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New York Shock Exchange

Not to be confused with New York Stock Exchange.
New York Shock Exchange
League logo
Metro area New York
Country United States
Founded 2006
Teams Travel Team
Dow Jones Average (B-team)
Union Squares (intraleague)
Coney Island Freakshow (intraleague)
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Skate Safe America, Old Bethpage, New York
Affiliations MRDA
File:2011-08-13 Homicide at Shock Exchange-11.jpg
New York Shock Exchange (in black) take on Harm City Homicide (in blue) in August 2011

The New York Shock Exchange (NYSE) is a men's roller derby league, based in New York City. The league consists of four teams, two interleague teams and two intra-league teams.

The league was founded by Gotham Girls Roller Derby referee Jonathan R in 2006. He organized a bout against from Pioneer Valley Roller Derby and quickly gathered a team which won 109-51 in April 2007.[1] Later in the year, both leagues were founder members of the Men's Derby Coalition (MDC).[2] They went on to win their first 23 bouts, including the 2010 MDC Championships, before finally succumbing to the St Louis GateKeepers at the Spring Roll tournament in early 2011.[3] In late 2010, National Public Radio described the Shock Exchange squad as "quite possibly the strongest men's roller derby team in the country".[4]

During 2011, the Shock Exchange organized its bouts as doubleheaders with the women's league, the Long Island Roller Rebels, in Old Bethpage, New York.[1] The Men's Derby Coalition became the Men's Roller Derby Association (MRDA), and Shock Exchange hosted the 2011 MRDA Championships at the venue,[3][5] successfully defending their title.[6]

In 2012, a New York Shock Exchange travel team played in the first modern intercontinental men's roller derby game as part of its "Shock the UK" tour of England. [7]


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Preceded by
New tournament
Men's Roller Derby Association Championship Winners
2010 – 2011
Succeeded by
Your Mom Men's Derby