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National Socialist Movement of Norway

The National Socialist Movement of Norway (Norwegian: Norges Nasjonalsosialistiske Bevegelse), also known as the NNSB, is a Norwegian National Socialist group with around fifty members, led by Erik Rune Hansen, and is based in Eidsvoll. The group denies the Holocaust, and are self-titled anti-globalists. Many of its members were allegedly active Nazis in the Second World War, or involved in the 1970s Norsk Front organisation. It publishes a magazine, Gjallarhorn, and in 1999 published The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The group is also associated with the international right-wing group known as Blood and Honour but is currently dormant, aside from attending the Rudolf Hess memorial marches in Sweden and Denmark, and together with other Scandinavian right wing groups, participated in a march held in southern Sweden on 20 April 1999 (Adolf Hitler's birthday). A further NNSB gathering was held on 9 April 1999 at the German war cemetery in Oslo, in commemoration of fallen German soldiers. The Stephen Roth Institute in 2009 reported that it had between 40 and 50 members.[1]

The NNSB used to be known as Zorn 88 ('8' stands for the eighth letter of the alphabet 'H', and '88' for 'Heil Hitler').


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