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Magneto-inertial fusion

Magneto-inertial fusion (MIF) describes a class of fusion devices which combine aspects of magnetic confinement fusion and inertial confinement fusion in an attempt to lower the cost of fusion devices.[1] MIF uses magnetic fields to confine an initial warm, low-density plasma, then compresses that plasma to fusion conditions using an impulsive driver or "liner."

Magneto-inertial fusion approaches differ in the degree of magnetic organization present in the initial target, as well as the nature and speed of the imploding liner. Laser, solid,[2] liquid, and plasma[3] liners have all been suggested.

Magneto-inertial fusion begins with a warm dense plasma target containing a magnetic field. In a plasma, the conductivity prevents plasma from crossing magnetic field lines. As a result, compressing the target amplifies the magnetic field.[4] Since the magnetic field reduces particle transport, the field insulates the target from the liner material.

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