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Nizamabad district

This article is about the district. For its eponymous headquarters, see Nizamabad, Telangana. For the city, see Nizamabad, Telangana.
Nizamabad district
నిజామాబాద్ జిల్లా
District of Telangana[1]
Qilla Nizamabad district
Qilla Nizamabad district
Location in Telangana, India (Officially from 2nd June 2014)
Location in Telangana, India
(Officially from 2nd June 2014)
Country Template:Country data India
State Telangana
Named for Nizam
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 503 xxx
Telephone code 91-08462
Vehicle registration TS 16,erstwhile AP 25 [2]
Climate Aw (Köppen)
File:Telangana Districts Map.png
Districts of Telangana (Officially from 2nd June 2014)

Nizāmābād District is located in the north-western region in the state of Telangana, India. Nizāmābād is the current and official name of the district.

Nizam + Abad = Nizam, governor (of the empire) from Arabic Niẓam, Abād means City.


The district has an area of 7,956 km² while according to 2011 census its population is 2,552,073 of which 23.06% were urban.The total population roughly equal to the nation of Kuwait or the US state of Nevada.This gives it a ranking of 165th in India (out of a total of 640).The district has a population density of 321 inhabitants per square kilometre (830 /sq mi)


The Godavari River enters into Telangana from Nizamabad district at Kandhakurthi.

  Geographical Area 	              : 	7,956 Sq. Kms.
a) No. of Revenue Divisions 	      : 	 3
b) No. of Mandals 	              : 	 36
c) Total No. of Villages 	      : 	922
d) Un-inhabited Villages 	      : 	64
e) Total No. of Gram Panchayath      : 	718
f) Municipal Corporation 	      : 	Nizamabad 	 
g) Municipalities 	              : 	1. Bodhan 2.Kamareddy 3.Armoor
h) Details of Revenue Divisions and Mandals
 	1. Nizamabad 	        1. Bodhan 	1. Kamareddy
 	2. Armoor 	        2. Banswada 	2. Bhiknoor
 	3. Balkonda 	        3. Bichkunda 	3. Domakonda
 	4. Bheemgal 	        4. Birkoor 	4. Gandhari
 	5. Dharpally 	        5. Jukkal 	5. Lingampet
 	6. Dichpally 	        6. Kotagir 	6. Machareddy
 	7. Jakranpally 	        7. Madnoor 	7. Nagireddypet
 	8. Kammarpally 	        8. Nizamsagar 	8. Sadasivnagar
 	9. Makloor 	        9. Pitlam 	9. Tadwai
 	10. Morthad 	       10. Renjal 	10.Yellareddy
 	11. Nandipet 	       11. Varni 	 
 	12. Navipet 	        12. Yedapally 	 
 	13. Sirikonda 	  	 
 	14. Vailpoor


Out of the total Nizamabad population for 2011 census, 23.06 percent lives in urban regions of district. In total 588,372 people lives in urban areas of which males are 291,804 and females are 296,568. Sex Ratio in urban region of Nizamabad district is 1016 as per 2011 census data. Similarly child sex ratio in Nizamabad district was 962 in 2011 census. Child population (0-6) in urban region was 67,471 of which males and females were 34,381 and 33,090. This child population figure of Nizamabad district is 11.78% of total urban population. Average literacy rate in Nizamabad district as per census 2011 is 77.22% of which males and females are 84.31% and 70.29% literates respectively. In actual number 402,216 people are literate in urban region of which males and females are 217,030 and 185,186 respectively.

Description 2011
Actual Population 2,552,073
Male 1,252,191
Female 1,299,882
Population Growth 8.80%
Literacy 61.25%
Area km2 7,956
Density/km2 321
Proportion to Andhra Pradesh Population 3.01%
Sex Ratio (Per 1000) 1038
Child Sex Ratio (0-6 Age) 946
Per Capita Income Rs 26,241
Religions in Nizamabad district
Religion Percentage

Cities and towns in district


With major irrigation projects like Sri Ram Sagar (Pochampahad), Nizam Sagar, Pocharam, Ali Sagar Lift Irrigation, and the Gupta Lift Irrigation agriculture has flourished, and the major crops grown are sugarcane, turmeric, rice, maize, sorghum, pearl millet, and all types of vegetables.

