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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #32 (1965)
Created by Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Chic Stone
In-story information
Species Skrull
Team affiliations Skrull Empire
Abilities Shapeshifting

Warlord Morrat is a fictional character in Marvel Comics and a member of the Skrull Empire. Like all Skrulls, he can shapeshift.

Fictional character biography

After the defeat of Super-Skrull (who was posing as Franklin Storm), Warlord Morrat came up with the idea to strap an energy projector on the real Franklin Richards' chest which will activate when he saw the Fantastic Four. The plan failed, but Franklin Richards lost his life.[1]

While on a hunting expedition with his men and his fiance Anelle, Warlord Morrat captured the Fantastic Four (who were depowered in the Andromeda Galaxy and seeking revenge for the death of Franklin Storm). After sending Anelle away, he planned to kill the Fantastic Four so that it would start a revolution against Emperor Dorekk VII and become king. When it came to their execution, Mister Fantastic convinced Warlord Morrat to spare them in exchange for the offering of an advanced weaponry. When Mister Fantastic offered the Power Ray that he created, he faked a fight with his three teammates. When they were about to be jumped on by Skrulls, Mister Fantastic used the Power Ray on them regaining their powers. After the Fantastic Four made quick work of Morrat's men, Anelle arrived with her father Emperor Dorekk VII (whom Morrat wanted to overthrow). When Warlord Morrat was claiming that he was going to hand the Fantastic Four over to him, Emperor Dorekk VII classified this as a lie, stripped Morrat of his rank, and ordered his men to kill Morrat. When Anelle jumped in front of him, Invisible Woman saved her from the laser which was deflected toward Morrat. Anelle mourned his death. Once Reed revealed that Susan had saved his daughter, Emperor Dorekk VII allowed them one request despite his own revulsion. They asked for the life of the one responsible for Franklin Storm’s death, and the King presented them with Morrat’s body, settling their debt and dismissing the earthlings back to the safety of their planet.[2]

Powers and abilities

Like every other Skrull, he can shapeshift.

In other media



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