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Nigel Rodgers

Nigel Rodgers
Born 1952
Residence England
Fields Art, Philosophy, Architecture, History
Institutions The London Library
Alma mater University of Cambridge
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Nigel Rodgers (born 1952) is a British writer, environmentalist and critic. Rodgers has written numerous books including Incredible Optical Illusions (Simon & Schuster 1998); The Traveller's Atlas with John Man and Chris Schüler (1999); Hitler and Churchill (Hodder 2001); Philosophers Behaving Badly with Mel Thompson;[1] Roman Architecture (2006); Roman Empire (2008); Understand Existentialism with Mel Thompson (Hodder, 2010); Existentialism Made Easy with Mel Thompson (Hodder, 2011) ; The Greek World (2010); The Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece (2012); Why Noise Matters with Arline Bronzaft, Francis McManus, John Stewart and Val Weedon (Routledge) London 2011; The Dandy — Peacock or Enigma? [2] and The Umbrella Unfurled (2013).[3] His latest book Manet: his Life and Work was published in March 2015. He is currently writing a book on Pieter Bruegel and his heirs. His books have been translated into fourteen languages. Rodgers has a degree in history and history of art from Cambridge University. [4] He is the founder of Pipedown, the Campaign for Freedom from Piped Music, [5] and was a founder-member of the Siesta Club, currently in abeyance. After travelling around almost every continent of the earth and living in London and Paris, he is now based in Wiltshire, almost within sight of Stonehenge. He has a small megalith outside his own house. '


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