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Miami Medical

Miami Medical
Genre Medical drama
Created by Jeffrey Lieber
Starring Lana Parrilla
Jeremy Northam
Omar Gooding
Mike Vogel
Elisabeth Harnois
Theme music composer The Rolling Stones
Opening theme 19th Nervous Breakdown
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jerry Bruckheimer
Jeffrey Lieber
Jonathan Littman
Steve Maeda
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s) Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Bonanza Productions Inc.
Warner Bros. Television
Distributor Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original channel CBS
Original release April 2 – July 2, 2010 (2010-07-02)

Miami Medical (formerly titled Miami Trauma)[1] is a medical drama television series that aired on CBS from April 2 to July 2, 2010. It follows the professional and private lives of a team of trauma surgeons.

The series was created by Jeffrey Lieber and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Warner Bros. Television.[2][3]

On May 18, 2010, CBS cancelled the series.[4][5]

Cast and characters

Character Portrayed by Role Main Seasons
Dr. Matthew Proctor Jeremy Northam Attending Trauma Physician (Alpha Team) / Chief of Trauma 1
Dr. Eva Zambrano Lana Parrilla Attending Trauma Physician (Alpha Team) / Deputy Chief of Trauma 1
Dr. Chris 'C' Deleo Mike Vogel Attending Trauma Physician (Alpha Team) 1
Dr. Serena Warren Elisabeth Harnois Resident Physician (Miami Trauma) 1
Tuck Brody, R.N. Omar Gooding Charge Nurse (Miami Trauma) 1
  • Matthew Proctor was a former GI doctor in an independent practice in Maryland. He moved to Miami after an accident prompted him to reconsider the direction of his life. He was portrayed by Jeremy Northam.
  • Eva Zambrano was assumed to be the next Chief of Trauma, but was superseded unexpectedly by Dr. Proctor. Her father was a trauma surgeon in Cuba, but when they defected on a raft when Zambrano was 6, he had to quit and focus on being a father instead, using this an excuse to excuse him from starting over as a Resident, which his ego would not allow. Dr. Zambrano's mother died upon arrival in the United States. Eva was portrayed by Lana Parrilla.
  • Serena Warren was a resident on the trauma surgery service, she was often portrayed as naive and inexperienced. She mentions in one episode that she is a little claustrophobic since her brother locked her in a trunk when they were kids. She was shown in Season 1, Episode 9 (Like a Hurricane) to have difficulty giving bad news to patients. Additionally, in Season 1, Episode 10 (Diver Down), she showed her claustrophobic side again when she was locked in the hyperbaric chamber with two scuba diving patients critically injured and had to use her latex glove to help her not hyperventilate from anxiety over the confined space of the chamber. She was played by Elisabeth Harnois.
  • Chris Deleo was vying for the promotion to Trauma Chief, despite the fact that Eva was 3 years his senior, but both of them were unexpectedly superseded by Matt Proctor. Chris has worked in Trauma for 2 and a half years, and has a brother named Rick, who has free-loaded off Chris since they were young. Rick was revealed to have Cancer and told Eva to tell Chris. Rick later paid back all his debts to Chris, but Chris ripped up the check, saying that his brother would only pay back the money if he thought he was going to die. Following his final treatment at Miami Trauma Rick left the hospital bill for Chris to pay for his care. He was played by Mike Vogel.
  • Tuck Brody was the only regular nurse on the show. He is often shown as being a vital member of the Trauma team and assists in the humanity of the series, giving social support to the patients, families, and trauma team doctors. He was portrayed by Omar Gooding.


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No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production


Episode Airdate Rating Share Rating/Share
1 "Pilot" April 2, 2010 4.8 9 1.6/5 7.59 1 1
2 "88 Seconds" April 9, 2010 4.8 9 1.4/5 7.11 1 5
3 "What Lies Beneath" April 16, 2010 4.6 8 1.2/4 6.86 2 3
4 "All Fall Down" April 23, 2010 4.1[6] 7[6] 1.0/3[6] 6.08[6] 2[6] 10[6]
5 "Golden Hour" April 30, 2010
6 "Calle Cubana" May 7, 2010 6.27[7] 1 3
7 "Man on the Road" May 14, 2010 5.93[7] 3 6
8 "An Arm and a Leg" May 21, 2010 1.2/4 6.55
9 "Like a Hurricane" June 4, 2010 1.3/4 6.11
10 "Diver Down" June 11, 2010 1.4/5 7.02 1 2
11 "Time of Death" June 18, 2010 1.1/2 5.90
12 "Down to the Bone" June 25, 2010 1.1/4 5.98
13 "Medicine Man" July 2, 2010 0.9/3 5.84


In Germany, the show is set to premiere on sixx on July 22, 2011.[8] In Poland, show will be broadcast on TV Puls from September 7, 2011. In the Czech Republic, TV Nova will broadcast the show Monday - Friday afternoon from November 13, 2011. In Catalonia, show will be broadcast on TV3 on July 27, 2012. In Finland, show will be broadcast on MTV3 and AVA in the spring 2013. In Belgium, the show is set to premiere on VIJF on June 4, 2013.

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