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Nasi timbel

Nasi Timbel
Nasi timbel rice dish with empal gepuk fried beef, fried tofu, fried chicken, and salted duck egg.
Course Main course
Place of origin Indonesia
Region or state Bandung, West Java
Creator Sundanese
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Hot steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf surrounded with side dishes
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Nasi timbel is a hot steamed rice wrapped inside banana leaf. It is a traditional Sundanese cuisine from West Java.[1] The heat of hot-cooked rice touches the banana leaf and produced a unique aroma. It is made in ways similar to making lontong; compressed, rolled, and wrapped in banana leaves; it then evolves into a complete dish served with various side dishes such as fried chicken, empal gepuk (fried beef), jambal roti (salted fish), tahu goreng, tempeh, salted duck egg, sayur asem, with lalab and sambal. Nasi timbel later evolved to nasi bakar.

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