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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Green Lantern vol. 2, #11 (March 1962)
In-story information
Full name Medphyll
Place of origin J586
Team affiliations Green Lantern Corps
Notable aliases Green Lantern, Darkstar
Abilities Power Ring, ability to transfer his mind into plant life

Medphyll is the name of a fictional character in the DC Comics . He is a member of the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. He is a respected member and one of the most experienced Green Lanterns. Medphyll is notable as a member of the Green Lantern Corps for having made brief appearances in other comic book series, such as Swamp Thing and Starman.

Fictional character biography

Medphyll is the Green Lantern of the planet J586, a planet where plants are the dominant life forms. He has a somewhat tree-like appearance, with brown, bark-like skin, feet that slightly resemble roots and sprout-like "mind stalks" instead of hair. He is the Green Lantern of Sector 586 and is known as one of the most skilled Green Lanterns in the Corps and is a faithful friend to Hal Jordan. Even after Hal was possessed by Parallax and killed many members of the Green Lantern Corps, Medphyll still considers him one of the universe's greatest protectors.

Swamp Thing

Medphyll also made an appearance in Swamp Thing #61 when the spacebound life force of the Swamp Thing, searching for plant life to safely inhabit, accidentally possessed a large portion of the population of J586 and merged them into a horrific monster. Medphyll cleverly used a series of hypnotic lights to immobilize the Swamp Thing without harming any of the populace. Afterward, Medphyll allowed the Swamp Thing to possess the recently deceased body of his predecessor and mentor, Jothra and set the Swamp Thing on the right course for Earth.


After Parallax destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, several ex-Green Lanterns including Medphyll and John Stewart began another intergalactic peacekeeping force known as the Darkstars. Despite several reports of his death by Guy Gardner during and soon after the Infinite Crisis, Medphyll remained alive and fought alongside his fellow Darkstars. When the Controllers withdrew their power from the Darkstars and left their suits depowered, Medphyll, like many other Darkstars, faded into obscurity.


In the Starman story "Stars My Destination," Medphyll was a member of the group of rebels who helped Jack Knight help Prince Gavyn seize the throne of the Crown Imperial empire. This included the New God Fastbak and the Omega Men leader Tigorr. At the end of the story, Medphyll was revealed to have fallen from the grace of being a Green Lantern, as he betrayed Jack and the rebels, nearly killing Jack in the process. Medphyll reveals he had been promised a planet of his own in returning for helping Gavyn's political opponent. Jack was able to summon the Star Rod in time to save himself and he "killed" Medphyll. With the assistance of friendly forces, Gavyn is able to retake his throne.

Medphyll's return

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Secret Files and Origins provided a very short thumbnail biography for Medphyll, including his ability to transfer his "thought-essence" into other plants and that he is responsible for Sector 586. Nothing about his encounters with Swamp Thing or Starman or his time as a Darkstar is mentioned.

The New 52

In The New 52, Animal Man and his group learn from Frankenstein that there is a prisoner deep beneath Metropolis. They find that the prisoner in question is the Green Lantern Medphyll.[1] Animal Man and his party learn from Medphyll that the Guardians of the Universe selected him be to Earth's Green Lantern after Earth had fallen to The Black. Medphyll revealed that while helping to combat The Black, he was captured by Blackbriar Thorn. When Blackbriar Thorn finds Medphyll free, Animal Man assumes the powers of a termite to get Blackbriar Thorn out of his wooden body. After recharging his ring from atop the ruins of the Daily Planet, Medphyll helps the Patchwork Army fight off the forces of The Black.[2] Animal Man and his allies arrive outside of Anton Arcade's castle which is guarded by rotted versions of the Justice League. Medphyll then senses that The Green has arrived as it shows the forces of Swamp Thing attacking the Rotlings and the Un-Men.[3]


All Green Lanterns have personal oaths. Medphyll's is as follows:


In other media


File:Duck dodgers 2.jpg
Medphyll hovers with other members of the Corps as seen in Duck Dodgers.
  • Medphyll appears in the Duck Dodgers episode "The Green Loontern." He made a cameo alongside the other Green Lanterns featured in this episode.


  • Medphyll has a brief cameo in the live action film Green Lantern.


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