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Marsus is a Roman family name, and the Latinisation of the surnames Marso and Marsi.

Marsus may refer to:

  • Domitius Marsus, Latin poet of ancient Rome; friend of Virgil and Tibullus
  • Gaius Vibius Marsus, proconsul of the Roman Empire during the first century
  • Marsus (king), Latin name of mythical Germanic king Mers, aka Marso
  • Paulus Marsus (1440–1484), Renaissance humanist and poet known primarily for his commentary on the Fasti of Ovid
  • Petrus Marsus (1442–1512), aka Peter Marso, Renaissance scholar who wrote a commentary on Silius Italicus' epic poem Punica


  • Marsus municipium, Latin alias of San Benedetto dei Marsi, a comune and town in the province of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo region of Italy
  • Spectamen marsus, Pacific sea snail species with a streaked top shell

See also

  • Marsi, Latin exonym for an Italic people of ancient Italy