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Mini Financial Services

Mini Financial Services was started in 2002 as the captive finance company for Mini with the purpose of offering financial solutions to Mini buyers. Their products include traditional financing, leasing and the Mini Platinum Visa Card.

In October 2009 Mini Financial Services launched a suite of Mini protection products called Mini Motoring Protection. This suite consists of Mini Extended Motorer Protection, Mini Tire 'N Wheel Protection and Mini GAP Protection.

Mini Extended Motorer Protection the extended service contract exclusively feature original equipment parts. Additionally, Mini Motorers have flexibility with the levels of protection, term and mileage. The products offer four tiers ranging from five to seven years, and from 70,000 – 100,000 miles and different levels of protection.

Mini Tire 'N Wheel Protection is all-new and will replace Mini Motorer's tires, not repair unlike the competition.

Mini Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) adds an extra layer of protection in the event your vehicle is stolen or is involved in an accident involving a total loss. In these situations, most insurance companies only reimburse the owner for the market value of the car. This along with the insurance deductible can create a significant “gap” between what the insurer will pay and what is owed to the lender. Mini GAP offers protection against these unexpected costs.


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