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Mu Omicron Gamma

Mu Omicron Gamma
Founded September 9, 2001; 14 years ago (2001-09-09)
Old Dominion University
Type Christian fraternity
Colors forest green and tan

Mu Omicron Gamma (ΜΟΓ) is a Christian fraternity founded in 2001 at Old Dominion University.


Mu Omicron Gamma is a Christian fraternity that was founded on Sunday September 9, 2001 on the campus of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Inspired by Psalms 133:1, seven men endeavored to promote Godly Brotherhood, Fellowship, and Discipleship on their college campus. Six men founded Mu Omicron Gamma: I. Watkins, J. Lynch, J. Jackson, A. Jamison, D. Riggins, and D. Goodrich. Additionally, A. Gore (the first member to become inducted into Mu Omicron Gamma Christian Fraternity) is recognized as an honorary founder. These founders are affectionately known as "The Sevolution."

The Greek letters "Mu-Omicron-Gamma" represent the letters "M-O-G" which acronymizes Men of God. Although, the brothers of Mu Omicron Gamma Christian Fraternity sometimes refer to the fraternity as M.O.G., is it not to be confused with Men of God Christian Fraternity which is a completely different organization.

The purpose of Mu Omicron Gamma Christian Fraternity is "to develop Godly young men of valor who will be living epistles that will correctly represent the Lord Jesus Christ in a world where he is misrepresented. The members of Mu Omicron Gamma fulfill this purpose by employing a five point mission to build men of God in five ways: Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Financially.

Community involvement

The members of Mu Omicron Gamma have taken part in various community activities such as ministry at juvenile detention centers, middle schools, local churches, and on commonly on college campuses. The fraternity also participates in communities clean-ups, youth tutoring/mentoring and hosts step shows, informational forums and spiritual awareness conferences. Mu Omicron Gamma partakes in many events joined by its sister organization Lambda Omicron Chi Christian Sorority Inc. (also known as LOX or Ladies of the Cross).

The value of the fraternity is not based on members but on men. Seven men thoroughly immersed in the Holy Spirit is better than seventy men with luke warm enthusiasm. In short Mu Omicron Gamma has the intention of consistent Christian living backed with a passion to change a generation.

Explanation of Fraternity Labels and Symbols

The official fraternity colors of Mu Omicron Gamma are forest green and tan, which are found on the fraternity shield. The brothers of Mu Omicron Gamma are sometimes referred to as “the Mighty Lions.” There are no Greek gods, mystical symbols, sacrilegious rituals, or idols associated with Mu Omicron Gamma, in consistence with the first and second Commandments (Exodus 20:2-17). Unlike secular fraternities, Mu Omicron Gamma stands to be completely Christ centered so that Jesus Christ can be edified; and not symbols, Greek gods, Greek Letters, or even the fraternity itself. The members are bonded through the love of God following Psalms 133.


It has three chapters in Virginia: