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Network World

Network World[1] is an IT website that provides news and information to network executives. Its tagline is "The Connected Enterprise." The company is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, United States.


  • 1986 - Network World was started by parent company International Data Group as a spin-off of Computerworld. The site is updated daily with news, features, product reviews and tests, opinions, blogs, videos and podcasts.
  • 1995 - Network World gained LAN Magazine.[2] However, the site was gained by Information Week ( redirects to
  • 2005 - Network World launched a Web site called Network World Fusion which it renamed

Article topics

Network World has sections on topics such as Cisco, cloud computing, Microsoft, open source, SDN,[3] and wireless.

Outside coverage

The publication is a perennial winner of awards[4] from organizations such as the American Society of Business Publication Editors.[5] Content includes investigative pieces such as "Where the public cloud actually lives"[6] as well as lighter fare, such as the annual Tech Industry Graveyard.[7] Popular blogs on the site include Layer 8[8] and BuzzBlog.[9]

Network World also is involved in tech industry events, including the IIT Roadmap[10] series. In addition, the publication has a presence across social media sites, including YouTube[11] and Facebook[12]


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