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Nadiya Svitlychna

Nadiya Oleksiyivna Svitlychna (Ukrainian: Світлична Надія Олексіївна, born November 8, 1936 in the village of Polovynkyno, Starobilsk district, Luhansk region — died August 8, 2006 in Irvington, New Jersey, USA) was a Ukrainian dissident and human rights activist, and an active member of the Ukrainian Helsinki group. She was a writer and editor and for a time was a political prisoner of the Soviet regime.[1][2]

Svitlychna was praised by Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko, who stated that "her views, the way she lived her life and passed along values to the next generation, have left footsteps to follow for millions of contemporary Ukrainian patriots."[1]

After emigrating to the United States in November 1978 she became a member, along with General Petro Grigorenko and Leonid Plyushch (and later others) of the External Representation of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group and continued her work in advocating human and national rights in Ukraine and protesting Soviet violations of the Helsinki Accords.[1]

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