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Mannlicher M1893

Romanian Repeating Rifle Model 1893
Rifle and carbine variants.
Type Bolt-action rifle
Place of origin 23x15px Austria-Hungary
Service history
In service 1893-1945
Used by Kingdom of Romania
Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Nazi Germany
Wars Second Balkan War, World War I, Hungarian–Romanian War, World War II
Production history
Designer Otto Schönauer, Ferdinand Mannlicher
Designed 1892
Manufacturer Steyr
Produced 1893-1914
Number built 195,000
Variants M1893 Cavalry Carbine
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Cartridge 6.5x53mmR, 8x50mmR
Action Turning bolt-action
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Feed system 5-round en bloc clip, integral box magazine

The Mannlicher M93 is a bolt action rifle that was the standard service rifle of the Kingdom of Romania from 1893 to 1938.[1]


Around the year 1890 the Romanian military started its search for a small bore, smokeless powder firearm to equip its units with. They turned to the nearby Österreichische Waffenfabriksgesellschaft in Steyr, Austria-Hungary where Otto Schönauer was modifing the German Gewehr 1888 rifle. After Ferdinand Mannlicher modifed his en-bloc clip feeding system to allow being fed into the rifle regaldless of whether the clip was turned up or down, the Model 1892 rifle was ready for testing by the Romanian Army. After some minor emprovements, the final variant, the M1893 was put into production.


195,000 of these rifles were manufactured in total. 120,000 rifles and 14,000 carbines were delivered to Romania until 1914. Remaining assembled rifles were issued to units of the Austro-Hungarian Army at the start of World War I in original caliber. Unassembled rifles were modified to accommodate the 8x50mmR Mannlicher cartridge and issued to Austo-Hungarian troops. During the First World War many were also captured during the Romanian Campaign and used in original caliber.[1]

A carbine variant was also introduced, it was Script error: No such module "convert". long and featured a bent bolt handle. It was used by cavalry and artillery units.

File:Mannlicher M1893 bolt.JPG
Mannlicher M1893 bolt

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