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Magician (comics)

File:XMEN Magician.jpg
Magician. Ultimate X-Men #70
Art by Ben Oliver
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Ultimate X-Men #66 (March, 2006)
Created by Robert Kirkman & Tom Raney
In-story information
Alter ego Elliot Boggs
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations Ultimate X-Men
Abilities Reality Warping

Magician (Elliot Boggs) is a fictional character in the Ultimate Marvel imprint of Marvel Comics. Created by Robert Kirkman, he first appears in Ultimate X-Men #66. Magician is one of the few Ultimate Marvel characters who are not based on counterparts from the Marvel Universe.

Fictional character biography

Elliot Boggs' powers first emerged uncontrollably, apparently killing both of his parents. After being subdued by S.H.I.E.L.D, Nick Fury gives custody of him over to Charles Xavier in hopes he can help Elliot control his powers. When Elliot awakes, he quickly urges Cyclops to let him join the X-Men. Shorthanded, Cyclops allows Elliot to help the X-Men take on the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy who were attacking the Academy of Tomorrow. During the battle, Elliot manages to easily defeat the Blob, after which he adopts the code name Magician, which was suggested to him by television reporters. Several of the X-Men observe that the reporters got there amazingly fast, as well as the fact that the Brotherhood had no reason for the initial attack in the first place. After Elliot's interview the X-Men are on good terms with the press for the first time since Magneto returned after his presumed death.[1]

Later during an attack by the Friends of Humanity on a hospital that gave treatments to mutants (despite there being no mutant patients at the time, and in broad daylight), Elliot was once again fighting alongside the X-Men. It turns out the leader of the group was actually a mutant, and after incapacitating the rest of the X-Men leaving only Elliot standing, the young mutant single-handedly defeats him.[2]

Before the X-Men returned to the mansion, Nick Fury paid Xavier a visit, requesting that Elliot join the Ultimates. However, Xavier refuses, and Fury says Elliot's parents have agreed to their son joining the Ultimates. Xavier is shocked to hear about the boy's parents, as when Fury handed Elliot into Xavier's custody, he told him that Elliot had actually killed his parents. When Fury claims he doesn’t recall saying or doing this, and that he only heard of Elliot when he started appearing with the X-Men, Charles realizes something is very wrong.[3]

Charles and Nick believe that Elliot has been messing with their minds, creating the illusion of Nick bringing him to Charles. Fury states that even if he had been made to forget taking Elliot to the mansion there would still be a record of it on file at S.H.I.E.L.D. The two await the arrival of Elliot to confront him. When the jet lands Charles asks Elliot to "come clean". He confronts him with the truth that his parents are not dead and that Fury never took him to the mansion. Everyone begins attacking him. Elliot tries to make them all stop and forget why they are attacking him but this tactic fails to work completely thanks to Charles' interference.[4]

Elliot decides he's through playing games and that he could have made the X-Men popular but now he has to kill them all. However, Elliot is unaware of the presence of Jean Grey, who replies "I don't think so" much to Elliot's surprise.[5]

A battle ensues, in which Magician once again summons the Brotherhood out of thin air. Magician binds the X-Men in metal, and Jean Grey fights the entire Brotherhood alone. Jean speaks psychically to Wolverine and obtains his permission to burn away the metal binding him. Wolverine acquiesces, and attacks Magician with little or no skin left. As the battle progresses, Wolverine slowly heals, slicing Magician's throat and finally jamming his claws through him, apparently making Magician (and all traces of his work) disappear. It is later revealed, however, through a conversation between Magician and Kitty Pryde, that Magician simply wants to be left alone and wanted some closure to his story. It is revealed Kitty doesn't see or hear the Magician in any way. Magician states that he will now go somewhere that "there aren't any people, like Antarctica or something".[6]

Powers and abilities

Though not much is known about Magician's powers, he uses what appears to be reality-altering powers. His powers include creating animate and inanimate objects; teleportation; transformation of matter; manipulating gravity; and altering the memories of others. Unlike most Reality-Warpers in the Marvel Universe his alterations do not seem to require his being in the vicinity or his being conscious, but rather seem to be permanent until the point were they are no longer needed or he wishes to undo them. He was capable of using his powers consciously to an extent, but he later realizes most of his powers are manipulated on an unconscious level. During a conversation with Shadowcat, before he left the X-Men compound, he theorized that the use of his powers had an unconscious component, as it was linked to his desires, with his reality warping abilities allowing him to 'push' the possibilities that he desired into an actual event.

Similarly, it was indicated that he had passive psionic abilities, as seen by his resistance to Professor Xavier's telepathic powers, though it could be argued that this is just a part of his unconscious reality manipulation.


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