Metaboli is a French online video game service. Users may buy unitary games to own through GamesPlanet and GameTap, or pay a monthly fee so that they can access the company's library of games on Metaboli's site. Depending on their subscription, subscribers can access from over 150 to over 600 games.[1] It is present in numerous countries including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and the United States and Canada (through Gametap). Metaboli has since been the leading platform for digital game sales and rental in Europe. Some major publishers have large catalogs available on Metaboli's database such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Square Enix, THQ, Sega, and Bethesda Softworks.


The company began operations in France in August 2001. By the time they expanded to the United Kingdom in July 2005, Metaboli already had some 15,000 subscribers.[2] Since then, the service has expanded from 45 titles to over 300. Metaboli has spread its catalogue to majors ISP portals (Orange, SFR, Virgin Media, T-Online), web portals (MSN, AOL) multimedia stores (Fnac, Game, Micromania).

In March 2007, Metaboli launched GamesPlanet, which sells digital copies of PC games through a separate site from the main Metaboli one.

In September 2008 the company expanded and purchased GameTap from Turner Broadcasting System .[3]

As of January 2011, the service has expanded to include access to over 600 games via the UK mirror.

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