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Mad Mod

Mad Mod
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Teen Titans #7 (January–February 1967)
In-story information
Alter ego Neil Richards

Mad Mod is a fictional character in the DC Universe. He was an enemy of the superhero team the Teen Titans until recently.

Fictional character biography

One of the first villains ever to menace the Teen Titans, Mad Mod (real name Neil Richards) was a Carnaby Street fashion designer with no actual superpowers of his own. His assumed name is derived from the popular Mod style in England at the time. He used his label as a front to smuggle goods inside his clothing. After being foiled, he later hatched a plot to steal the Queen of Britain's scepter, but was stopped as well.

In later years, Mad Mod reformed and appeared as an ally of Mr. Jupiter in Teen Titans vol. 2, where he designed the costumes of the new incarnation of the Titans. Mad Mod label "retro" clothing has occasionally been seen in the DCU since then.

Powers and abilities

During the Mad Mod's heyday as a villain, he would match his outrageous clothing with a way out approach in his intricate but deadly traps. He would employ a gang of thugs to do most of the handiwork that needed muscle.

Mad Mod term

The term "Mad Mod, Poet God" was used by Peter Milligan for the unrelated DC character Shade the Changing Man. Another unrelated DC character is The Mad Mod Witch from The Unexpected, later revealed to be a resident of the Dreaming known as "the Fashion Thing".

In other media


File:TT mad mod.jpg
Mad Mod as depicted on Teen Titans.
  • Mad Mod appeared in the Teen Titans TV series voiced by Malcolm McDowell. Mad Mod has no superpowers of his own, but he is a master of technological trickery such as robots and holographic projectors, which he controls with a ruby-handled cane. His ability to produce illusions resulted in surreal, 1960's styled landscapes, and allowed "Moddie" to appear in several different forms; even appearing stylized in the manner of God as he appeared in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, or becoming a round Blue Meanie-esque figure. In one circumstance, he was able to use such a cane to drain the youth from someone, making them old and him young again. He has an English accent and is utterly anglophilic. Moddie, as he often calls himself, tends to view the Titans as rebellious "snots", and claims that they show no respect for their elders. He has an odd habit of calling people "my duckies". He first appears in "Mad Mod" where he kidnaps the Titans and places them in a psychedelic "school." He attempts to "teach them to behave" through hypnosis, using methods similar to the Ludovico technique (used in A Clockwork Orange, which McDowell starred in). When his initial attempts fail, he leads them on a Scooby-Doo-like chase through a Yellow Submarine-esqe maze. The Titans escape when Robin realizes Mad Mod's as fake as the rest of their surroundings; he thus abandons his attempts to capture him in favor of searching for flaws in the illusion. He quickly notices one - Mod's weapons have made an intriguing hole in the backdrop, which leads into the illusion's internal works. This enables him to make his way to the control room where he confronts the real Mad Mod - a sickly-looking old man using an advanced computer to control the whole school and a hologram of his younger self. Robin, of course, has no trouble defeating him. In "Revolution", Mad Mod crashes the Independence Day celebration claiming the American Revolution was a hoax. He then remakes the entire city in the image of old England by using hypno-screens to control the population and giant illusions to change the look of the entire city to that of merry old London claiming that "the United States belongs to England again." Mad Mod also kidnaps Robin and uses his cane to drain his youth, reducing Robin to a weak and helpless old man while Mad Mod becomes his younger self again. The other Titans are initially prevented from reaching Mad Mod and freeing Robin by various large robots modeled after the Coldstream Guards and Mad Mod anticipating their plans. Later, they succeed in getting the cane from him. Robin then uses it to reverse the aging effects. He breaks the cane, thus ending Mad Mod's rule over the city by deactivating his equipment. The Titans then chase after Mad Mod. Mad Mod's aged form made a cameo appearance in "The Lost Episode" as one of the audience members in the orchestra and is last seen fleeing when Punk Rocket strikes. He later has several small appearances as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil where he's somehow young again. In "Revved Up," Mad Mod was seen taking part in Ding Dong Daddy's race. He was last seen fighting in "Titans Together" where he was blown off his feet by Beast Boy's Tyrannosaurus form. He was briefly possessed by Jericho, and then was crushed by Overload. Jericho then left his body. It's possible he was either flash-frozen with the rest of the Brotherhood or he escaped in the end.
  • A super deformed version of Mad Mod appears in the DC Nation Shorts cartoon short series "New Teen Titans." The episode featuring Mad Mod had him using a machine to manipulate time in order to make himself young again by turning time back to the 1960s. In the short, the Titans are shown as they have been drawn throughout the decades with Mad Mod finally being defeated and Robin winding up in the future as a robot.
  • Mad Mod appears in the Teen Titans Go! episode "Salty Codgers." He was going around Jump City turning everyone into old people. He even manages to turn the Teen Titans (except for Raven) into old people as well, much to Raven's initial delight as she adores old people.

Video games

  • Mad Mod is an unlockable character in the "Master of Games" mode in the console Teen Titans video game. In the game, he is voiced by Greg Ellis, and is the only character featured in the game with a different voice actor than that of the TV series. He isn't included in the story mode like Control Freak, Blackfire, and others that appear in Master of Games mode.


  • In Teen Titans Go! (the comic based on the cartoon), Mad Mod attempts to rule the world by selling people clothes that control their minds, and soon the civilians, along with Beast Boy and Starfire, are under Mad Mod's control and attack the remaining Titans. Cyborg uses a sonic device to destroy Mad Mod's clothes, which leaves everyone that wore the clothes naked, much to their shock and embarrassment--especially Robin upon the sight of Starfire. The Teen Titans then stop Mad Mod.