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Lotus Excel

Lotus Excel
File:Lotus Excel 1985.jpg
Manufacturer Lotus Cars
Production 1982–1992
Body and chassis
Class Sports car
Body style 2-door coupe
Related Lotus Eclat
Engine 2.2 L Lotus 912 I4
Transmission 5-speed Toyota W58 manual
4-speed ZF automatic
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Predecessor Lotus Eclat

The Type 89 Lotus Excel, built from 1982 to 1992, is a front-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car designed and built by Lotus. It was based on the design of the earlier Lotus Eclat, which itself was based on the earlier Lotus Elite II.


Toyota engaged Lotus to assist with engineering work on the Supra. During this period, Toyota became a major shareholder in Lotus, later giving up their holding when General Motors bought Lotus.

Part of the deal between Lotus and Toyota included the use of many Toyota mechanical components in Lotus' cars. The original Excel (aka the Eclat Excel) used the W58 manual transmission, driveshafts, rear differential, 14x7 in alloy wheels, and door handles from the Supra Mk II, which was made from 1982 to 1986. The engine was the familiar all-aluminium, DOHC 2.2 L Lotus 912 Slant Four (which was used in the Lotus Esprit S3).


During its lifetime, the Excel received two major upgrades. With the introduction of the Excel SE (a Script error: No such module "convert". engine vs the standard Script error: No such module "convert". engined car) in October 1985, the bumpers, wing and interior was changed, including a new dashboard. In October 1986 the Excel SA with automatic gearbox was introduced.[1] Further facelifts in 1989 saw Citroën-derived mirrors, as featured on the Esprit, and 15 inch OZ alloy wheels to a similar pattern as the Esprit's.

The Excel is also known for its high cornering power and excellent handling thanks to 50:50 weight distribution.

According to Lotus records, only 1 Excel was manufactured to USA specification. The lack of release in the USA was due to the high emission regulations (which would hinder the car's performance), and poor sales of the car in Europe.

415 are still registered in the United Kingdom as of 2011, but 240 of them are SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).[2] James May purchased one on the television show Top Gear in the fourth episode of season 15. Top Gear also used a Lotus Excel in the James Bond 50th Anniversary Special and converted it into a submarine. This was done to prove the Lotus Esprit used in The Spy Who Loved Me wasn't science fiction.

Model Year changes


  • Body-coloured bumpers
  • Louvered bonnet
  • Boot spoiler
  • 8-spoke road wheels option


  • Wider wheel arch profile
  • front fog lamps
  • Larger boot opening
  • 15" road wheels option
  • VDO instrument cluster


File:1986 Lotus Excel S.E. rear.jpg
Rear view of 1986 Lotus Excel S.E. (Sweden)
  • ‘S.E.’ option
  • ‘H.C.’ engine
  • Revised fascia and switchgears
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Upgraded air conditioning system



  • Cross-drilled crank
  • Engine mounting legs
  • Bell housing
  • Rear body mounts
  • Boot floor brace
  • Revised fuel system
  • Revised body shell undertray


  • Restyled bonnet
  • Front and rear spoilers
  • Updated road wheels and interior trim
  • Air intake temperature control system

Hethel 25th Anniversary Celebration edition

  • Total production of 40
  • 35 in Celebration Green Metallic
  • 5 in Calypso Red
  • Clarion CDC 9300 head unit
  • Remote control stacking CD player
  • Upgraded speakers
  • Red instrument lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Full tan leather interior with perforated leather panels.
  • Classic tan leather steering wheel
  • 100% wool wilton carpeted
  • Performance: 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds. Top Speed: 135 mph
  • Price when new in 1991: £28,995
  • In today's money ( August 2014) £57,511.
  • NB: Sections of the above information has been sourced using information taken from the official Lotus "Hethel Celebration Excel" sales brochure and from the website.

Models produced

  • Excel 1982–1992
  • Excel SE 1985–1992
  • Excel SA 1986–1992


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