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Man Group

Man Group plc
Public company
Traded as LSEEMG
Industry Financial services
Founded 1783
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people
Jon Aisbitt, (Chairman)
Emmanuel Roman, (CEO)
Products Investment products
Revenue US$1,150 million (2014)[1]
US$384 million (2014)[1]
#redirect Template:If affirmed US$365 million (2014)[1]

Man Group plc (Man) is a British alternative investment management business. It provides a range of funds for institutional and private investors globally and is the world's largest publicly traded hedge fund.[2] The company manages about US$72.3 billion (30 September 2014) and employs over 1,200 people in 14 locations worldwide.[3]

Man’s headquarters are at Riverbank House in London, where it is listed on the London Stock Exchange.[4] It also has offices in the Bahamas, Chicago, Dubai, Dublin, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Miami, Milan, Montevideo, New York, Pfäffikon, Rotterdam, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto.[2]


The company was founded in 1783, by James Man, a barrel maker.[5] The following year the company secured the contract to supply the Royal Navy with the rum for its daily “rum tot”, a tradition under which all sailors were allocated a daily ration of rum.[5] (This tradition continued until 1970, with Man holding the contract throughout the entire period.) In 1860 Edward Desborough Man and Fredrick Man (grandsons of James Man) gave their initials to the name of the company, ED & F Man.[5] Today, ED & F Man operates separately as a commodities trading business.

The company moved into rum and sugar broking, and then later expanded into other commodities such as coffee and cocoa. Throughout the nineteenth century and into the twentieth, financial exchanges became established for hedging commodity exposures and grew rapidly over the ensuing decades. Man became a major market participant; and the firm’s twentieth century partners established the company as a broker to third parties. The physical commodity exchanges, where much of the world’s trading was done were also changing significantly.

Increasingly, throughout the 1970s, financial instruments were traded, bringing new participants and increased volumes. Man was a broker to some of these traders, many of whom were trying to use the markets to profit on price movements, rather than simply attempting to protect themselves against the uncertainties inherent to trading. Man became a partner in 1983 with one of these new money management firms, Mint, which was based in New Jersey.

This venture prompted a move into financial services, which the company increasingly concentrated on.

In 2000, the commodity trading companies went private[6] with the result that Man became exclusively a financial services company. The demerger and flotation of its brokerage business renamed as MF Global on the New York stock exchange in 2007[7] moved the company into its present form, as an investment management business, within the alternative (sometimes called “non-traditional”) fund management industry, principally hedge funds. According to Institutional Investor magazine, its hedge funds have a combined US$54.2 billion in assets under management.[8]

On 17 May 2010, the company announced the acquisition of the New York listed hedge fund GLG Partners for US$1.6 billion[9] and on 22 March 2011 Man Group announced it was selling its stake in Bluecrest Group making a £250 million profit.[10]

In November 2012, Man was deleted from the MSCI index.[11]

On 27 February 2013, a Man Group trader was arrested by police on suspicion of insider trading.[12]

In early 2014, Man Group CEO Emmanuel Roman expressed an intention to make acquisitions that would diversify revenues away from the flagship fund AHL.[13] In June 2014, he said that the acquisition of U.S.-based Numeric Holdings further the company's two main objectives of diversifying business and expanding its presence in the United States.

Madoff fraud

In December 2008, Man Group revealed it had invested US$360 million in Bernard Madoff's ponzi schemes on behalf of their clients through Man Group's RMF fund of funds.[14]

Business model

Man Investments operates through three internal and semi-autonomous money managers.

Money manager Strategy
Man AHL Managed futures
Man Multi-Manager Multi-strategy and style hedge fund portfolios
GLG Range of alternative, traditional long-only and hybrid investment portfolios

These divisions have key centres in the UK, Switzerland, Asia and the USA.

Mergers and acquisitions

Transaction Date
Man starts gradual acquisition of AHL[15] 1989–1994
Man Group acquires Glenwood Capital Investment LLC, Glenwood Global Management LLC
and the remaining 40% stake it did not already own in Man Glenwood GmbHGroup[16]
Nov 2000
Man Group acquires RMF Investment Group[17] May 2002
Man Group acquires a 25% interest in BlueCrest Capital Management Ltd an investment management services company[18] Dec 2003
Man Group launches Pemba Credit Advisers, an asset manager specialising in European credit portfolios[19] April 2007
Man Group acquires a 50% interest in Ore Hill Partners LLC, a provider of Investment Management Services.
Concurrently Ore Hill agreed to acquire a 50% stake in Pemba Credit Advisers Ltd from Man Group[20]
March 2008
Man launches a new investment manager Man ECO specialising in financing environmentally
related projects (Man Environmental Capital Opportunities)[21]
April 2008
Man Group acquires a 25% stake in Nephila Capital Ltd[22] June 2008
Man Group agrees acquisition of GLG Partners[23] May 2010
Man Group acquires FRM Holdings[24][25] July 2012
Man Group agrees acquisition of Pine Grove Asset Management[26] June 2014
Man Group agrees acquisition of Numeric Holdings[27] June 2014

Corporate responsibility

In the 1990s, Man was a founding member of the East London Partnership, which became the East London Business Alliance (ELBA).[28]

In June 2007, Man sponsored a joint venture with the University of Oxford, the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance. Man’s initial financial commitment was £13.75 million, one of the largest single donations to a British higher education institution in recent years.[29]

Man is a member of the FTSE4Good Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.

The company was ranked 7th on the CNBC European Business magazine of the Global Top 100 Carbon Pioneers[30] and is a registered carbon-neutral company.

Man supports various awards, charities and initiatives around the world, including sponsorship of the Man Booker Prize,[31] Man Booker International Prize[32] and Man Asian Literary Prize,[33] as well as the Man Group International Climate Change Award.[34] In October 2012 the Man Group announced they would be dropping sponsorship of the Asian Literary Prize in March 2013, after five years of support.[35]

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