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Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan

Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan
Milli Təhlükəsizlik Nazirliyi
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Agency overview
Formed 1 November, 1991
Jurisdiction Government of Azerbaijan
Headquarters Baku, Azerbaijan
Agency executive Eldar Mahmudov, Director General

The Azerbaijan Ministry of National Security (MNS, Azerbaijani: Milli Təhlukəsizlik Nazirliyi) is an intelligence agency within the cabinet of Azerbaijan. The MNS is a central executive authority which carries out the competencies referred to it by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of obtaining and analyzing information about foreign affairs, corporations, individuals. The MNS also carries out intelligence, counter-intelligence, protection of state secret, revealing, preventing, precluding and detection of crimes.


Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan was established on the material-technical and personnel basis of the Soviet Committee of State Security (KGB) on November 1, 1991. Within a short period of time, representatives of other nationalities have left the Ministry and Azerbaijan, the process of staffing Ministry only by the national specialists had begun. Not only the name and the personnel of the security body had changed, but primary change the Ministry faced was its mission and duties.[1]


The Ministry is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the decrees of President, the decisions and decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers, the international treaties which Azerbaijan is the part, its statute and other normative-legal acts of the MNS.

The MNS headquarters are in the following cities:

Current MNS cases

  • In 2008, the MNS arrested a dozen of Al-Qaeda members who were involved in terrorist attack on Abu Bakr Mosque.[2][3]

Foreign ties

The MNS has ties to several foreign intelligence agencies including National Intelligence Organization, Mossad and others.[4]

Republic of Azerbaijan (1991–present)

Ministers of National Security of Azerbaijan

President Term of office Political party Government Elected Ref
Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Days
1 Ilhuseyn Huseynov
İlhüseyn Hüseynov
18 October 1991 17 May 1992 212 Independent
1. Mütəllibov II 1991 [5]
1991 Azerbaijani Mil Mi-8 shootdown.
2 Fakhraddin Tahmazov
Fəxrəddin Təhməzov
17 May 1992 3 June 1993 382 Azerbaijani Popular Front Party
1992 [6]
3 Nariman Imranov
Nəriman İmranov
3 June 1993 15 October 1994 499 Azerbaijani Popular Front Party
3. Elçibəy I 1993 [7]
Imprisoned for life for coup d'état attempt in 1994, who pardoned in 2002.
4 Namig Abbasov
Namiq Abbasov
22 March 1995 23 July 2004 3411 New Azerbaijan Party
4. H.Əliyev II 1995 [8]
1994 Baku Metro bombings; foiled 1995 Azeri coup d'état attempt.
5 80px Eldar Mahmudov
Eldar Mahmudov
23 July 2004 Present 4218 New Azerbaijan Party
5. İ.Əliyev I 2004 [9]
Operation Black Belt; Attack on Abu Bakr Mosque of Baku; Foiled 2007 Baku terrorist plot; Azerbaijan State Oil Academy shooting.

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