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Lountza (Greek: λούντζα) is a meat delicacy of Cyprus of dried, smoked pork tenderloin. The name may come from the Italian lonza stagionata.


To produce lountza, pork tenderloin is first soaked in brine and then marinated in red wine. The marinated tenderloin is then dried and smoked. After smoking, lountza can be packaged or left to age. As it ages, it becomes harder and more strongly flavored. A similar to the original Cypriot lountza is produced also at the island of Mykonos in Greece.


Lountza can be served cooked or uncooked as an accompaniment for alcoholic drinks like zivania or wine. Grilled lountza served with other Cypriot delicacies such as halloumi and kefalotyri cheese often appear in meze platters. Sandwiches made out of grilled lountza and halloumi are favorite fast food snacks for Cypriots.

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