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Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru
Nico Minoru on the cover of Runaways #10 (November 2005). Art by Jo Chen.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Runaways #1 (July 2003)
Created by Brian K. Vaughan
Adrian Alphona
In-story information
Team affiliations Runaways
Abilities Ability to cast magical spells through the Staff of One.

Nico Minoru (briefly known as Sister Grimm), is a fictional comic book superhero in the Marvel Comics Runaways. Created in 2003 by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Adrian Alphona, the character debuted in Runaways vol. 1 #1 (July 2003). Like every member of the original Runaways, Nico is the daughter of the super-powered villains calling themselves "the Pride"; in her case, she is the daughter of dark wizards. Upon finding out, Nico runs away with the rest of the runaways but later discovers that she inherited her parents' magical aptitude. Whenever Nico bleeds, a powerful staff emerges from her chest, allowing Nico to bend magic.

By the second series, Nico is the de facto leader of her unofficial and nameless superhero team, making her one of the few Japanese-American superhero team leaders. Nico's trademark is her elaborate and ornate Gothic wardrobe. Nico is a sorceress like her parents and great-grandmother before her and can cast nearly any spell imaginable with her staff. Nico uses her talents to make up for her parents' villainous actions and to prevent anyone from assuming the Pride's place at the top of Los Angeles organized crime.

Publication history

Nico Minoru first appeared in Runaways # 1 (July 2003) and was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona.

In Brian K. Vaughan's original pitch for the series, Nico was called Rachel Messina. Her parents were still magicians, but posed as wealthy antique dealers; this cover story was ultimately used for Gert's time travelling parents.[1] Nico's source of power was not originally going to be her mother's Staff, but Robert Minoru's spellbook.[1]

Nico Minoru appeared in Avengers Arena, a new series by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker,[2] as well as its sequel, Avengers Undercover.

Nico will appear as one of the main characters in A-Force, an all-female Avengers spin-off being launched by G. Willow Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, and Jorge Molina during Marvel's Secret Wars crossover.[3]

Fictional character biography

The Pride

Every year, Nico's parents join five other couples in a charity event; one year, Nico and the other kids spy on their parents.[4] Nico is shocked to discover her father speaking an enchantment, and after witnessing the murder of an innocent girl by their parents ("the Pride"), Nico joins the others in their massive ransack to run away from their parents.[4] While on the run, Nico encounters her parents. Her mother, wielding a large staff with a ball at the end ("the Staff of One"), reveals that she and Nico's father are dark wizards; she then attempts to jam the Staff into Nico's chest. Nico's body, curiously, absorbs it. After she is later cut by Dale Yorkes' Samurai battle-axe, the Staff re-emerges from her chest, which prompts Nico to use the phrase "Freeze", and freeze Stacey Yorkes. Nico is revealed to be a witch, and the Staff only emerges when she bleeds.[5] Sometime after running off, Nico takes on the name Sister Grimm to escape the name her parents gave her, but drops it after a while.[6] After team leader Alex outs himself as the mole and is defeated along with the Pride, Nico is accepted as the groups' leader.[7]

Mystic Arcana

Nico as Sister Grimm on the cover of the limited series, Mystic Arcana. Art by Marko Djurdjevic.

In 2007, the magic-related crossover event Mystic Arcana fills the gap between Runaways (volume 1) #17 and #18, during Nico's brief time at Father Flanagan's Home for Unwanted Goth Kids.[8] The story begins with Nico dressed in a Japanese school girl's outfit, stating that it's perhaps time to let go of the goth trend. She is soon talked into going to a nightclub with her friends, where she meets her parents' old rival Marie Laveau;[8] Laveau seeks revenge on Nico's parents for stealing the Black Mirror, one of the four Cornerstones of Creation. After Laveau explains that she needs Nico's blood to activate the Black Mirror, Nico gives Leveau her blood, while also purging out the Staff of One. The two fight, and Nico easily wins. Nico attempts to bring back Alex Wilder using the Mirror, however the spell fails, the Mirror shatters and the last page of the Darkhold is revealed behind the glass.[8] Laveau takes it and flees, while Nico accepts her place as an outcast and with the Runaways.

