 2003 Template:Country data Republic of Ireland Dublin 120 m World's tallest sculpture.
Longwave transmitter Motala 1927 23x15px Sweden Motala 120 m
Mannesmann Tower Hannover 1955 23x15px Austria Hannover 120 m
Sucha Góra TV Tower 1962 23x15px Poland Czamorzeki 120 m
Henninger Turm 1961 23x15px Germany Frankfurt/Main 120 m Silo with observation tower
Chennevières Transmitter 1972 23x15px France Chennevières-sur-Marne 120 m
Directional Radio Tower Le Chasseral 1983 23x16px  Switzerland Le Chasseral 120 m
Makarki Directional Radio Tower ? 23x15px Poland Makarki 120 m lattice tower as basement
Torre de la Industria 1994 23x15px Chile Santiago 120 m
High Point Place 2006 23x15px United States Florida 120 m
Transmission Tower Hesselberg ? 23x15px Germany Hesselberg 119 m
Gibloux Radio Tower ? 23x16px  Switzerland Sorens 118.7 m
Charwelton BT Tower ? 23x15px United Kingdom Charwelton 118.3 m
Busan Tower 1973 Template:Country data South Korea Busan 118 m
Transmitter Kalundborg 1927 23x15px Denmark Kalundborg 118 m
Radio Tower Gliwice 1935 23x15px Poland Gliwice 118 m Tallest existing timber-constructed transmission tower
Tryvannstårnet 1962 23x15px Norway Oslo 118 m
Crossland Tower 1994 Template:Country data Japan Oyabe, Toyama 118 m
Kvitsøy Tower 1981 - 1982 23x15px Norway Kvitsoy 117.5 m
Oberhausen gasometer 1929 23x15px Germany Oberhausen 117 m
Bullenhausen Elbe Powerline Crossing ? 23x15px Germany Bullenhausen 117 m
Silistra TV Tower 1979 23x15px Bulgaria Silistra 117 m
Lisebergstornet 1990 23x15px Sweden Göteborg 116.1 m
Transmitter Heilsberg 1935 23x15px Germany Lidzbark Warmiński, Poland 115 m Timber construction, dismantled in 1940
Observation tower of la Cité de l'Énergie ? 23x15px Canada Shawinigan, Quebec 115 m
Bernauer Birzel ? 23x15px Germany Bernau 115 m
Jagodnik transmitter ? 23x15px Poland Jagodnik 115 m
Pollonius 1992 23x15px Germany Köln-Porz 115 m
Helgoland Radio Tower 2000 23x15px Germany Helgoland 115 m Additionally guyed
Torre CCU 2007 23x15px Chile Santiago 115 m
Wilhelmshaven Nautical Office Antenna Tower 1977 23x15px Germany Wilhelmshaven 114.1 m
Torre Tavira II 1994 23x15px Spain Cádiz 114 m
Torrazzo of Cremona 1309 23x15px Italy Cremona 112.7 m
Domtoren 1328 23x15px Netherlands Utrecht 112.5 m Free standing medieval church tower, see also List of tallest churches
Torre Centenario 2000 23x15px Chile Santiago 112 m
Transmission Tower La Dole 1958 23x16px  Switzerland La Dole 112 m
Swingate Transmitter ? 23x15px United Kingdom Swingate, Kent 111 m 3 towers
AWA Tower 1938-39 23x15px Australia Sydney, NSW 111 m 46m antenna tower atop building
Tiger Sky Tower 2004 23x15px Singapore Sentosa Island 110 m Tallest free standing observation tower in Asia
Bytków TV Tower ? 23x15px Poland Siemianowice Śląskie 110 m
Fleckendorf Radio Tower 1955 23x15px Austria Ansfelden 110 m
Agenskalns TV Tower ? 23x15px Latvia Riga 110 m
Exelberg Telecommunication Tower 23x15px Austria Vienna 109 m
Torre Branca 1933 23x15px Italy Milano 108.6 m
Transmitter Witthoh 1951 23x15px Germany Emmingen-Liptingen 108 m
Kobe Port Tower 1963 Template:Country data Japan Kobe 108 m
Radio Tower of School for Radiotechnology Nuremberg ? 23x15px Germany Nuremberg 108 m
Vitosha Mountain TV Tower 1985 23x15px Bulgaria Vitosha Mountain 186 m
Tour Hertzienne TDF de Romainville 1984 23x15px France Paris-Romainville 108 m also known as Tour Relais TDF
Goryokaku Tower 2006 Template:Country data Japan Hakodate 107 m
Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial 1915 23x15px United States Put-in-Bay, Ohio 107 m World’s most massive Doric column; 4th tallest memorial in U.S.
Jefferson Davis Monument 1924 23x15px United States Fairview, Kentucky 107 m Third tallest obelisk in the world
Torre Jaume I 1931 23x15px Spain Barcelona 107 m connected with Torre Sant Sebastia by Port Vell Aerial Tramway
Freiburg-Lehen transmitter 1933 Germany Freiburg 107 m Timber construction, blown-up on April 21, 1945
Heiligenstock transmitter 1934 Germany Frankfurt/Main 107 m Timber construction, demolished on March 25, 1945
Transmitter Koblenz 1934 23x15px Germany Koblenz 107 m Timber construction, dismantled in 1965
Transmitter Trier 1935 23x15px Germany Trier 107 m Timber construction, dismantled in 1948
Yokosuka Microwave Communications Site ? Template:Country data Japan Yokosuka 106.7 m demolished
Bremerhaven Radar Tower 1965 23x15px Germany Bremerhaven 106.1 m
Yokohama Marine Tower 1961 Template:Country data Japan Yokohama 106 m
Borisova Gradina TV Tower 1959 23x15px Bulgaria Sofia 106 m
Zendstation Amsterdam 2002 23x15px Netherlands Amsterdam 106 m
Pardubice TV Tower 1988 23x15px Czech Republic Pardubice 105 m
RTON Lublin-Raabego ? 23x15px Poland Lublin 104 m Radio-TV Transmission Tower
Wannenberg Transmission Tower ? 23x15px Germany Wannenberg 103 m
Tsutenkaku 1956 Template:Country data Japan Osaka 103 m
Scream 1992 23x15px Germany Soltau - Heidepark 103 m Gyro-Drop Tower
Total Tower 1994 23x15px United States Denver 102.4 m
Kitzbühl Horn transmitter ? 23x15px Austria Kitzbühl 102 m
Telecom Telecommunication Tower Heidelberg ? 23x15px Germany Heidelberg 102 m
Zakopane-Gubałówka transmitter ? 23x15px Poland Zakopane 102 m
Transmitter Heilsberg 1930 23x15px Germany Lidzbark Warmiński, Poland 102 m Twin timber construction, dismantled in 1940
Torre del Mangia 1348 23x15px Italy Sienna 102 m
Telecommunication Tower of Munich postal district 1956 23x15px Germany Munich 101.6 m
Brotjacklriegl TV Tower 1960 23x15px Germany Brotjacklriegel 100.3 m
Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower 1908 23x15px United Kingdom Birmingham, England 100 m
Tour Perret 1925 23x15px France Grenoble 100 m
Reichenbach transmitter 1937 Germany Reichenbach/Oberlausitz 100 m Timber construction, demolished on May 7, 1945
Puckeridge DECCA tower 194? 23x15px United Kingdom Puckeridge 100 m Insulated against ground
Golm transmitter 1948 23x15px Germany Golm 100 m Timber construction, dismantled on 25 October 1979
Schöckl Transmitter 1956 23x15px Austria Schöckl Mountain 100 m Additionally guyed
Gaisberg Transmitter 1956 23x15px Austria Gaisberg Mountain 100 m
Beppu Tower 1957 Template:Country data Japan Beppu 100 m
Hakata Port Tower 1964 Template:Country data Japan Hukuoka 100 m
Ještěd TV Tower 1968 23x15px Czech Republic Jested 100 m
Hokkaido Centennial Monument 1970 Template:Country data Japan Sapporo 100 m
Rainbow Tower 1973 Template:Country data Japan Niigata 100 m
Bazita Peak TV Tower 1975 23x15px Hungary Zalaegerszeg 100 m
Holstein Tower 1988 23x15px Germany Sierksdorf 100 m additionally guyed Gyro-Tower
Faro de Moncloa 1992 23x15px Spain Madrid 100 m
Transmitter Truc de Fortunio ? 23x15px France Truc de Fortunio 100 m
Osmolin Radio Tower ? 23x15px Poland Osmolin 100 m
El Bosque 500 2001 23x15px Chile Santiago 100 m
Taming Sari Tower 2008 23x15px Malaysia Melaka 110 m First revolving tower in Malaysia
Liepāja Radio and TV Transmitter ? 23x15px Latvia Liepāja 100 m


