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Mayor of Mumbai

Mayor of Mumbai
Snehal Ambekar

since 9 September 2014
Term length 2.5 years
Formation 1931
Website Official website

The Mayor of Mumbai (Formerly Mayor of Bombay) is the first citizen of the Indian city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay). This person is the chief of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, but the role is largely ceremonial as the real powers are vested in the Municipal Commissioner.[citation needed] The Mayor also plays a functional role in deliberating over the discussions in the Corporation.[1] Snehal Ambekar of the Shiv Sena is the current Mayor of Mumbai.

Current Mayor

The current mayor is Snehal Ambekar

History of the Office

The designation of 'Chairmen' of Mumbai since 1873 was changed into 'President' of the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai which later changed into that of 'His Worship the Mayor', Mumbai Municipal Corporation from November 1931.

Election of the mayor

The mayor is elected from within the ranks of the council in a quinquennial election. The elections are conducted in all 227 wards in the city to elect corporators. The party that wins the maximum number of seats holds an internal voting to decide the mayor.

The tenure of the mayor is two and a half years.

Mayors of Mumbai

Year Mayor Political Party Notes
1931–1932 Mr. J. B. Boman Behram
1932–1933 Mr. V. N. Chandavarkar
1933–1934 Dr. Moreshwar Chintaman Javle
1934–1935 Mr. Hooseinally M. Rahimtoola
1935–1936 Mr. Khurshed Framji Nariman
1936–1937 Mr. Jamnadas M. Mehta
1937–1938 Dr. Elijah Moses
1938–1939 Mr. Sultan M. Chinoy
1939–1940 Mr. Behram N. Karanjia
1940–1941 Mr. Mathooradas Tricamjee
1941–1942 Dr. Joseph A. Collaco Member of the Corporation 1929-1952
1942–1943 Mr. Yusuf J. Meherally
1943–1944 Dr. M. D. D. Gilder, Mr. M. R. Masani
1944–1945 Mr. Nagindas T. Master
1945–1946 Dr. Jos. Alban D'Souza
1946–1947 Mr. Mohamedbhoy I.M. Rowjee
1947–1948 Mr. A. P. Sabavala
1948–1949 Dr. M. U. Mascarenhas
1949–1950 Mr. S. K. Patil
1950–1951 Mr. S. K. Patil
1951–1952 Mr. S. K. Patil
1952–1953 Mr. Ganpatishankar N. Desai
1953–1954 Dr. P. A. Dias
1954–1955 Mr. Dahyabhai V. Patel
1955–1956 Mr. N. C. Pupala
1956–1957 Smt. Sulochana M. Modi Indian National Congress First woman mayor of Mumbai
1956–1957 Mr. Salebhoy Abdul Kader
1957 - 1957 Dr. Simon C. Fernandes
1957–1958 Mr. M. V. Donde
1958–1959 Mr. S. S. Mirajkar
1959–1960 Mr. P. T. Borale
1960–1961 Mr. Vishnuprasad N. Desai
1961–1962 Mr. V. B. Worlikar
1962–1963 Dr. N. N. Shah
1963–1964 Mr. E. A. Bandookwala
1964–1965 Dr. B. P. Divgi
1965–1966 Mr. M. Madhavan
1966–1967 Mr. S. R. Patkar
1967–1968 Dr. J. Leon D'Souza
1968–1969 Dr. R. N. Kulkarni Indian National Congress
1969–1970 Mr. J. K. Joshi
1970–1971 Dr. S. G. Patel
1971–1972 Dr. H. S. Gupte Shiv Sena
1972–1973 Mr. R. K. Ganatra
1973–1974 Mr. Sudhir G. Joshi Shiv Sena
1974–1975 Mr. B. K. Boman -Behram
1975–1976 Mr. N. D. Mehta
1976–1977 Mr. Manohar G. Joshi Shiv Sena
1977–1978 Mr. Murli S. Deora Indian National Congress
1978 - 1978 Mr. V. S. Mahadik
1978–1979 Mr. R. K. Chimbulkar
1979–1980 Mr. R. K. Chimbulkar
1980–1981 Mr. Baburao H. Shete
1981–1982 Dr. A. U. Memon
1982–1983 Dr. P. S. Pai
1983–1984 Mr. M. H. Bedi
1984–1985 Corporation was superseded by an Administrator
1985–1986 Mr. Chhagan C. Bhujbal Shiv Sena
1986–1987 Mr. Datta Nalawade Shiv Sena
1987–1988 Ramesh Yeshwant Prabhoo Shiv Sena
1988–1989 Mr. C. S. Padwal Shiv Sena
1989–1990 Mr. Sharad N. Acharya (Bhau) Shiv Sena Son of senior freedom fighter Narayan Gajanan Acharya from Chembur, Mumbai
1990–1991 Mr. Chhagan C. Bhujbal Shiv Sena
1991–1992 Mr. Diwakar N. Raote Shiv Sena
1992–1993 Mr. C. D. Handore
1993–1994 Mr. R. R. Singh
1994–1995 Smt. Niramala Samant - Prabhavalkar Indian National Congress Second woman mayor of Mumbai
1995–1996 Mr. R. T. Kadam
1996–1997 Mr. Milind Vaidya Shiv Sena
1997–1998 Mrs. Vishakha Raut Shiv Sena Third woman mayor of Mumbai
1998–1999 Mr. Nandu Satam Shiv Sena
1999–2002 Mr. Hareshwar Patil Shiv Sena
2002–2005 Mr. Mahadeo B. Deole Shiv Sena
2005–2007 Shri. Dattaji Dalvi Shiv Sena
2007–2009 Dr. (Smt.) Shubha U. Raul Shiv Sena Fourth woman mayor of Mumbai
2009 - 2012 Mrs. Shraddha Shridhar Jadhav Shiv Sena Fifth woman mayor of Mumbai
2012 – 2014 Mr. Sunil Prabhu Shiv Sena
2014 - Present Snehal Ambekar[2] Shiv Sena Sixth woman mayor of Mumbai

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