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Michael Julien

Michael Julien (aka Peter Warne) is a British songwriter, who is the co-writer of a number of hit songs. These include:

He wrote the title and lyrics of a US hit, "Let's Live for Today", recorded by The Grass Roots in 1967.[4] It was originally recorded a year earlier by The Rokes. This song was voted by troops in the Vietnam war as their favourite song, and is now a pop standard in the US.[5]

Julien also penned the English lyrics for the song, "She Gives Me Love (La, La, La)".[6] It was Spain's winning entry of the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest.[7] In 1969, Jackie Lee recorded his co-written song, "Love Is A Gamble" (Peter Warne).[8] Julien wrote songs for many other singers, including Norman Wisdom and David Hughes ("Teach Me (How to Love Him)").[9]

He also composed songs for films, including Jazz Boat.[10][11] In more recent years, he has composed many other songs that have been recorded by American artists.

Julien has been presented with an Ivor Novello Award for songwriting.[citation needed]


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