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Timeline of tallest tower

From To Tower Country Town Pinnacle height
280 BC 1180 AD Pharos Lighthouse 23x15px Egypt Alexandria 122 m
1180 1240 Malmesbury Abbey Tower 23x15px United Kingdom Malmesbury 131.3 m
1240 1311 Tower of Old St Paul's Cathedral 23x15px United Kingdom London 150 m
1311 1549 Tower of Lincoln Cathedral 23x15px United Kingdom Lincoln 159.7 m
1549 1647 Tower of St Mary's church 23x15px Germany Stralsund 151 m
1647 1874 Tower of Strasbourg Cathedral 23x15px France Strasbourg 142 m
1874 1876 Tower of St. Nikolai 23x15px Germany Hamburg 147 m
1876 1880 Tower of Rouen Cathedral 23x15px France Rouen 151 m
1880 1889 Tower of Cologne Cathedral 23x15px Germany Cologne 157.38 m
1889 1958 Eiffel Tower 23x15px France Paris 312.3 m
1958 1967 Tokyo Tower Template:Country data Japan Tokyo 332.6 m
1967 1976 Ostankino Tower 23x15px Russia Moscow 540.1 m
1976 2010 CN Tower 23x15px Canada Toronto 553.33 m
2010 2011 Canton Tower 23x15px China Guangzhou 600 m
2011 present (as of 2013) Tokyo Skytree Template:Country data Japan Tokyo 634 m

Partially guyed towers

Main article: Partially guyed tower

The following towers consist of a free standing basement towers with a guyed structure on the top. The basement can be made of reinforced concrete or of lattice steel. All of the below are over 100 metres.

