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Moravians (tribe)

File:Nitra moravia 833.png
The Moravian principality in 833 (green)

The Moravians (Old Slavic self-designation Moravljane,[1] Slovak: Moravania, Czech: Moravané) were a west Slavic tribe in the Early Middle Ages. Although it is not known exactly when the Moravian tribe was founded, Czech historian Dušan Třeštík claimed the tribe was formed between the turn of the 6th century to the 7th century, around the same time as the other Slavic tribes.[2] In the 9th century Moravians settled mainly around the historic Region of Moravia and Western Slovakia, but also in parts of Lower Austria (up to the Danube) and Upper Hungary.

The first known mention of the Moravians was in the Annales Regni Francorum in 822 AD. The tribe was located by the Bavarian Geographer between the tribe of the Bohemians and the tribe of the Bulgarians. In the 9th century Moravians gain control over neighbouring Nitra and founded the Realm of Great Moravia, ruled by the Mojmír dynasty until the 10th century. After the breakup of the Moravian Realm the Moravian tribe was divided between the new states of Bohemia and Hungary. The western Moravians were assimilated by the Czechs and presently identify as Czechs (see Moravians (ethnic group)). The modern nation of the Slovaks was formed out of the eastern part of the Moravian tribe within the Kingdom of Hungary.[3]

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