Industrial sector

There are many industries in Nizamabad. There are also industries in the public sector as well. Some of them include Nizam Deccan Sugar Ltd., Shakkar Nagar, Indur Green power Pvt. Ltd., and Nizamabad Corn Products.Nizam Deccan Sugar Factory was the biggest sugar factory in Asia during the reign of Nizams.

In 2006 the Indian government named Nizāmābād one of the country's 250 most backward districts (out of a total of 640).[3] It is one of the ten districts of Telangana currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).[3]

Household indicators

In 2007–2008 the International Institute for Population Sciences interviewed 1015 households in 41 villages across the district.[4] They found that 95.3% had access to electricity, 98.2% had drinking water, 37.7% toilet facilities, and 30.4% lived in a pucca (permanent) home.[4] 17.6% of girls wed before the legal age of 18[5] and 84.1% of interviewees carried a BPL card.[4]



There are 36 mandals in Nizāmābād district.[6]

Mandals in Nizamabad District with Mandal Codes
Mandal Code Mandal Name Mandal Code Mandal Name Mandal Code Mandal Name
1 Ranjal 13 Yeda palle 25 Sadasivanagar
2 Navipet 14 Bodhan 26 Gandhari
3 Nandipet 15 Kotgiri 27 Banswada
4 Armur 16 Madnur 28 Pitlam
5 Balkonda 17 Jukkal 29 Nizamsagar
6 Mortad 18 Bichkunda 30 Yellareddy
7 Kammar palle 19 Birkoor 31 Naga Reddipet
8 Bheemgal 20 Varni 32 Lingampet
9 Velapur 21 Dichpalle 33 Tadwai
10 Jakranpalle 22 Dhar palle 34 Kamareddy
11 Makloor 23 Sirkonda 35 Bhiknur
12 Nizamabad 24 Machareddy 36 Domakonda


File:VREC,A Block.jpg
VREC,A Block,Nizamabad

Many engineering colleges are located the district. Vijay Rural Engineering College, Nizamabad (VREC), affiliated with Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTUH) is the reputed engineering college located in Telangana. Kakatiya Junior College of Nizamabad is one of the most famous colleges in state of Telangana and the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh.

Telangana University is a public university under the government of AP, located at Dichpally, 15 km from the city. There are many educational institutions that provide education namely VREC, Arkay College of Engineering and Technology,[7] Kshatriya College of Engineering,[8] Kakatiya Engineering College for Women, Government Medical College,[9] Nishitha Degree College, etc.


Alisagar is 10 km (6.2 mi) from Nizamabad and 2 km (1.2 mi) off the Nizamabad-Basar road. The forest spread along with the summer house, well laid out gardens, an island and hilltop guest house make it a favored getaway. Adding to the attraction is the deer park and facilities for trekking and water sports.

  • Badapahad dargah is one of the oldest Muslim pilgrim centers,built in the memory of Hazrat Syed Hussaini,built on top of a hillock,located at a distance of 38 kilometers from the city.
  • Lord Hanuman temple at Sarangapoor,magnificently carved on a hill,which is 5 km away from Nizamabad.


  • Malavath Purna, a 13-year-old student from Nizamabad became the youngest person ever to climb the Mount Everest when she reached the peak on 25 May 2014. She was accompanied by Sadanapalli Anand, another 17 year old student from Khammam.[10]
  • Nikhat Zareen is an Indian boxer who won gold medals at International Boxing Tournaments .
  • Yendala Soundarya is the vice-captain of Indian women's national field hockey team.[11]
  • Nithiin is an Indian film actor, who works primarily for the Telugu film industry.
  • Sagar Bhogaraju is a young scientist who is in the limelight after his research work in structural biology and biochemistry which was presented at the prestigious Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Munich, Germany.[12]


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