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Mayotte national football team

Shirt badge/Association crest
Association Ligue de Football de Mayotte (LFM)
Head coach Bacar Allaoui
Home stadium Complexe de Kawani
Elo ranking 153
First international
23x15px Mayotte 1 – 0 23x15px Madagascar
(Mayotte; 16 January 2000)
not FIFA regulated
Biggest win
23x15px Mayotte 10 – 0 23x15px Saint Pierre and Miquelon
(France; 28 September 2010)
not FIFA regulated
Biggest defeat
23x15px Réunion 6 – 1 23x15px Mayotte
(France; 25 September 2008)
not FIFA regulated

The Mayotte national football team represents the French overseas department and region of Mayotte in international football.

Mayotte is a member of neither FIFA nor CAF, so it is not eligible to enter the World Cup or the African Cup of Nations. Till 2007, Mayotte had played two friendly matches against the French overseas island of Réunion and three against Madagascar.

In 2007, the team competed for the first time in the Indian Ocean Games, finishing in third position after losing against Madagascar in the semi-final and beating Mauritius in the third-place playoff after a penalty-shootout.

Mayotte Football Achievements

Indian Ocean Games 3rd place, 2007

List of international matches

Date Venue Score
29 Sep 2012 France 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px Guadeloupe 0–1
26 Sep 2012 France 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px Martinique 0–3
24 Sep 2012 France 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px New Caledonia 2–0
22 Sep 2012 France 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px Tahiti 3-1
5 Aug 2011 Madagascar 23x15px Madagascar 23x15px Mayotte 1-1
14 Jul 2009 Madagascar 23x15px Madagascar 23x15px Mayotte 2–0
3 Oct 2008 France 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px New Caledonia 2–3
28 Sep 2008 France 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px French Guiana 2–4
25 Sep 2008 France 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px Réunion 1–6
18 Aug 2007 Madagascar 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px Mauritius 1–1
16 Aug 2007 Madagascar 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px Madagascar 0–4
12 Aug 2007 Madagascar 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px Mauritius 1–0
10 Aug 2007 Madagascar 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px Seychelles 1–2
19 Jul 2007 Madagascar 23x15px Madagascar 23x15px Mayotte 2–2
15 Dec 2006 Réunion 23x15px Réunion 23x15px Mayotte 3–1
16 Aug 2003 Réunion 23x15px Réunion 23x15px Mayotte 1–1
??? ?? 2001 Madagascar 23x15px Madagascar 23x15px Mayotte 1–0
16 Jan 2000 Mayotte 23x15px Mayotte 23x15px Madagascar 1–0


  • Called up for Indian Ocean Games
0#0 Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals Club
1GK Abdallah Halifa 25 23x15px FC Mtsapéré
2DF El Harissol Allaoui 31 23x15px FC Mtsapéré
2DF Mohamed El Habibou 32
2DF Yahaya El Moukaddemi
2DF Kazouine Darouechi 29
Ahmada Soumaila 24
Nakidi Omar 27
Mouayadi Moussa 31
Insa Issouf Sidi 20
Abdou Rafion Djoumoi 31
Housseine Ancoub 31
Djadid ben Ahmed 18
Ahmed Athoumane 20
Anli Abdou 32
3MF Nhamadi Colo Vitta 24
3MF Anmiri Toibibou 24 23x15px FC Mtsapéré
3MF Madi Bacari 23x15px FC Mtsapéré
4FW Djardji Nadhoime (1980-07-15) 15 July 1980 (age 35) 23x15px SS Excelsior
4FW Antoissi Abdou Lihariti 26 23x15px Foudre 2000 de Dzoumogné
4FW Antoine Rasolofinirina 26 23x15px Saint-Pauloise FC
4FW Houdhouna Assani 32 23x15px FC Mtsapéré

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