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Mu Sigma Upsilon

Mu Sigma Upsilon crest =
Founded November 21, 1981; 34 years ago (1981-11-21)
Rutgers University
Type Non profit organization
Scope National
Motto Mujeres Siempre Unidas
Women Always United
Colors  Baby Blue   White 
Symbol Amazon Woman
Chapters 53
Headquarters New Brunswick, New Jersey

Mu Sigma Upsilon (ΜΣΥ) is the first multicultural sorority associated with the National Multicultural Greek Council. It is a non-profit Greek letter organization of college-educated women committed to academics, unification of all women and the services for their communities and universities.


By the beginning of the 1980s, more and more women from culturally diverse backgrounds were pursuing college degrees. Five women came together and decided to create a support system for these women, a student organization that would celebrate diversity and foster progress for years to come. These five women founded Mu Sigma Upsilon, with the intent to unify women while observing their differences.

Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Incorporated was founded on November 21, 1981, at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, as the first Multicultural Greek Letter Society, and celebrating our diverse sisterhood for more than 33 years. The founders were five sophisticated women determined to establish an organization that brought together all women. It was their limitless vision that enabled these determined women to break down the barriers and build the bridges that connected women from all different parts of the world. Hence, our motto “Mujeres Siempre Unidas” or “Women Always United.”[2]

Today Mu Sigma Upsilon has grown to a membership of hundreds of women with recognized chapters reaching from Connecticut all the way across to Texas and expanding rapidly. Although the 21st century poses different challenges for college women, one thing remains the same – Mu Sigma Upsilon is still a home away from home for all its sisters and together, women can do more than they ever thought possible.

Founding Mothers[3]

Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. was originally founded as a Social Fellowship on November 21, 1981 at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. The founders were five women determined to establish an organization that brought together all women. It was their limitless vision that enabled these determined women to break down the barriers and build the bridges that connected these women. Hence, their motto "Mujeres Siempre Unidas," or "Women Always United. As the years went by, the members of Mu Sigma Upsilon saw many Greek organizations emerging on university campuses and decided to become a Greek lettered organization.

MSU has grown to a membership of hundreds of women with chapters in 14 states across the country including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Kansas, Florida, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington D.C, Nebraska, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Colorado.


In 1981, the founding mothers saw the need for a sorority that crossed the societal boundaries of race, religion, culture, and class. While other Greek organizations are and continue to grow more diverse, Mu Sigma Upsilon's foundation is based on diversity and their sisters embrace multicultural ideals and interests; They speak to use the sorority as a vehicle to educate the surrounding campus and community on issues of diversity.

Mu Sigma Upsilon recognizes that diversity is not limited to race, and they are proud to have achieved a sisterhood which is quite diverse with respect to not only race, but religious heritage, geographic origin, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, nationality, political ideology, and even choice of major and career. Ultimately, multiculturalism is the belief that there is inherent value in discovering, understanding, and appreciating all the ways in which people are different from each other. It is for this reason that they differentiate ourselves, in name and in purpose, from Greek organizations with the word “MUlticultural”


Academic Excellence

The members of Mu Sigma Upsilon believe that with the knowledge gained through a higher education, women can succeed in our future endeavors. Within each chapter is a system to ensure academic excellence among their sisters and interested ladies. With study groups and academic workshops they are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of academics.

Unity Amongst All Women

Through unity there is strength, through strength there is power, and with power, women can overcome any obstacle. With annual retreats, conventions and banquets the ladies of Mu Sigma Upsilon strive to strengthen their bonds as women and sisters. They reach out to all women with forums relevant to the needs in today's society with forums on all topics including health, professionalism and relationships.

To Be Active In The University And Community

All people are extensions of the communities in which they were raised. In giving back to them, Mu Sigma Upsilon is ensuring progressive growth and improvement for future generations. MSU provides services through formal or informal partnerships with local nonprofit and community-based organizations, as designed to improve the quality of life for community residents or to solve particular problems related to community needs such as health care, child care, literacy training, education (including tutorial services), welfare, social services, transportation, housing and neighborhood improvement, public safety, crime prevention and control, recreation, rural development, and community improvement, students with disabilities, etc.

This multicultural sorority does not allow their modest size get in the way, of executing dynamic programs throughout the year, that are geared toward the empowerment of women, diversity, education, and community involvement.[6]

National Philanthropy[7]

Mu Sigma Upsilon is unique in the fact that every two years the national organization selects a new national philanthropy as a way to dedicate themselves to aiding a single charitable organization while foreseeing to assist many more organizations in the future.

Mu Sigma Upsilon's National Philanthropy for 2012-2014 academic years will be the Keep a Breast Foundation. The Keep A Breast Foundation is the leading youth focused, global, nonprofit breast cancer organization. Their mission is to eradicate breast cancer for future generations. The Keep A Breast Foundation provides supportive programs for young people impacted by cancer and educate people about prevention, early detection, and cancer-causing toxins in our everyday environment.[8]


R.A.C.E. (Recognizing and Celebrating Ethnicities) was established at Rutgers University’s New Brunswick, NJ Campus in 1994 as a forum through which cultural diversity could be highlighted and showcased in a new and exciting way. Through R.A.C.E., both the multicultural nature of our organization, as well as that of the community around us, is demonstrated.

