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Mobile Sports Hall of Fame

The Mobile Sports Hall of Fame honors sports figures who have made a significant impact in the Mobile, Alabama area. The organization is a section 501(c)(3) non-profit and is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors. In May, 2010, the Hall of Fame launched its new website --


Source: Press-Register [1]

Mobile Sports Hall of Fame Members
Year Inductees
1987 1947 Mobile Bears team
1988 Hank Aaron, Riley Smith
1989 Vince Dooley, Willie McCovey, Kenny Stabler, Billy Williams
1990 Frank Bolling, Frank H. Howard, Satchel Paige, Eddie Stanky
1991 Paul Crane, Cleon Jones, Dennis Smitherman, Stan Wasiak
1992 Tommie Aaron, Milt Bolling, Amos Otis, William C. Perdue
1993 Tommie Agee, Bill Dooley, Dr. Ed Dyas, Clifton McNeil Jr.
1994 Robert Brazile Jr., Becky Dickinson, Bill Menton, Earle Smith
1995 Richard Caster, Harold Clark, Stan Galle, Don Stainbrook
1996 Mike Fuller, Scott Hunter, Pete Milne, Casmir P. Newdome
1997 Bobby Jackson, Bill Martin, Ozzie Smith, Richard Todd
1998 Dr. Carl Benson, Jim Mason, Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe, Jack Tillman
1999 Joe Bullard Jr., Reggie Copeland Sr., June Buckhaults Mayson, Bill Shipp
2000 Lewis Brasell, Herman Maisel, E.B. Peebles Jr., William "Bobby" Robinson
2001 Johnny Brown, Ray "Buddy" Lauten, "Red" Noonan, Charles Rhodes
2002 William Coleman, Paul Harris Sr., Jules "Stormy" Mugnier, Levi Washington
2003 Cliff Ellis, Eddie Holmes, Ed Scott Sr., John W. Steber III.
2004 William Jessie, Steve Kittrell, J. Finley McRae, Guy Sumlin
2005 Terry Curtis, Henry Papa, Ralph Taylor III, Albert Terry
2006 Fred Carley, Curtis Horton Sr., Peggy Martin, Glen Yancey
2007 Rick Crawford (NASCAR), John Mitchell, Turner Ward, Joe Whitt
2008 Jim Tate (High school Track)


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