Artist Dave Sexton revealed Nico was one of the four magic characters chosen for the story arc because each character relates to some elemental themes:[9] Magik represents air and logic, the Black Knight represents the Earth and tools, the Scarlet Witch represents water and emotions while Nico represented fire and wands.[9] As Nico must deliver blood in order to produce her Staff, fire and sacrifice prove to be very similar to Tarot's Minor Arcana suit of "wands".[10] Although C.B. Cebulski wrote the Sister Grimm portion of Mystic Arcana, Runaways-creator Brian K. Vaughan lent some assistance.[9][11]

As a fugitive

After being warned of a future threat named Victor Mancha, Nico and the Runaways find and abduct Victor to question him. After Victor's mother is murdered and father, Ultron, is destroyed, Nico invites Victor to become a part of the team, much to the anger of some members, notably Chase. Nico reassures them that she is willing to "rip [Victor's] damn heart out" if necessary.[12] After Chase ties Nico up before he attempts to sacrifice himself to the Gibborim, Nico interprets it as a cry for help and leads the Runaways to intervene Chase's self-sacrifice. The Gibborim instead attempt to take Nico, revealing that Nico's soul is innocent, thus, suitable for the Gibborim's consumption. Victor rescues Nico and the two form a relationship. After defeating the Gibborim, Victor asks Nico what she's willing to do if Chase does something like this again; Nico responds by saying she is willing to "rip [Chase's] damn heart out" if necessary. After returning to their lair beneath the La Brea Tar Pits, Xavin realizes she had publicly exposed their location, drawing the attention of Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. Nico, stepping into her role as a leader, leads the Runaways in a cross-country escape from Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D.[13]

The Witchbreaker

After escaping the authorities, the Runaways head to New York where Nico anxiously makes a deal with the Kingpin.[13] In a twisted turn of events, the Runaways end up time-displaced in 1907 New York, where Nico is kidnapped and brought to a woman named "the Witchbreaker".[14] The Witchbreaker claims she is Nico's great-grandmother, and states she will teach Nico how to withstand more pain and, therefore, wield more magic with better proficiency. She wields a weapon similar to the Staff of One, with more adornments. When reunited with her comrades, a significant development to Nico's abilities is evident, where she is freely able to float, displays more proficiency and confidence in casting spells and able to use a spell with an effect more complicated than most of her others thus far.[14] It is revealed that Nico had obtained the Witchbreaker's Staff. Little more information is given to how Nico and her ancestor's meeting had ended, though the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe's more recent edition says that Nico had "escaped" her.[14] During this period, Victor falls in love with another girl, corrupting his relationship with Nico.[14]

Secret Invasion

During the global shape-shifting alien invasion by the Skrulls, Nico and the other Runaways briefly remain in New York after returning from 1907, trusting that "hiding in plain sight" would be sufficient to conceal their own identities and that it would be best if they showed Klara around her city in the future before they returned to Los Angeles. However, to their shock, an armada of Skrull ships attack New York and its civilians. Xavin, trying to fool the invaders into thinking she intends to help them, uses a force field to knock out the Runaways; Nico and Victor are still conscious, however, and they attack Xavin, accusing her of being a traitor. Xavin reveals that she is trying to protect them and convinces them that the Skrulls are too dangerous for them to fight and pleading with them to flee to the Leapfrog. The Runaways eventually unite with the Young Avengers to assist against the invading Skrulls. Nico insists on leading her team to help the Young Avengers continue the fight against the Skrulls, refusing to "run away." However, Wiccan urges her to leave, claiming that if the Young Avengers lose, they will need the Runaways to save them.

