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Nasty Boys (Cincinnati Reds)

The Nasty Boys were a trio of relief pitchers from the Cincinnati Reds: Norm Charlton, Rob Dibble and Randy Myers.[1] In

  1. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year, the "Nasty Boys" were key figures in the Reds' charge to the World Championship. According to Rob Dibble, the "Nasty Boys" really was a fivesome including Tim Layana and Tim Birtsas however they have gone down in history as a trio.[2]

During the 1990 Cincinnati Reds season, Charlton, Dibble, and Myers combined for 44 saves (Myers with 31, Dibble with 11, and Charlton with 2) and 351 strikeouts, although some of Charlton's 117 strikeouts came as a starter, as he was moved to the rotation late in the season.[3]

The nickname was derived from the lyrics of the song "Nasty."[4]

1990 World Series

The "Nasty Boys" pitched a combined 8 23 innings in the 1990 World Series and gave up no earned runs on six hits. Rob Dibble got a win in Game 2 and Randy Myers picked up one save in Game 4. Prior to the series, Myers and Dibble had shared the League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award.

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