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Marvel Feature

Marvel Feature
Marvel Feature #1 (December 1971)
Cover art by Neal Adams.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Schedule (vol. 1) Bimonthly
(vol. 2) Bimonthly
Format Ongoing
Publication date (vol. 1) December 1971-November 1973
(vol. 2) November 1975-November 1976
Number of issues (vol. 1) 12
(vol. 2) 7
Main character(s) (vol. 1) The Defenders, Ant-Man, and The Thing
(vol. 2) Red Sonja
Creative team
Writer(s) (vol. 1) Mike Friedrich, Roy Thomas, Len Wein
(vol. 2) Bruce Jones, Roy Thomas
Penciller(s) (vol. 1) Ross Andru, Don Heck, P. Craig Russell, Jim Starlin, Herb Trimpe
(vol. 2) Dick Giordano, Frank Thorne
Inker(s) (vol. 1) Dan Adkins, Frank Bolle, Sal Buscema, Frank Chiaramonte, Bill Everett, Frank Giacoia, Jimmy Janes, Joe Sinnott, Herb Trimpe
(vol. 2) Terry Austin, Dick Giordano, Frank Thorne

Marvel Feature was the name of two comic book showcase series published by Marvel Comics in the 1970s. The first volume led to the launch of The Defenders and Marvel Two-in-One, while volume two led to an ongoing Red Sonja series.

Volume One

The first series was published for twelve issues from December 1971 until November 1973.[1] The lead story in Marvel Feature #1, by writer Roy Thomas and artist Ross Andru, featured the first team-up of the Hulk, Doctor Strange, and the Sub-Mariner as the Defenders.[2] The issue included a new Dr. Strange solo tale. The Defenders continued as the stars of Marvel Feature for two more issues and then received their own self-titled series in August 1972. Marvel Feature #3 saw the Defenders battle Xemnu, a huge, furry, alien monster which had originally been named "the Hulk".[3][4]

After receiving a good fan response when a story appeared in Iron Man #44, Ant-Man then became the lead of Marvel Feature for issues #4-10, paired with his un-billed female companion, the Wasp, starting with issue #6. Issues #7-10 each featured three separate Ant-Man stories and included art by P. Craig Russell. The final issue also reprinted non-Pym stories from the Tales to Astonish series, all written by Stan Lee.[5]

Marvel Feature #11 featured a battle between the Thing of the Fantastic Four and the Hulk. The final issue teamed the Thing and Iron Man, and featured an early Thanos appearance. Both issues were penciled by Jim Starlin. The Thing was then given a regular series titled Marvel Two-In-One in which he teamed up with a different character each issue, a format that had already proven popular with Spider-Man in Marvel Team-Up.[6]

Volume Two

File:Marvel Feature 1 (1975).jpg
Marvel Feature #1, vol. 2 (November 1975) Cover art by Gil Kane and John Romita, Sr.

The second series featured Red Sonja, a supporting character from the ancient fantasy world of Conan the Barbarian. It was published for seven issues from November 1975 until November 1976.[7] Roy Thomas wrote issues #1, #6, and #7, while Bruce Jones scripted the other issues. Except for issue #1, drawn by Dick Giordano, the art for the series was by the creator most associated with Red Sonja, Frank Thorne. The character then received her own self-titled series in January 1977.

Collected Editions


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