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Loyola College, Chennai

Loyola College
File:Loyola College Chennai - Coat of arms.png
Coat of arms
Motto Luceat Lux Vestra
Motto in English
Let your Light Shine
Established 1925
Type Autonomous
Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Loyola College is an autonomous Jesuit institution of academic excellence under the historic University of Madras in the city of Chennai, India. The institution is among the handful of India's most prestigious institutions for degree programmes in commerce, arts, natural sciences and social sciences. It has been consistently ranked amongst the top five institutions in India for those programs.[1] The college admits undergraduates and post-graduates and offers degrees in the liberal arts, sciences and commerce. The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research has recognised Loyola College as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, the highest research honour for an Arts and Science College.[2]


Loyola College was founded in 1925 by a French Jesuit, Rev. Fr. Francis Bertram SJ, with the support of a group of European Jesuit priests who had had their grounding at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics. In the case of the Department of Economics, it was founded by Fr. Basenach who was educated at the London School of Economics and the department has produced a number of graduates who completed their post-graduate studies at the London School of Economics.[citation needed]

The name Loyola comes from the ancestral castle where Saint Ignatius of Loyola was born in 1491, the last of a large Basque family.

The members of the Society of Jesus are popularly known as Jesuits. The Society of Jesus is a worldwide organization of religious men, numbering about 19,000: Nearly 4,000 are working in the 18 provinces of India. In Tamil Nadu there are 480 Jesuits working in schools, colleges, youth services, social work centres, parishes, mission outreach programmes, and in almost every form of service and ministry of the church.[citation needed]


The Loyola College, Chennai is the only college in India which is granted "College of Excellence" title from the UGC.Loyola College is the only college in the state capital Chennai to have been accredited with 'A+' category by the NAAC. The college offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The arts/humanities stream includes English, economics, commerce, history, Tamil and sociology. Science courses include physics, chemistry, botany, zoology and computer science. The college was ranked the number one college or institution for science degrees in India by India Today magazine in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.[3] In 2007 it was ranked first in science and humanities.[4]

The college follows a credit-based semester pattern. Undergraduate students have to pass all examinations and obtain at least 120 credits in three years to be eligible for a degree. Non-academic credits are required of all students, and extra-curricular and social service options offer that choice. The vibrant Department of Outreach is the nodal agency for social work in the college. Every student, irrespective of department, is required to complete the outreach program in his second year at college to complete his degree. The program moulds every student into a complete human by making them visit slums and backward areas in and around Chennai to know the suffering of the people living there and take necessary steps to provide them a hygienic and a decent space to live. This program awards 3 credits.

The college is on a Script error: No such module "convert". campus in the heart of the Chennai, in Nungambakkam. Its tree-lined pathways, academic buildings, steepled Gothic church, which dates back to 1930, and separate playgrounds for each sport, make it a landmark in the southern metropolis. Its alumni include a former president of India, politicians, diplomats and civil servants, entertainers, eminent sportsmen, Olympic medalists, writers and journalists.

The college has been conferred a "College with Potential For Excellence" status by the University Grants Commission. It was given a 10 million grant (1 Crore) in 2006 by the UGC for continual improvement of facilities. The UGC has further certified it as a ‘College of Excellence’ in the year 2014. The certification, for a period of five years till 2019, comes with a grant of Rs. 2 crore for the college to upgrade its facilities.[5] Professors form various departments are actively involved in research and have published articles in top journals including Nature,[6] Chemical Reviews,[7] and Physical Review Letters.[8]

Institute for Excellence

  • Entomology Research Institute
  • Institute for Dialogues with Cultures and Religions(IDCR)(A research institution under University of Madras
  • Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy (LIFE)
  • Loyola Institute of Vocational Education (LIVE)
  • Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology (LICET)[9]
  • Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA)[10]
  • Ignatian Institute for Career Development
  • Loyola Institute for Industrial and Social Science Research
  • Loyola Institute of People Studies
  • Loyola College of Education (B.Ed college)

. Centre for International Program (CIP)


Loyola College has a rich cultural history. Being one among the first colleges in South India to host cultural fests, Loyola College boasts of being the only men's college in Chennai to explore and nurture talent among its students. After allowing women students in PG courses since the turn of the millennium, the college encourages women to participate in cultural activities.

The historic Down Sterling annual 'inter-college' carnival for college students till 1992 is now a memory. Unexpected events and violence led the college management to ban this festival which was considered as the biggest in South India.[citation needed] Every year the Student Union members try to revive this fest but fail, as the scars of Down Sterling haunt the management authorities. "Down Sterling" was last seen in the friendship song "MUSTHAFA MUSTHAFA' from the movie Kadhal Desam which was released in 1996.

Ovations is now the inter-collegiate annual cultural event held usually in September and is organised by the Loyola Student's Union on a large scale.

The college hosts an annual inter-collegiate dance competition called Ignite outside the campus din February. Loyola College is known for its ace dance team, Loyola Dream Team, which is one among the country's best and one of the crowd pullers for other college culturals. Apart from dance they have Western/acoustic music bands, variety and mime teams.

Academics, culturals and co-curricular activities are given equal importance in Loyola. The Loyola Debating Society shot into prominence between 1991 and 1994 with fiery orator Sanjay Pinto at the helm as the president, winning almost every inter-collegiate debate and oratorical competition. This in one of the major reasons why Loyola remains the one of the city's best and most preferred colleges in India.[citation needed]

Notable alumni

Every student is proud to be a part of this college and calls himself/herself "A proud Loyolite".

Politics and administrative service

Academics and business




  • Sanjay Pinto, Resident Editor, NDTV 24 X 7 (He was the Editor of the Loyola Herald and the President of the Loyola Debating Society during his stint there from 1991 to 1994)
  • Narasimhan Ram, journalist, Chairman of Kasturi & Sons Limited, Publisher of The Hindu
  • Palagummi Sainath, Rural Affairs Editor of The Hindu and Magsaysay awardee.

Theatre and cinema



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