Dead Wrong/Rock Zombies

Nico uses a spell ("scatter") to scatter a group of invading Majesdanians all over the planet. The spell, however, had unwanted side-effects: it emotionally scatters the Runaways. Victor realizes this in time, and Nico spearheads a massive escape from the returning Majesdanians. A short time later, the Runaways realize that having obeyed Nico, they broke the enchantment. Regardless, Xavin shapeshifts into Karolina and leaves Earth, much to the other Runaways' great grief.[15]

Later on, Nico uses the spell "Zombie Not" to turn an army of zombies back to humans; the spell, backfiring, turns the zombies into an actual "zombie knot", thus creating a one large zombie. The Runaways deduce that after the Witchbreaker tortured and trained Nico, Nico's magical abilities have been severely augmented.[16] Val Rhymin's magician informs Nico that the Staff of One carries tremendous magical ability and Nico, being young, should not use it. The magician steals the Staff from her, only to be killed after the Staff defends itself. A silent Nico takes her Staff back, and warns the other Runaways not to touch it.[16]

Dark Reign

At the 2009 Emerald City ComiCon, writer Brian Bendis implied that Nico might be one of the magicians sought by former Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, seeing as the search "is not done yet."[17] Although the title went to Brother Voodoo, her image appeared as one of the many candidates the Eye of Agamotto considered to assume the role of the new Sorcerer Supreme.[18]

Nico also makes a non-speaking cameo in Strange #4 (February 2010) as one of the powerful mages Dr. Strange asks to stop using their powers for an hour.[19]

Avengers Arena

As part of the Marvel NOW! event in the pages of Avengers Arena, Nico is abducted by the villain Arcade and placed on a special island version of Murderworld.[20] The Staff of One has its power drastically reduced for an unexplained reason, preventing her not only from being able to act out against Arcade or the island, but also requiring "dozens of spells" just to successfully grow food to eat.[21] After mounting a frontal attack on Apex and Juston Seyfert's Sentinel, Nico loses the Staff of One when she is dismembered by Chase (now in possession of the Darkhawk armor) and thrown off a cliff. She then crawls to the Staff of One and tries to cast the spell "help", but bleeds out before the Staff can act.[22] The Staff then resurrects her, using her massive blood loss as a sacrifice to grant her enough power to disarm Deathlocket, destroy the Darkhawk armor, and defeat Apex by trapping her underground.[23] Chase returns to his normal self and then helps Nico and Reptil fight a possessed Cullen.[24] In the ensuing battle, Nara is killed returning Cullen to human form and Anachronism goes wild. Reptil asks Nico and Chase for help breaking up the fight, but Nico insists she and Chase stay out of it. At Nico's command, Chase then turns into Darkhawk and sucker-punches Reptil as part of some secret plan that he and Nico devised. Chase showed regret at having to attack Reptil.[25] When Chase refused to let Cammi stop Nico, she broke his arm and leg, taking the Darkhawk amulet for herself in order to stop Nico from killing everyone.[26] Cammi gives Chase the amulet again when Apex unleashes bugs, sentient typhoon, and weaponized sand to attack the remaining teens on Murderworld.[27] Soon after, Deathlocket stops the fight by killing Apex, and everyone is able to escape Murderworld and disperse.[27]

Avengers Undercover

Once news broke about Arcade's kidnappings, Nico and the other Murder World Survivors became infamous. Nico has dyed her hair slightly red and still sports the witch arm she gained in the fight with Apex.[28] She also has the power to teleport and create floating and cloaking spells. To the other Runaways' horror, she and Chase fight during one of Chase's interviews on the talk show, criticizing Chase for breaking their pact of silence, which was made moot when Arcade released video. She then teleported Chase away from the set. However, when Anachronism reveals Bloodstone's gone missing, all the survivors team up to head to Bagalia to find him. On their way in, Nico berates Chase for saying they're "family," pointing out that he only came with them because she made him. Once they find Bloodstone, he reveals that he enjoys life among the villains, and the others, minus Cammi, start to enjoy it as well. Nico tries to convince Bloodstone to come back with them, but he refuses. Daimon Hellstrom has been helping Cullen control his monster and he offers to help Nico with her upgraded powers too. When Cammi tries to tell the others to leave, Bloodstone instead has Hellstrom teleport the group to Arcade's latest party so they can kill him.[29]

