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Military hospital

A military hospital is a hospital that is reserved for the use of military personnel, their dependents and other authorized users. They may or may not be located on a military base; many are not.

In the United Kingdom and Germany, British military hospitals have been closed; military personnel are usually treated in a special wing of a designated civilian hospital, in UK referred to as a Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit. Service personnel injured in combat operations are normally treated at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.


Former British military hospitals (BMH) include:

West Germany

  • BMH Hanover, Germany - closed and mobilized as 32nd Field Hospital to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War in 1990[1]
  • BMH Rinteln, Germany - closed and now home to charity organization (Lebenshilfe)[2]
  • BMH Iserlohn, Germany - closed 1990s[3]
  • BMH Wegberg, Germany
  • BMH Hostert
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  • BMH Munster
  • BMH Wuppertal
  • BMH Berlin

United Kingdom





Hong Kong

Others - Asia


Africa-Middle East


Pictures of Israeli military hospital in 1948.

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