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Mylohyoid groove

Mylohyoid groove
Mandible. Inner surface. Side view. (Mylohyoid groove is labeled at center left.)
Articulation of the mandible. Medial aspect. (Mylohyoid groove visible at bottom center.)
Latin sulcus mylohyoideus mandibulae
Gray's p.173
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The margin of the mandibular foramen is irregular; it presents in front a prominent ridge, surmounted by a sharp spine, the lingula mandibulæ, which gives attachment to the sphenomandibular ligament; at its lower and back part is a notch from which the mylohyoid groove runs obliquely downward and forward, and lodges the mylohyoid vessels and nerve.

Behind this groove is a rough surface, for the insertion of the Pterygoideus internus.

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This article incorporates text in the public domain from the 20th edition of Gray's Anatomy (1918)

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