Powers and abilities

The original Staff of One.[30]


Nico, being a witch, uses magic as her weapon. In the early issues, her sole weapon had been the Staff of One, an ancient[31] magical staff that can cast any spell imaginable.[32] The Staff, however, comes with two limitations; first, and more importantly, Nico cannot cast the same spell twice, or the spell will misfire and a random effect will occur; for example, the second time she tried to cast "Freeze," she produced pelicans, and the second time she attempted to cast a "Fumigation" spell, the staff teleported Nico and Karolina miles in the Los Angeles desert.[33] The second limitation of the Staff of One is that it cannot be used to bring people back from the dead.[34] Nico discovered this limitation when she tried to resurrect Alex Wilder, and explained why she could not magically revive the deceased future version of Gertrude Yorkes.[34] Tina Minoru, the Staff's owner previous to Nico, mentions that the Staff even made Dormammu (a demonic entity with vast magical power far surpassing even that of the Sorcerer Supreme) tremble[35] and that it gave the wielder "[a]ll the power of the past, present and future" and would make its wielder "unstoppable."[volume & issue needed] Tina is also able to do spells without saying them, as evident when she turns herself, Robert Minoru, and the Steins into their villain costumes.[36] In Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways, Nico successfully cast a tunneling spell using a Latin phrase supplied to her by the Vision, even without knowing its meaning.[37]

Only Nico can summon the Staff, but initially, anyone could cast spells with it. When not in use the Staff retreats into her body, which Nico describes as "feel[ing] like I have something in my eye, but instead of my eye, it''s my soul."[32] To summon the Staff, Nico sheds blood and automatically recites "When blood is shed, let the Staff of One emerge."[30] Early in volume one, Nico would cut herself to release the Staff, often using Chase's switchblade.[31] As the series progressed, Nico found alternative ways to make herself bleed, including brushing her gums for extended periods of time[38] and having Gert's deinonychus Old Lace bite her arm,;[39] during her monthly menstrual cycle, Nico does not need to cut herself to evoke the Staff.[40] The Staff always emerges from the center of her chest, and passes through any clothing she is wearing without damaging it or Nico. However the Staff will damage anyone or anything directly in its way when ejected from Nico's body. For example, the Staff emerges after the vampire Topher begins to drain Nico's blood and pierces directly through the center of his chest.[41] Nico cannot truly control what kind of effect her spells will have: she must conjure up painful memories to cast a spell, as well as imagining anything that makes her feel guilty.[42] In the Mystic Arcana series, Nico is said to have far greater magical potential than even she had realized, as the last living heir to the Clan Minoru; Nico overwhelms Marie LaVeau in a matter of moments, despite all of Marie's magical experience and power, and discovers that the roots of her family legacy are deeper than even she imagined, with her being the only person alive capable of unlocking the Black Mirror. Nico is told that she has stepped onto the Dark Path and that she and Marie shall meet again, "for all those who step onto the Dark Path are destined to travel that road together." On occasions, however, she has cast spells without resorting to the Staff, such as creating an image of Alex Wilder in the palm of her hand. Time and space are also crucial limitations to the power of the Staff: all spells shown cast by it only have a temporary effect, and the effects of these spells weaken as the distance between Nico and the target increases.[43]

In Runaways vol. 2 #17, it is revealed that if Nico steps into the path of the ashes of dead wizards, her powers will not work at all.[44]