Tower Year Country Town Pinnacle height Remarks
Gerbrandy Tower 1961 23x15px Netherlands IJsselstein 372 m concrete tower (100 m) as basement, original height 382.5 m, reduced to 375 m in 1987 and again in 2007 to current height
Vännäs TV Tower 1988 23x15px Sweden Vännäs 323 m concrete tower as basement
Høiåsmasten 1980 23x15px Norway Halden 320 m concrete tower as basement
Cutler Naval Station[citation needed] 1960 23x15px United States Cutler, Maine 304 m
Zendstation Smilde 1959 23x15px Netherlands Smilde 303.5 m
Brunnby transmitter[citation needed] ? 23x15px Sweden Uppsala 225 m
TV Tower Brest - Roc Trédudon[citation needed] 1974 23x15px France Roc Trédudon 220 m lattice tower as basement
Greipstad transmitter[citation needed] 1958 23x15px Norway Greipstad 218 m [1]
Telecommunication Tower Aarhus 1956 23x15px Denmark Arhus 216.1 m
Sörmon TV Tower[citation needed] 1967 23x15px Sweden Karlstad 184 m
Nordhue transmitter[citation needed] ? 23x15px Norway Elverum, Hedmark 182 m lattice tower as basement
Kekesteto TV Tower ? 23x15px Hungary Kekesteto 178 m
Brudaremossen masts 1980 23x15px Sweden Gothenburg 172 m
Sendeturm Dobratsch 1971 23x15px Austria Dobratsch Mountain 165 m
Lyngdal transmitter[citation needed] 1954 23x15px Norway Lyngdal 156 m [2]
Gamlemsveten transmitter[citation needed] 23x15px Norway Haram 154 m
Tighina TV Tower ? 23x15px Moldova Tighina 152 m [3]
Shchyolkovo Radio Mast[citation needed] ? 23x15px Russia Shchyolkovo 150 m Mast radiator on small lattice tower [4],[5]
Steinfjellet transmitter[citation needed] ? 23x15px Norway Bremanger 148 m
Mont Agel Broadcasting Mast[citation needed] 1946 23x15px France Fontbonne 145 m originally mast radiator with lattice tower as basement, today used for FM-/TV-broadcasting [6]
Waldenburg TV Tower[citation needed] ? 23x15px Germany Waldenburg 145 m antenna mast dismantled in 2009
Mekhzavod Radio Mast[citation needed] ? 23x15px Russia Mekhzavod 142 m Mast radiator on small lattice tower [7]
Sendeturm Jauerling 1958 23x15px Austria Jauerling 141 m lattice tower as basement
Hoherodskopf old telecommunication tower ? 23x15px Germany Hoherodskopf ? lattice tower as basement, replaced by Hoherodskopf telecommunication tower, [8]
Pietricica transmitter[citation needed] ? 23x15px Romania Piatra Neamţ ? [9]
Geitfjellet transmitter[citation needed] 1962 23x15px Norway Grong 131 m [10]
Lakssvelafjellet transmitter[citation needed] ? 23x15px Norway Bjerkreim 130 m
Wachberg transmitter[citation needed] ? 23x15px Austria Weitra 130 m
Mount Corhanwarrabul, Channel 7 Tower 1956 23x15px Australia Mount Dandenong, Victoria 131 m Lattice tower as basement
Torfhaus Telekom Transmitter[citation needed] ? 23x15px Germany Torfhaus 130 m was transformed in a pure guyed mast
Tokaj TV Tower[citation needed] 1960 23x15px Hungary Tokaj 130 m
Ylojärvi TV Tower[citation needed] ? 23x15px Finland Ylojärvi 124 m
Transmitter Geiersberg[citation needed] ? 23x15px Germany Geiersberg 124 m lattice tower as basement
Criuleni TV Tower[citation needed]  ? Moldova Criuleni 123 m [11]
Transmission Tower Lindenfels[citation needed] ? 23x15px Germany Lindenfels 122 m lattice tower as basement
Transmitter Boppard ? 23x15px Germany Boppard-Fleckertshöhe 121 m lattice tower as basement
Makarki Directional Radio Tower ? 23x15px Poland Makarki 120 m lattice tower as basement
Uzd TV Tower[citation needed] ? 23x15px Hungary Uzd 120 m [12]
Transmission Tower Hesselberg[citation needed] ? 23x15px Germany Hesselberg 119 m lattice tower as basement
Hegyhátsál TV Tower ? 23x15px Hungary Hegyhátsál 117 m
Gelukskroon transmitter, main tower ? 23x15px South Africa Pretoria 112.8 m [13]
Reichenhain Transmission Tower[citation needed] ? 23x15px Germany Chemnitz 99 m lattice tower as basement, was before June 2007 free-standing


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