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Lithuania Davis Cup team

Rimvydas Mugevičius
ITF ranking 54 11px3
Highest ITF ranking 50 (July 14, 2010)
Colors Green & White
First year 1994
Years played 21
Ties played (W–L) 81 (48 - 33)
Best finish Europe/Africa Zone Group I
first round (2015)
Most total wins Rolandas Muraška (56)
Most singles wins Rolandas Muraška (37)
Most doubles wins Rolandas Muraška (19)
Best doubles team Daniel Lencina-Ribes &
Gvidas Sabeckis (6)
Most ties played Rolandas Muraška (49)
Most years played Rolandas Muraška (12)

The Lithuania Davis Cup team represents Lithuania in Davis Cup tennis competition and are governed by the Lithuanian Tennis Association.

Lithuania has never been a tennis country – no tennis player from Lithuania entered ATP top 500 until 2008. However, the situation is changing in recent years. Currently young Lithuanian players are winning the greatest tennis victories in the history of Lithuania. As expected, this led to the increasing popularity of tennis in the country. Now, Lithuania has a few very high quality players.

In 2012 Lithuania competed in the third group of Davis Cup, where they won all three ties and got promoted to the second group. It played seven times there. Also, it has competed in the third group for 13 times. And once have been promoted to group one, where Lithuania team is currently playing.

Current Team (2015)

Player information and rankings as of 8 March 2015

Squad representing Lithuania vs. Poland (2015 Europe/Africa Group 1 First Round)
Player Current singles ranking Current doubles ranking First year played Ties played Total W–L Singles W–L Doubles W–L
Ričardas Berankis 76 553 2007 13 17–9 14–5 3–4
Laurynas Grigelis 361 132 2008 9 7–9 4–7 3–2
Lukas Mugevičius 642 417 2010 6 3–7 2–4 1–3
Mantas Bugailiškis (young player) N/A N/A 2013 1 0–1 0–0 0–1

Other Players


Lithuania started its Davis Cup history in 1994 with competing in the Europe and Africa zone of Group III.


Lithuania started 2009 Davis Cup with their first ever victory in Group II. In the first round, Lithuania defeated Georgia 3–2[1] in front of a home crowd in a recently built SEB arena. All work was done by the youngest members of the Lithuanian team – 18 year old Ričardas Berankis won both of his singles matches[2][3] and 16 year old Dovydas Šakinis defeated the leader of Georgian team Irakli Labadze in the decisive rubber.[4] For the second round match-up, Lithuania went to Otočec to play against Slovenia. However, the Slovenian team with Grega Žemlja and Blaž Kavčič was too strong for Lithuania, which managed to win only one set in five matches, and the tie ended 0–5.[5][6]

In 2010 Lithuania had its better performance. For the first round match-up Lithuania drew the top seeded British team in Lithuania. With James Ward defeating Laurynas Grigelis, Great Britain winning the doubles match and Berankis winning both of his singles matches the tie came to the decisive rubber. Grigelis won a five-setter against Daniel Evans[7] and against all odds Lithuania celebrated a 3–2[8] victory over Great Britain.[9][10] Lithuania's next round was against Irish team led by Conor Niland and James McGee in Dublin. Lithuania celebrated after the second day when Berankis and Grigelis won the first three matches and secured the tie.[11] Ireland managed to win the remaining dead rubbers with Lithuania winning the tie 3–2.[12][13] In the third round Lithuania had a rematch of last year's tie against Slovenia, only this time Slovenian team came to Vilnius. The best two Lithuanian tennis players Berankis and Grigelis represented Lithuania in all five matches but they managed to win only two of them – Berankis defeated Blaž Kavčič in the first rubber and Lithuania came back from two sets to love down in the doubles match. Eventually, Lithuania ended up losing 2–3[14] and Slovenia was promoted to the first group.[15]

Lithuania came into the 2011 Davis Cup with high hopes but the dreams were crashed in the first round tie against Estonia in Tallinn. During the second rubber Grigelis got a knee injury and not only lost the match but also had to skip the remaining tie.[16] Grigelis was replaced by Dovydas Šakinis who was still recovering from phneumonia so couldn't play his best tennis. Although Berankis won both of his singles matches,[17] Lithuania lost the tie 2–3.[18][19] The fourth rubber between Berankis and Jürgen Zopp took 3 hours 46 minutes and it was the longest rubber for both teams in their histories. After the first round loss Lithuania faced a relegation play-off against Morocco in Vilnius, where neither Berankis[20] nor Grigelis[21] helped Lithuania. The Lithuanian team, with only one ranked player and all players being under 19, lost to Morocco 0-5[22][23] which led to the relegation to the third group for the following year.

In 2012, Lithuania was competing in Group III. In the group stage Lithuania defeated Andorra and San Marino without losing a set. For the promotion play-off Lithuania faced the Greek team. In the first rubber Grigelis lost a tough match to Theodoros Angelinos but Berankis restored the parity by defeating Paris Gemouchidis. In the decisive rubber, Lithuanian leaders won a doubles match and the tie ended 2–1. Lithuania got promoted to the Group II for the following year.[24]

In 2013, Lithuania was drawn to play against Cyprus in the first round of the Europe/Africa Zone Group II.

In 2014 Lithuania team defeated South Africa, Norway and Bosnia and Herzegovina and was promoted to Europe/Africa Zone Group I for the first time in 2015.