Extended magic

Nico's time with the Witchbreaker has granted her a newer version of the Staff of One, similar to the original but with more adornments and a larger ring (the ball on the original Staff is also removed). Nico can now wield its powers and cast spells with greater proficiency than before, even floating under her own powers instead of using the Staff, as Nico had already cast a variety of levitation enchantments before. Furthermore, Victor Mancha also questions how Nico is floating, apparently indicating that this was indeed not of the Staff's own magic.[45] Nico can now cast a variety of spells without using her Staff, bringing her closer to her parents' abilities. It is unknown where the Staff of One is now, though her new staff, regardless of its precise origins, is summoned in exactly the same method as the former.[46]

More recently, Nico's Staff has displayed an ability to defend itself. The Staff now reacts violently toward anyone other than Nico who attempts to use it, turning into a demon or dragon and devouring that individual.[47]

Later in Daken:Dark Wolverine she shows that her spells can be extremely detailed as shown when she freezes Daken with "Freeze to the exact temperature and aesthetic appearance of a cheap Popsicle from a 7/11" though she still has the "One spell" rule.

After her murder by Apex [22] and subsequent resurrection,[23] Nico once again received a new Staff of One with a new design up top. This staff also was shorter and did not extend to the ground, could be touched by anyone (as Apex proved), and could be summoned back to Nico upon command. Nico was also granted a new left arm where she could perform spells without holding the Staff of One.[23]

Character attributes and personality

Nico summons the Staff of One for the first time.[30]

Nico is Japanese American.[48] She is also shown to be a very emotional person. She expresses feelings for Alex Wilder during their original getaway, but is hesitant to start a romance.[49] After Alex saves her from a vampire attack some time later, she begins to date him.[39] This pattern of clinging to people during stressful and/or intense situations follows Nico throughout the remainder of the series.[50] Despite this, Nico proves her loyalty to the Runaways when Alex betrays the group and offers her a seat in the new world promised by the Pride's Biblical benefactors, the Gibborim.[51] She refuses Alex's offer brutally and helps usher her friends to safety.[51] Nico is sent to Father Flanagan's Home for Unwanted Goth Kids. However, the group organizes a mass escape from their homes to begin life as full-time vigilantes; Nico is generally accepted as de facto team leader.[52]

When Nico takes the leadership position, it proves she has the intelligence and courage to make difficult decisions. One notable example is a risky decision in leaving Xavin to battle a resurrected Geoffrey Wilder herself saying "Xavin knew the risks".[40] In another incident where The Punisher was holding them at gunpoint and was seriously injured by being punched in the stomach by Molly, when the others expressed concern about his condition, Nico flatly stated that she "wasn't going to waste a healing spell" on him. Nico also kisses Chase after he negotiates their way out of a potentially fatal situation with an interdimensional drug-dealer; this causes a falling out between Nico and Chase's girlfriend Gert, almost dissolving the team from the inside.[53] Gert's untimely death sends Nico into the arms of Victor Mancha, with whom she reveals she has a habit of running to people when distressed.[50] She suffered survivor's guilt regarding Gert's death. Nico confronts her insecurities of the fact she could not be a steady girlfriend in a dream involving her deceased parents berating Nico for acting like a "slut" (for kissing Alex, Topher, Chase, and Victor).[43] She kills her parents in the dream, a symbol of overcoming her insecurities.[43] She begins a relationship with Victor, but the relationship is quickly ended mutually after Victor falls for another girl.

Relationships with other Runaways

Nico is a very emotional person and has repeatedly expressed difficulty with knowing precisely what she is feeling.[32] Nico admits to Victor that she has a tendency to seek comfort after highly emotional situations or periods of stress.[50] Nonetheless, she is typically very open when trying to express her feelings and has thus been able to connect with many of the Runaways on an emotional level and maintain many close friendships throughout the series.