R.A.C.E. has taken the form of a variety show involving performances from various cultural organizations represented on campus. Members of campus cultural organizations perform in costume and provide cultural displays for table-top exhibition during the event. Sisters sometimes wear national costumes pertaining to their cultural background or heritage and provide sample delicacies from all parts of the world![10]

From dance to song, music to the spoken word, R.A.C.E. has become a part of the Multicultural Blueprint of Mu Sigma Upsilon and is presented at various schools where MSU maintains active chapters. R.A.C.E. is the ultimate educational experience and a true artistic celebration of differences that, ultimately, bring us all closer together. For almost 20 years, this event has upheld our multicultural tradition while promoting diversity and a deeper understanding of cultures, as well as challenging stereotypes throughout the university and community.

T.I.A.R.A. Interest Group [11]

T.I.A.R.A. stands for Togetherness, Independence, Academics, Respect and Achievement The T.I.A.R.A. Group is the official interest group of Mu Sigma Upsilon. Being an active T.I.A.R.A. allows MSU hopefuls the opportunity to get an in-depth look at the sisterhood. They experience first-hand what it would be like to be a sister of Mu through planning, programming, fundraising and networking. It also allows for the prospective members to get to know one another as well as Mu Sigma Upsilon sisters.


Undergraduate Chapters

Undergraduate Chapters of Mu Sigma Upsilon[12]
Name School City State Established
Amazona Rutgers University New Brunswick NJ 1981-11-21
Siksika William Paterson University Wayne NJ 1983-11-30
Las Conquistadoras New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark NJ 1989-04-12
Matriarca Montclair State University Montclair NJ 1990-11-29
Aborigena Rutgers University-Newark Newark NJ 1991-04-17
Mosaic Kean University Union NJ 1991-04-25
Indigena New Jersey City University; Saint Peter's University Jersey City NJ 1994-12-01
Destinidas Bloomfield College Bloomfield NJ 1995-04-12
Zaona Stockton University Pomona NJ 1995-11-18
Jhansi The Pennsylvania State University - Main University Park PA 1996-11-10
Godisayo Pennsylvania State University Altoona PA 1996-11-10
Palenque Bloomsburg University Bloomsburg PA 1998-11-14
Narra New York University New York NY 1998-11-19
Emeritus Ramapo College Mahwah NJ 1999-11-14
Concordia University of Connecticut Storrs CT 1999-11-14
Abrianeme -- Ewing NJ 2001-03-16
Devi -- Lawrence KS 2002-03-09
Anansi -- Ithaca NY 2002-03-24
Evadne -- Syracuse NY 2002-03-24
Haumea University of Central Florida Orlando FL 2003-03-15
Xurima Seton Hall University South Orange NJ 2003-03-20
Genesis Kutztown University Kutztown PA 2003-11-01
Orisha -- New Paltz NY 2004-03-28
Yazi -- Miami FL 2004-03-10
Quinquatria -- Hoboken NJ 2005-03-26
Nysa SUNY Oneonta Oneonta NY 2005-03-26
Vathara Johnson & Wales University - North Miami Miami FL 2005-05-01
Lazuline Millersville University Millersville PA 2005-11-12
Celtic -- Norfolk VA 2005-11-20
Gaia Syracuse University Syracuse NY 2006-04-01
Kyathira University of Buffalo Buffalo NY 2006-04-01
Themiskyra SUNY Old Westbury Old Westbury NY 2006-04-06
Cheveyo -- Beaumont TX 2006-04-08
Hasinai Stephen F. Austin University Nacogdoches TX 2006-04-08
Zotikon Hunter College; St. Francis College New York NY 2006-04-13
Dhyani University of North Carolina at Charlotte Charlotte NC 2007-04-15
Janus -- Miami FL 2008-04-06
Novastella West Chester University West Chester PA 2008-04-13
Kailasa University of Georgia Athens GA 2009-04-11
Ionia East Stroudsburg University East Stroudsburg PA 2009-04-11
Freyja Rowan University Glassboro NJ 2009-04-19
Bodhati Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg VA 2009-12-05
Roma -- Washington DC 2010-04-17
Rhea The Pennsylvania State University - Abington Abington PA 2010-04-18
Boetia Georgia College & State University Milledgeville GA 2011-04-16
Arikara University of Nebraska at Kearney Kearney NE 2011-11-18
Kumi SUNY Oswego Oswego NY 2012-04-01
Yemaya Lehigh University Bethlehem PA 2012-04-22
Miakardia Bucknell University Lewisburg PA 2012-11-10
Kimimela University of South Florida Tampa FL 2012-11-11
Zarya University of Massachusetts Dartmouth North Dartmouth MA 2013-04-06
Sekhmet Marshall University Huntington WV 2013-11-02
Akasa -- Denver CO 2013-11-23
Atitlán Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana PA 2014-11-08
Samara Rutgers University - Camden Camden NJ 2014-11-16

Aretias Chapter[13]

Mu Sigma Upsilon's Aretias Graduate Chapter provides the organization with a strong support system through which members become mentors, advisers and great outlets for networking possibilities. The chapter remains actively involved in academic programs at undergraduate chapters as well as surrounding communities with or without an undergraduate chapter.

The chapter also offers interested women the opportunity to join the sorority at the Graduate level and is therefore composed of women who have completed their undergraduate studies as well as those who joined the organization at the graduate level.


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