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Magnesium transporter E

File:2zy9 mgte.png
Crystal structure of magnesium transporter MgtE. PDB 2zy9[1]
Symbol MgtE
Pfam PF01769
InterPro IPR006667
TCDB 1.A.26
OPM superfamily 201
OPM protein 2yvx

Magnesium transporters E (MgtE) are a family of transmembrane eubacterial MgtE magnesium transporters. Related regions are found also in archaebacterial and eukaryotic proteins. All the archaebacterial and eukaryotic examples have two copies of the region. This suggests that the eubacterial examples may act as dimers. Members of this family probably transport Mg2+ or other divalent cations into the cell. The alignment contains two highly conserved aspartates that may be involved in cation binding.

Human transporters from this family are SLC41A1, SLC41A2 and SLC41A3.


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This article incorporates text from the public domain Pfam and InterPro IPR006667