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Mitsubishi Racing Lancer

Mitsubishi Racing Lancer
File:Mitsubishi Racing Lancer door-closed 2008 Motorsport Japan.jpg
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors
Also called MRX09
Production 2008–present
Body and chassis
Class Rally Raid car
Layout Four-wheel drive
Related Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution
Mitsubishi Lancer
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Engine 2,997cc V6 turbodiesel
Transmission Ricardo five-speed sequential, manual[1]
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Predecessor Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution MPR13

The Mitsubishi Racing Lancer (code-named MRX09) is a cross-country rally car developed by Mitsubishi Motors for competing in 2009 Dakar rally.[1] "MRX09" stands for Mitsubishi Rally X-Country.[1] The car was built to the FIA's Group T1 rules, and competed in the 2009 Dakar Rally.[1] It has a tubular steel frame with carbon fiber bodywork. Unlike previous Mitsubishi cross-country rally cars, the Racing Lancer's bodywork resembles the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback instead of the Mitsubishi Pajero.[1][2]


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