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Systematic (IUPAC) name
Clinical data
Chemical data
Formula C19H24BrN3O3
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NGD-4715 is a drug developed by Neurogen, which acts as a selective, non-peptide antagonist at the melanin concentrating hormone receptor MCH1. In animal studies it has anxiolytic, antidepressant and anorectic effects,[1] and it has successfully passed Phase I clinical trials in humans.[2]

Neurogen was acquired by Ligand Pharmaceuticals in August, 2009, and NGD-4715 was not listed among the key assets in the Business Wire article.[3] All four laboratories were closed and sold, and no employees were retained.[4] Neurogen's domain name is delisted. No reference to NGD-4715, nor MCH Antagonists exists on as of 2011-09-04. Internet searches as of 2011-09-04 for Phase-II come up negative.

An email to Ligand Investor Relation received this response on 2011-09-07: "NGD-4715, a MCH-1 antagonist, was under development at Neurogen for obesity. Neurogen terminated the program prior to Ligand’s acquisition. Ligand owns the wrights and currently has no plans for further development on the compound."


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