In the first volume, Nico and Alex share a brief relationship. She kisses him for the first time during the Runaways' attempted rescue of Molly Hayes;[30] it's later revealed Alex was Nico's first kiss.[54] She kisses and expresses love for Alex after he saves her from the vampire Topher; it is generally accepted that Nico and Alex are a couple at this point.[41] Despite her professed love for Alex, Nico chooses to side with the Runaways after Alex reveals his plan to bring her to the Gibborim's new world with her parents, firmly establishing her dedication to the team and her strength of character. However, despite the betrayal, Nico demonstrates willingness to forgive when she unsuccessfully tries to resurrect Alex, and states that even though Alex was a traitor, he did not deserve death.[34] It is also revealed that despite everything he did to the group, she still misses and loves him.[8]

Karolina's feelings for Nico were hinted at throughout volume 1, ending with Karolina sheepishly blushing when Nico says she has sworn off boys.[52] However, Karolina's feelings were not explicitly expressed until she attempted to kiss Nico.[33] Nico immediately turned Karolina down; however, when Karolina decides to travel to her home planet Majesdane with Xavin, Nico is distraught for losing her friend. Chase stops Nico from casting a spell to bring Karolina back to Earth, and later catches Nico strewing Karolina's clothes about her floor for remembrance's sake. After Karolina returns, Nico becomes overjoyed and hugs her, saying that she felt all alone with Karolina gone. Their friendship is an occasionally strained one, due to Karolina's unrequited feelings towards Nico and Nico's dislike of Karolina's fiance's gender switching.[55]

Nico admits she provides a motherly role to Chase's rule-breaking persona.[56] The pair maintain a strong respect for each other despite often disagreeing over major group decisions, including Gert's burial site and allowing Victor to join the team.[57] Chase cares for Nico's safety and well-being, as evidenced from when he comforted Nico after Karolina's departure, and when he took the Staff of One from Nico to destroy it to give her a normal life.[58] After Chase bluffed their way out of a fatal encounter with the drug lord, Pusher-Man, Nico kisses him. This causes a rift in their friendship, and into Gert and Chase's relationship.[59] Nico is also the only person that Chase bids farewell before leaving to sacrifice himself for the Gibborim, which Nico interprets as a cry for help.[58] Following their adventure in 1907, Chase and Nico's friendship appeared to be more stable after Chase moved past grieving for Gert.[45] In Volume 3, issue 13, the two share a surprising and intimate kiss. Later, both were kidnapped together by Arcade to participate in his latest incarnation of Murderworld. In there, Nico started to develop a love-hate relationship with Chase, something that continued after their escape in Avengers Undercover.

Gert and Nico had been close friends since birth.[50] After Gert's death, Nico tells Victor (while crying) that Gert had set her My Little Pony dolls in the forest because Gert thought they should be free, and Nico had knit a purple scarf for Gert's thirteenth birthday, prompting Gert to dye her hair that color.[50] Nico also told Gert that should Nico get hurt, Gert would be leader. The pair's friendship briefly breaks after Gert discovered Nico's kiss with Chase after their encounter with the Pusher Man.[53] Their falling out caused much friction in the group. Nico and Gert finally resolved their differences with a short bout of tossing insults. Despite Gert's cynical attitude, she rarely argued with Nico's decisions and was usually prepared to stand by her friend. Nico experiences survivor's guilt after Gert dies,[50] knowing that Gert's murderer Geoffrey Wilder had initially meant to kill Nico.[60]

Nico explains that she seeks physical comfort after periods of stress.[50] While Victor expresses feelings for Nico, she asks for time alone to clear her head and figure her feelings out, much like how she initially dealt with Alex and Karolina after each expressed feelings for Nico.[50] However, Nico admits that Victor is genuinely a good guy and would not mind being in a relationship with him. Victor calls Nico his girlfriend when he attempts to save her from Chase, and although she is in a hostage situation, Nico still lightly scolds Victor for calling her such.[58] The two eventually become a couple.[58] However, the relationship is brief as Victor falls for Lillie, a carefree girl from 1907. Trying to become a better person, Nico, seeing that Victor and Lillie are in love, steps aside, deciding to remain friends even after Lillie decides to stay in the past.[45]

In other media

Nico Minoru appears as a playable character in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. She is the reward hero for the fifteenth Special Operations, entitled "Game On", which is based on the Avengers Arena storyline.


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