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Municipalities of Damascus

Administratively, Damascus Governorate, one of Syria's 14 governorates, is divided into two cities: the city of Damascus and the city of Yarmouk. The city of Damascus is divided into 15 municipalities (Arabic: بلدية baladiyah). These municipalities, in turn, are divided into 95 neighborhoods (Arabic: الحي hayy).[1] Yarmouk is one whole municipality, and is divided into 6 neighborhoods.[1]

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Municipalities of Damascus

The 15 municipalities of the city of Damascus are:

  1. Old Damascus
  2. Sarouja
  3. Qanawat
  4. Jobar
  5. Al-Midan
  6. Al-Shaghour
  7. Qadam
  8. Kafr Sousa
  9. Mezzeh
  10. Dummar
  11. Barzeh
  12. Al-Qabun
  13. Rukn Eldin
  14. Al-Salihiyah
  15. Muhajreen

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