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Maian Kärmas

Maian Kärmas (born Maian-Anna Kärmas, 25 February 1978)[1] is an Estonian singer, songwriter, and journalist.

Kärmas had her debut as a soloist in 1995 at Kaks takti ette, a contest for debutant singers, organized by the Estonian Television. She got placed 2nd, losing only to Tiiu Tulp.

In 1998, Kärmas participated in Eurolaul, the Estonian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, where she provided backing vocals for "Unistus igavesest päevast", sung by Evelin Samuel. The year after she did the same and also wrote lyrics for "Diamond of Night" that went on to represent Estonia at the Eurovision, held in Jerusalem. Kärmas has been a regular in Eurolaul ever since, for her varied skills either as a songwriter, sololist or backing singer.

In 2001, together with Ivar Must composed Everybody, sung by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton, which won the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 being the first victory of Estonia in the pageant. The same year she was cast in the Estonian original production of Les Misérables as factory girl, prostitute, beggar etc.

In 2003 she released her debut solo album "Tuigutuled" of self-penned material and toured Estonia with concerts. "Õnneleid", the second solo album of hers was released in 2010.

Maian Kärmas is also a presenter and editor at the radio programmes of the Estonian National Broadcasting.


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