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List of ultralight helicopters

Ultralight helicopters also referred to as Very light helicopters are helicopters used for various activities including escaping traffic jams, fumigation of fields, emergency services, rescue operations.[1] recreation, sight seeing, mustering, photography and crop dusting[2].

Ultralight Specifications Developer Place of Origin
Dynali H3[3] 23x15px Belgium
DF DF334 [4] 150x150px


Edm Aerotec GmbH[6] 110x110px 23x15px Germany
Mustang F290
Heli-Sport CH-7 300x300px
Cicare CH-7B 23x15px Argentina 300x300px
Cicare CH-12 23x15px Argentina
Cicare CH8[7]
CH77 Ranabot[8] 23x15px Italy
Famà Kiss 209 23x15px Italy
Sk-1 Twinpower[9]
Skt Skyrider helicopter[10]
IRI Helicopters[11] 110x110px 23x15px Italy
LCA LH 212 Delta[12] 23x15px Italy
YoYo Helicopter 23x15px Italy
Helismart[13] 23x15px France
SL-231 Scout 23x15px Ukraine 300x300px
Kazachok Helicopter[14] 150x150px 23x15px Russia
Rotorfly 23x15px Russia 300x300px
Berkut 23x15px Russia 300x300px
FLY CC III[15] 23x15px Czech
Mosquito XE 300x300px
Hungaro Copter[16] 110x110px 23x15px Hungary
CoaX helicopters[17] 200x200px 23x15px Australia
SA-400 Jackal[18] 23x15px USA
Helicycle 23x15px USA 300x300px
Sorhge HX 23x15px Argentina[19]
Ezycopter 23x15px Taiwan
Helirotex Lince One[20] 23x15px Italy
Konner K1[21] 23x15px Italy
Dynali H2S 23x15px Belgium 300x300px
Volocopter[22] 23x15px Germany 300x300px
Exec 150x150px 23x15px USA 300x300px
Syton AH130[23] 23x15px Italy
Safari 150x150px 300x300px
Vertical Hummingbird[24] 23x15px USA 300x300px
Millennium Mini 500[25] 23x15px USA
Revolution Mini-500 150x150px 23x15px USA 300x300px
CHI KC 518 Adventourer [26] 23x15px New Zealand 300x300px

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