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Nasi bakar

Nasi Bakar
Nasi bakar seasoned rice dish with fried chicken, mushroom, vegetables, and sambal, wrapped inside bana leaf and grilled upon charcoal fire.
Course Main course
Place of origin Indonesia
Region or state Nationwide
Creator Indonesian
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Seasoned rice with various ingredients wrapped in banana leaf and grilled upon charcoal fire.
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Nasi bakar (Indonesian for "burned or grilled rice") refer to steamed rice seasoned with spices and ingredients and wrapped in banana leaf secured with lidi semat (small needle made of central rib of coconut leaf) and later grilled upon charcoal fire. The burned banana leaf produced a unique aroma upon the rice. The banana leaf package is opened upon consumption. It is a relatively newly developed Indonesian dish around the early 2000s, probably derived from nasi timbel rice wrapped in banana leaf.

There are many variants of nasi bakar according to its ingredients, such as fried chicken, empal gepuk (fried beef), anchovy, peda fish, milkfish, salted fish, shrimp, mushroom, tempeh, tofu, salted duck egg etc.[1]


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