  • Total record 45–33 (58%)

Head-to-head record

Group record

  • Europe/Africa zone group II 4–11 (27%)
  • Europe/Africa zone group III 41–22 (65%)

Home and away record

Group II:

  • Performance in Lithuania 3–6 (33%)
  • Performance away 1–5 (17%)

Group III:

  • Performance in Lithuania 2–2 (50%)
  • Performance away 39–20 (66%)

Surface record

Matches record

  • Singles 108–78 (58%)
  • Doubles 70–80 (47%)
  • Total 178–158 (53%)

Statistics correct as of the end of the season in 2013.

All players

Player Highest singles ranking Highest doubles ranking First year played Years played Ties played Total W–L Singles W–L Doubles W–L
Balžekas, AivarasAivaras Balžekas 926 939 1999 5 19 10–13 9–12 1–1
Berankis, RičardasRičardas Berankis 67 285 2007 6 13 17–9 14–5 3–4
Bugailiškis, MantasMantas Bugailiškis N/A N/A 2013 1 1 0–1 0–0 0–1
Cariovas, EugenijusEugenijus Cariovas N/A N/A 2006 2 8 8–5 2–3 6–2
Mindaugas Čeledinas N/A N/A 2006 2 3 0–4 0–1 0–3
Gotovskis, ArtūrasArtūras Gotovskis N/A N/A 2005 1 2 1–1 0–1 1–0
Gotovskis, JuliusJulius Gotovskis N/A N/A 2011 1 1 0–1 0–1 0–0
Grigelis, LaurynasLaurynas Grigelis 183 132 2008 4 9 7–9 4–7 3–2
Ivancovas, DenisDenis Ivancovas N/A N/A 1994 3 8 7–4 2–2 5–2
Jurkėnas, PauliusPaulius Jurkėnas N/A 1,434 2000 2 5 1–4 0–0 1–4
Karpavičius, AurimasAurimas Karpavičius N/A N/A 2003 1 2 0–2 0–1 0–1
Lencina-Ribes, DanielDaniel Lencina-Ribes 591 671 2005 5 20 19–9 11–4 8–5
Mažonas, GitanasGitanas Mažonas N/A N/A 1994 4 13 10–7 7–4 3–3
Mugevičius, LukasLukas Mugevičius N/A 1,513 2010 4 6 3–7 2–4 1–3
Muraška, RolandasRolandas Muraška 575 1,100 1994 12 49 56–32 37–12 19–20
Petrauskas, TomasTomas Petrauskas N/A N/A 1998 1 2 2–1 1–0 1–1
Pinko, VadimVadim Pinko N/A N/A 2009 1 1 0–1 0–0 0–1
Riabuchin, DenisDenis Riabuchin N/A N/A 2006 1 2 0–2 0–0 0–2
Rozga, ArūnasArūnas Rozga N/A N/A 1999 2 8 4–4 0–0 4–4
Sabeckis, GvidasGvidas Sabeckis 488 548 2002 8 31 23–21 11–7 12–14
Dovydas Šakinis 808 1,214 2009 5 10 4–8 3–5 1–3
Aistis Šlajus 1,346 1,434 1998 3 11 6–10 4–7 2–3
Tverijonas, JuliusJulius Tverijonas 1,418 N/A 2011 1 1 0–1 0–1 0–0
Vėželis, GiedriusGiedrius Vėželis N/A N/A 1994 1 3 1–2 1–0 0–2
Žemaitėlis, KasparasKasparas Žemaitėlis N/A N/A 2013 1 1 0–1 0–1 0–0

Data correct as of May 13, 2013.





Year Group Team Round Date Location Surface Opponent Score Outcome
2010 Europe/Africa Zone
Group II
Ričardas Berankis,
Laurynas Grigelis,
Lukas Mugevičius,
Dovydas Šakinis,
Team capitan:
Remigijus Balžekas
1R 5–7 March Vilnius, Lithuania Hard (i) 23x15px Great Britain 3–2 Won
2R 9–11 July Dublin, Ireland Carpet (i) 23x15px Ireland 3–2 Won
Q 17–19 September Vilnius, Lithuania Hard (i) 23x15px Slovenia 3–2 Lost
2011 Europe/Africa Zone
Group II
Ričardas Berankis,
Julius Gotovskis,
Laurynas Grigelis,
Lukas Mugevičius,
Dovydas Šakinis,
Julius Tverijonas,
Team capitans:
Remigijus Balžekas,
Rimvydas Mugevičius
1R 4–6 March Tallinn, Estonia Hard (i) 23x15px Estonia 2–3 Lost
PO 8–10 July Vilnius, Lithuania Clay 23x15px Morocco 0–5 Lost
2012 Europe Zone
Group III
Ričardas Berankis,
Laurynas Grigelis,
Lukas Mugevičius,
Dovydas Šakinis,
Team capitan:
Rimvydas Mugevičius
RR 3 May Sofia, Bulgaria Clay 23x15px San Marino 3–0 Won
RR 4 May 23x15px Andorra 2–0 Won
PO 5 May 23x15px Greece 2–1 Won
2013 Europe/Africa Zone
Group II
Ričardas Berankis,
Mantas Bugailiškis,
Lukas Mugevičius,
Dovydas Šakinis,
Kasparas Žemaitėlis,
Team capitan:
Remigijus Balžekas,
Rimvydas Mugevičius
1R 1–3 February Šiauliai, Lithuania Hard (i) 23x15px Cyprus 4–1 Won
2R 5–7 April Lisbon, Portugal Clay 23x15px Portugal 0–5 Lost

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